2003 NIH Research Festival
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Session 4 Print Version, Poster Session 4

Print Version, Category CYT
Bekisz, Joseph (NCI)
J. Bekisz, V. Calvert, and K. Zoon
  Use of Antibody Microarray to Detect Expression of Signal Transduction Proteins After Cell Treatment with Interferon-Alpha Constructs
Hu, Renqiu (NCI)
R.Hu, A.X.Yang, R.K.Puri,H.Schmeisser, and K.Zoon
  Identification of Differential Gene Regulation by Engineered IFN-as using DNA Microarray
Ingram, Jennifer Leigh (NIEHS)
J. L. Ingram*, A. B. Rice*, K. Geisenhoffer*, D. K. Madtes#, and J. C. Bonner*; *Lab. of Pulmonary Pathobiology, NIEHS; #Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA
  Interleukin-13-Stimulated Lung Myofibroblast Growth is Mediated by Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-AA Via a STAT-6-Dependent Mechanism: Implications for the Development of Airway Fibrosis in Asthma
Khan, Tahira (NCI)
Tahira Khan, Julie Hixon, Jim Stauffer, Tim Back, Erin Lincoln, and Jon M. Wigginton
  The Role of Death-Receptor-Mediated Apoptosis in the Induction of Tumor Regression by IL-12 in a Novel Orthotopic Model of Murine Neuroblastoma
Kioi, Mitomu (FDA)
M. Kioi, K. Kawakami, and R.K. Puri
  Mechanism of Action of Interleukin-13 Antagonist (IL-13E13K) in Cells Expressing Various Types of IL-4R
Schmeisser, Hana (NCI)
H. Schmeisser(*), P. Kontsek(#), G. Schreiber($), R. Hu(*), K. Zoon(*); (*) NCI, CCR; (#) Institute of Neuroimmunology, SAS, Bratislava, Slovak Republic; ($) The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
  Characterization of Interactions Between Interferon Alpha Species and Receptor Subunit IFNAR2-EC

Print Version, Category EPI
Abnet, Christian Cormac (NCI)
C. Abnet, Y-L. Qiao, S. Dawsey, Z-W. Dong, P. Taylor, and S. Mark
  Tooth Loss Increases the Risk of Total Death and Death from Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer, Heart Disease, and Stroke in a Chinese Population
Albanes, Demetrius (NCI)
D. Albanes, P.R. Taylor, J. K. Huttunen, P. Pietinen, P. Korhonen, N. Malila, M. J. Virtanen, P. Albert, S. J. Weinstein, J. Virtamo
  Effects of Alpha-Tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Beta-Carotene Supplementation on Incidence of Cancer and Mortality: 6-Year Post-Trial Follow-up of the Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention (ATBC) Study
Alguacil, Juan (NCI)
J Alguacil, M Kogevinas, DT Silverman, J Fortuny, Mrivas, N Malats, M Garcia-Closas, A Tardon, R Garcia-Closas, A Carrato, C Serra, FX Real, M Dosemeci, N Rothman
  Urine pH and Bladder Cancer Risk in the Spanish Bladder Cancer Study
Atkinson, Jonnae O. (NCI)
Jonnae O. Atkinson, Brian R. Edlin, Eric A. Engels, Alex H. Kral, Karen Seal, Christine J. Gamache, Denise Whitby, Thomas R. O’Brien
  Seroprevalence of Human Herpesvirus 8 among Injection Drug Users in San Francisco
Atkinson, Jonnae O. (NCI)
JO Atkinson, SM Mbulaiteye, D Whitby, EE Brown, and CS Rabkin for the ACC Study Collaborators
  Alcohol, Smoking, and HHV-8 Seropositivity in the AIDS Cancer Cohort (ACC)
Baccarelli, Andrea (NCI)
A. Baccarelli, D. Calista, P. Minghetti, B. Marinelli, B. Albetti, T. Tseng, M. Hedayati, L. Grossman, G. Landi, J.P. Struewing, M.T. Landi
  XPD (ERCC2) Gene Polymorphism and Host Characteristics in the Association with Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma Risk
Berrigan, David (NCI)
D. Berrigan, R. Ballard-Barbash, R. P. Troiano, T. McNeel, C. DiSogra.
  Inclusion of Non-Leisure Time Walking and Bicycling Reduces Apparent Disparities in Adherence to Recommendations Concerning Physical Activity in Adult Californians
Brenner, Alina V (NCI)
A. Brenner, P. Inskip
  Season of Birth and Risk of Glioma in Adults
Brown, Linda Morris (NCI)
L.M. Brown, R. Hoover, D. Silverman, D. Baris, R. Hayes, G. M. Swanson, J. Schoenberg, R. Greenberg, J. Liff, A. Schwartz, M. Dosemeci, L. Pottern, J.F. Fraumeni, Jr.
  Squamous Cell Esophageal Cancer Among US Black and White Men: Contribution of Social Class and Other Factors to the Black Excess in Incidence Rates
Brown, Elizabeth E. (NCI)
EE. Brown, JJ. Goedert,CB. Foster, R. Chen, D. Whitby, V. Marshall, F. Vitale, C. Lauria, I. Maida, L. Gafa, D. Serraino, G. Rezza, M. Montella, N. Romano and SJ.Chanock
  Variant Genotypes of FCGR3A Influence Risk for KSHV Infection and Classic Kaposi's Sarcoma (CKS)
Brown, Elizabeth E. (NCI)
E.E. Brown,D. Whitby, F. Vitale, V. Marshall, C. Lauria, L. Gafa, P. Cordiali Fei,M. Musso, D. Serraino, M Montella, G. Rezza, N. Romano, and JJ Goedert
  Determinants of HHV8 Viremia in the General Population, Italy
Chang, Miran (NIA)
M. Chang, L. Ferrucci, J. Cohen-Mansfield, J. Guralnik
  Predictors of Mobility Loss Over 1.8 Years Among Non-Disabled But Functionally Limited Older Adults
Chang, Shih-Chen (NCI)
S.C. Chang, M. Leitzmann, R. Stolzenberg-Solomon, J. Lacey, P. Hartge, R. Ziegler, R. Hoover, A. Schatzkin
  Interrelation of Energy Intake, Body Size, and Physical Activity with Breast Cancer in the PLCO Screening Trial
Chatterjee, Nilanjan (NCI)
Nilanjan Chatterjee Richard Hayes
  A Two-stage Regression Approach to Etiologic Studies of Heterogeneous Disease
Chen, Jinbo (NCI)
Jinbo Chen and Mitchell H. Gail
  Development of a New Model for Predicting Absolute Risk of Breast Cancer
Conde, Betty A. (NCI)
C-D. Wang, R. K. Bagni, M. Zhang*, T. R. O&#8217;Brien*, D. Whitby and B. A. Ortiz-Conde. Viral Epidemiology Section, AIDS Vaccine Program, SAIC-Frederick, *Viral Epidemiology Branch, NCI.
  HCV Genotyping by Sequencing and Phylogenetic Analysis of the NS5B Region
Cross, Amanda J (NCI)
A. J. Cross and R. Sinha
  Mutagens Derived from Red Meat and their Contribution to Colorectal Cancer Risk
de Rekeneire, Nathalie (NIA)
N.de Rekeneire, R.Peila, J.Ding, M.Visser, R.I.Shorr, S.B.Kritchevsky, L.H.Kuller, A.V. Schwartz, B.Vellas, T.B.Harris.
  Inflammation, Insulin, Glucose in Non Diabetic Older Persons: Findings from the Health, Aging and Body Composition Study
Duggal, Priya (NHGRI)
P.Duggal(1),A.P.Klein(1),K.E.Lee(2),R.Klein(2),J.E.Bailey-Wilson(1),B.E.K.Klein(2); (1)IDRB/NHGRI/NIH,Baltimore,MD (2)Dept of Ophthalmology,Univ.of Wisconsin Med. School
  Genetic Contribution to Intraocular Pressure: Beaver Dam Eye Study
El ghormli, Laure K (NCI)
Laure El ghormli, M.S., Gloria Gridley, M.S., Mustafa Dosemeci, Ph.D., Tahereh Moradi, M.P.H., Omur Cinar Elci, Ph.D.
  Risk for Male Breast Cancer in Relation to Occupational Physical Activity and other Exposures: a Nationwide Cohort Study in Sweden
Engels, Eric A (NCI)
E.A. Engels, N. Chatterjee, J.R. Cerhan, W. Cozen, S. Davis, R.K. Severson, J.S. Colt, P. Hartge
  Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) in the U.S.: Results of the National Cancer Insitute-SEER Multicenter Case-Control Study
Falk, Roni T (NCI)
T.S. Shields, R.T. Falk, T.R. Fears, R.N. Hoover, R.G. Ziegler
  Breast Feeding and Breast Cancer Risk in an Asian-American Population
Garcia-Closas, Montserrat (NCI)
M. García-Closas, K. Egan, L., P. Newcomb, L Titus-Ernstoff, A. Trentham-Dietz, J. Rutter, D. Hill L. Brinton, J Struewing.
  Polymorphisms in DNA Double Strand Break Repair Genes and Risk of Breast Cancer in a Population-Based Study
Goedert, James J. (NCI)
JJ Goedert for the Multicenter Hemophilia Cohort Study
  Covariates of Lymphoma and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Incidence Among Hemophilic Men with Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Goldin, Lynn R (NCI)
L.R. Goldin, R.M. Pfeiffer, M.H.Gail, G. Gridley, L. Mellemkjaer, J.H. Olsen, X. Li, K. Hemminki, M.S. Linet
  Familial Aggregation of Lymphoproliferative Tumors
Greene, Mark H (NCI)
MH Greene, B Dunn, K Buetow, P Rosenberg, J Kelley, N Kazerouni, D Flockhart, J Costantino, L Wickerham, N Wolmark.
  Pharmacogenetic Determinants of Cancer Treatment Outcome: The Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer among Participants in the NSABP-P1 Tamoxifen Breast Cancer Prevention Trial (BCPT)
Han, Christina J. (NINDS)
C.J. Han, J.K. Lynch, L.E. Nee, K.B. Nelson
  International Differences in the Frequency of Coagulation Abnormalities among Children with Stroke
Hauptmann, Michael (NCI)
Michael Hauptmann, Jay H. Lubin, Patricia A. Stewart, Richard B. Hayes, Aaron Blair
  Mortality from Lymphohematopoietic Malignancies Among Workers Employed in Formaldehyde Industries
Havlik, Richard J. (NIA)
R.J. Havlik, D Brunetti, G. Tonel, R Bussani, F. Silvestri, G. Stanta
  Siblings of Short-lived Compared to Long-lived Persons Suffer more Perinatal Mortality
Herrell, Richard (NIMH)
R. Herrell, N. Low, G. Canino, K.R. Merikangas
  HIV Risk Behaviors in High Risk Children of Migrant and Island Puerto Ricans
Hill, Deirdre Anne (NCI)
DA Hill, P Inskip, M Linet.
  Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiation in Relation to Risk of Glioma, Meningioma, or Acoustic Neuroma
Ho, Nicola C.Y. (NIA)
N.C. Ho, M. Guarnieri, S.S. Park, L.J. Brant, R. Thompson, B. Sun, M. North, B.S. Carson, C.A. Francomano
  Living with Achondroplasia: Quality of Life Assessment following Cervico-Medullary Decompression
Hou, Lifang Hou (NCI)
Lifang Hou., Nilanjan Chatterjee, Wen-Yi Huang, Joel Weissfeld, John Gohagan, Richard B. Hayes
  CYP1A1 (I462V) and NQO1 (P187S) Polymorphisms, Smoking, and Colorectal Adenoma
Hou, Lifang (NCI)
Lifang Hou., Bu-Tian Ji , Blair Aaron, Qi Dai, Yu-Tang Gao, Wong-Ho Chow
  Body Mass Index, Physical Activity and Risk of Colon Cancer in Shanghai, China
Huang, Wen-Yi (NCI)
Wen-Yi Huang, Stephen Chanock, Michael Dean, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Robert Schoen, Christine Johnson, Richard B. Hayes.
  Microsomal Epoxide Hydrolase Polymorphisms in Association with Cigarette Use for Risk of Advanced Colorectal Adenoma in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trial
Katki, Hormuzd A (NCI)
H. A. Katki, E. A. Engels, P. S. Rosenberg
  Assessing Uncertainty in Reference Intervals: Application to a Mixed Model Describing HIV Infection
Kirk, Gregory (NCI)
G.D. Kirk, P.C. Turner, Y. Gong, O.A. Lesi, M. Mendy, J.J. Goedert, P. Hainaut, R. Montesano, and C.P. Wild
  Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Polymorphisms in Carcinogen-Metabolizing and DNA Repair Enzymes in a Population with Aflatoxin Exposure and Hepatitis B Virus Endemicity
Klein, Alison P. (NHGRI)
AP Klein1 KA Brune2 M Goggins2,3,4 AC Tersmette5 GJA Offerhaus5 GM Petersen6 S Kern3 RH Hruban2,3 1Stat. Gen. Section IDRB/NHGRI/NIH 2Pathology 3Oncology 4Medicine Johns Hopkins Medicine 5Pathology Academic Medical Ctr Amsterdam, NL 6 Mayo Clinic
  Prospective Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in Familial Pancreatic Cancer Kindreds
Kleinerman, Ruth Anne (NCI)
R.A. Kleinerman1, D.H. Abramson2, J.H. Seddon3, M. Stovall4, M.A. Tucker1. 1 DCEG, NCI, 2 New York Presbyterian Hospital, 3 Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute, 4 M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
  Radiotherapy and Genetic Susceptibility to Second Cancers in a Cohort of Retinoblastoma Patients
Kramer, Joan (NCI)
J Kramer, M McMaster, M Walther, P Rosenberg, S Vadaparampil, J Loud, J Peters, P Choyke, A Premkumar, WM Linehan, MH Greene
  Multidisciplinary Etiologic Study of Familial Testicular Cancer
Lacey, Jr., James Vincent (NCI)
J.V. Lacey Jr., L.A. Brinton, M.E. Sherman, A. Schatzkin, C. Schairer
  Menopausal Estrogen Therapy and Endometrial Cancer in a US Cohort: Recency and Potential Associations with Other Risk Factors
Lan, Qing (NCI)
Q Lan, G Li, L Zhang, R Vermeulen, M Smith, M Dosemeci, S Rappaport, W Kopp, S Waidyanatha, C Rabkin, R Hayes, M Linet, L Wang, R Mu, S Yin, N Rothman
  Benzene, Hematotoxicity, Genetic Susceptibility
Land, Charles Even (NCI)
C Land, Z Zhumadilov, B Gusev, M Hartshorne, L Crooks, P Wiest, Z Carr, N Luckyanov, C-M Fillmore, B Weinstock, A Bouville, S Simon
  Thyroid Nodule Prevalence and Radiation Dose among Childhood Residents of Villages Near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site in Northeastern Kazakhstan
Landi, Maria Teresa (NCI)
M.T. Landi, A. Pesatori, A. Baccarelli, S. Masten, J. Grassman, D. Patterson, D. Bell, N. Caporaso, A. Bergen
  TCDD-mediated alterations in the AhR-dependent pathway in Seveso, Italy 20 years after the accident
Lee, Won Jin (NCI)
WJ Lee, J.A. Hoppin, A. Blair, J.H. Lubin, M. Dosemeci, D.P. Sandler, M.C.R. Alavanja
  Lung Cancer Incidence Among Pesticide Applicators Exposed to Chlorpyrifos in the Agricultural Health Study
Leitzmann, Michael F (NCI)
M.F. Leitzmann, S.-C. Chang, W.-Y. Huang, V. Kirsh, U. Peters, N. Chatterjee, G. Andriole, A. Schatzkin, R. Hayes
  Interrelation of Energy Intake, Body Size, and Physical Activity with Prostate Cancer in the PLCO Screening Trial
Li, Hongchuan (NCI)
H.C. Li, M. Hisada, H. Lou, L. Cartier, L.V. Hurtado, K. Tajima, S. Sonoda
  Phylogenetic Analysis Supports the Common Origin of the Virus in Japan and South America
Lim, Unhee (NCI)
U Lim, R Stolzenberg-Solomon, J Virtamo, P Pietinen, PR Taylor, D Albanes
  Dietary B Vitamins and the Risk of Lymphoid Cancers in Male Smokers
Loud, Jennifer (NCI)
J Loud, SJ Skates, M Hensley, K Lu, M Sherman, MH Greene.
  National Prospective Study of Risk-Reducing Surgery and a Novel Screening Strategy in Women at Increased Genetic Risk of Ovarian Cancer (GOG 0199)
Low, Nancy Chooi Ping (NIMH)
N.C. Low, R. Herrell, K.R. Merikangas
  The Impact of Assortative Mating on the Familial Aggregation of Substance Use and Anxiety Disorders
Mabuchi, Kiyohiko (NCI)
Kiyohiko Mabuchi, Zhanat A. Carr, Ruth A. Kleinerman, Marilyn Stovall, Bob Weinstock, Melvin L. Gliem, Charles E. Land
  Coronary Heart Disease After Radiotherapy for Peptic Ulcer
Mbulaiteye, Sam M (NCI)
SM Mbulaiteye, RJ. Biggar, D Whitby, R Pfeiffer, AM Owor*, PM. Bakaki*, E Katongole-Mbidde*, C M. Ndugwa*, J J. Goedert1, E A. Engels; National Cancer Institute; * Makerere University Medical School, Kampala, Uganda
  Risk of Blood-Borne HHV-8 Transmission in Previously Transfused Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Uganda
McMaster, Mary Louise (NCI)
M.L. McMaster, L. Goldin, M.A. Tucker
  Clinical, Laboratory and Epidemiologic Characterization of Individuals and Families at High Risk for Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia
Millen, Amy Elizabeth (NCI)
Amy E. Millen, Margaret A. Tucker, Patricia Hartge, Nancy Potischman.
  Diet and Risk of Malignant Melanoma in a Case-Control Study
Peters, Ulrike (NCI)
Ulrike Peters, Richard Hayes, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Timothy R. Church, Charlotte Mayo, Stephen Chanock, Charles Foster
  Polymorphisms in the Selenoprotein Glutathione Peroxidase 1 and Risk of Colorectal Adenoma
Rajaraman, Preetha (NCI)
P Rajaraman, PD Inskip
  Polymorphism in the Gene for Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydratase (ALAD) and Risk of Brain Tumors in Adults
Rastogi, Tanuja (NCI)
Tanuja Rastogi, Yu-Tang Gao, Gloria Gridley, Asif Rashid, Jie Deng, Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr., Ann W. Hsing
  Diet and Risk of Biliary Tract Cancers: A Population-based Study in Shanghai, China
Ronckers, Cecile M. (NCI)
Cécile M Ronckers, Michele Morin Doody, John E. Lonstein, Marilyn Stovall, Charles E. Land
  Multiple Diagnostic X-rays and Risk of Breast Cancer Findings from the U.S. Scoliosis Cohort Study
Rusiecki, Jennifer Ann (NCI)
J Rusiecki, A De Roos, W Lee, M Dosemeci, J Lubin, A Blair, J Hoppin, M Alavanja
  Cancer Incidence Among Pesticide Applicators Exposed to Atrazine in the Agricultural Health Study
Schatzkin, Arthur (NCI)
A. Schatzkin, A. Subar, R. Troiano, D Midthune, F Thompson
  Can We Measure Diet Accurately Enough to Detect Important Cancer Associations: Results from the OPEN Biomarker Study
Silverman, Debra T (NCI)
J Alguacil, DT Silverman
  Smokeless and Other Non-Cigarette Tobacco Use and Pancreatic Cancer: A Case-Control Study Based on Direct Interviews
Simon, Steven L (NCI)
S.L. Simon and A. Bouville
  Reconstructing Radiation Doses from Nuclear Weapons Testing: Challenges in Science and Communication
Simonsen, Lone (NIAID)
L.Simonsen, T.A Reichert, M.A. Miller
  Pandemic Influenza Mortality: The Virtues of Antigenic Sin
Sinha, Rashmi (NCI)
Rashmi Sinha, Ulrike Peters, David Demarini, Lance Brooks, Sarah Warren, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Nathaniel Rothman
  Association Between Urinary Mutagenicity and Risk of Colorectal Adenomas in a Clinic-Based Case-Control Study
Stolzenberg-Solomon, Rachael Zoe (NCI)
R.Z. Stolzenberg-Solomon, P. Limburg, M. Pollak, P.R. Taylor, J. Virtamo, D. Albanes
  Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)-1, IGF-Binding Protein (BP)-3 and Pancreatic Cancer in Male Smokers
VanVeldhuisen, Paul C (NCI)
P. VanVeldhuisen, T. Sawada, B. Hanchard, R Wilks, and M. Hisada
  Longitudinal Changes of Viral markers In Asymptomatic HTLV-I Carriers in Jamaica
Vermeulen, Roel (NCI)
Roel Vermeulen, Qing Lan, Laura Gunn, Guilan Li, Luoping Zhang, Martyn T. Smith, Nathaniel Rothman
  Proteomic Changes in Serum from Workers Exposed to Benzene
Ward, Mary H (NCI)
Ward MH, Nuckols JR, Giglierano J, Wolter C,Colt JS ,Camann D , Hartge P
  Residential Exposure to Agricultural Pesticides in Iowa
Weinstein, Stephanie Joan (NCI)
S. Weinstein, T. Hartman, R. Stolzenberg-Solomon, P. Pietinen, M. Barrett, P. Taylor, J. Virtamo, D. Albanes
  Dietary and Serum Factors Related to One-Carbon Metabolism and Risk of Prostate Cancer
Wilson, Robin Taylor (NCI)
R.T. Wilson, L.E. Moore, M. Dosemeci
  Occupational Exposures and Salivary Gland Cancer Mortality among African American And White Workers in the United States
Wright, Margaret Elaine (NCI)
M.E. Wright, S.T. Mayne, R.Z. Stolzenberg-Solomon, Z. Li, P.Pietinen, P.R. Taylor, J. Virtamo, and D. Albanes
  Development of a Comprehensive Dietary Antioxidant Index and Application to Lung Cancer Risk in a Cohort of Male Smokers
Zhang, Mingdong (NCI)
M. Zhang, X.D. Sun, S.D. Mark, W. Chen, Y.-L. Qiao, Lara Wong, J. F. Fraumeni, P.R. Taylor, and T. R. O’Brien
  High Frequency of Hepatitis C Virus Infection In Linixian, China

Print Version, Category GENO
Anderson, Tangela (NIAAA)
N. Lamparella, Z. Zhou, Gary Jenkins, T. Anderson, K. Neyer, and R.H. Lipsky
  Nucleotide Sequence Variation in the Human Tyrosine Kinase B Neurotrophin Receptor Gene (NTRK2)
Buendgen, Nana Kristin (NCI)
N.K. Buendgen, J.K. Habermann, C. Lundgren, J. Doering, B. Sundelin, R. Broll, H.-P. Bruch, B. Nordstroem, G. Auer, T. Ried
  Chromosomal Aberrations Correlate with DNA Ploidy and the Clinical Course of Endometrial Carcinomas
Bussey, Kimberly (NCI)
K. Bussey, D. Kane, M. Sunshine, S. Narasimhan, S. Nishizuka, W.C. Reinhold, B. Zeeberg, Ajay, and J.N. Weinstein
  MatchMiner: A Tool for Batch-Navigating the Gene Identifier Quagmire
Calzone, Kathleen A. (NCI)
K. Calzone, S. Prindiville, O. Jourkiv, S. Steinberg, P. Soballe, P. Klein, I. Kirsch
  Comparison of Group Versus Individual Education and Counseling for Breast Cancer Genetics
Carter, Carole Denise (NCI)
C.D. Carter, C. Babic, B. Todd, and M.A. Basrai
  Molecular Characterization of NORF5/HUG1, a Negative Regulator of the MEC1 Checkpoint Pathway
Chilukuri, Jyothsna (NCI)
Chilukuri, Lin, Zeeberg, Feng, Wang, Wang, Fojo, Sunshine, Narasimhan, Kane, Reinhold, Lababidi, Bussey, Riss, Barrett, Weinstein
  Enhancement of the Useability of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) in Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data
Correa-Cerro, Lina S (NICHD)
L.S. Correa-Cerro (1), C.A. Wassif (1), L. Kratz (2), R. Kelly (2) and F.D.Porter (1).
  Development, Characterization and Treatment of a Hypomorphic SLOS Mouse Model to investigate therapeutic interventions
Edgemon, Keith Alan (NIDDK)
K Edgemon, M Haluzik, DA Cutler, M.J. Zarnowski, O Gavrilova, ML Reitman, C Londos
  Transgenic Mice with Partial Lipodystrophy due to expression of Lamin A or C cDNA containing a Dunnigan-specific mutation
Finch, Thembi (NIAAA)
T. Finch, K. Xu, E. Westley, J. Waheed, A. Roy, M. Roy, D. Goldman
  Linkage Disequilibrium of the GABRA Cluster Gene on Chromosome 4 with Opiate Addiction in an African American Population
Frankenberger, Casey (NCI)
C. Frankenberger, U. Urzúa, D. Church, J. Powell, T. Burgess, T. Tawady, L. Gangi and D. Munroe.
  aCGH Explorer: a Tool for High Resolution Analysis of Chromosomal Imbalances
Gail, Mitchell H (NCI)
R. M. Pfeiffer, M. H. Gail
  Sample Size Calculations for Population and Family Based Case-Control Association Studies on Marker Genotypes
Goldsmith, David Ryan (NIMH)
David R. Goldsmith, Michael F. Egan, Daniel R. Weinberger, Terry E. Goldberg
  Relative Risk of Personality Traits in Siblings of Patients with Schizophrenia
Grant, William Gerard (NIAAA)
G. Malhotra, W. Grant, K. Xu, R.H. Lipsky, A. Malhotra, D. Goldman
  BDNF and DRD2 Functional Loci and Haplotypes in Schizophrenia
Habermann, Jens K. (NCI)
J. K. Habermann, J. Doering, B. Sundelin, R. Broll, H.-P. Bruch, G. Auer, T. Ried
  DNA Cytometry and Comparative Genomic Hybridization define new Subgroup of Breast Carcinomas
Haque, Kashif Aziz (NCI)
K. Haque, M. Beerman, V. Puri, S. Yadavalli, A. Crenshaw, R. Welch, M. Yeager, B. Packer, M. Garcia-Closas, N. Rothman, S. Chanock, and A. Bergen
  Evaluation of Whole Genome Amplification Methods
Hu, Xianzhang (NIAAA)
X. Hu, C. Mazzanti, R. H. Lipsky, D. Goldman
  Role of a Tetranucleotide Repeat Polymorphism in the First Intron of the Tyrosine Hydroxylase Gene in Expression and Behavioral Phenotypes
Kastenmayer, James P (NCI)
J. Kastenmayer and M. Basrai
  Molecular Dissection of the S. cerevisiae Multifunctional Protein Mad1p
Khil, Pavel P (NIDDK)
P.P. Khil, N.A. Smirnova, P.J. Romanienko and R. D. Camerini- Otero.
  The Effect Of Meiotic Sex Chromosomes Inactivation On The Chromosomal Distribution Of Male-Biased Genes
Lababidi, Samir (NCI)
S. Lababidi, U. Shankavaram, W. C. Reinhold, H. Cao, U. Scherf, J. N. Weinstein
  Cluster Analysis For Microarray Data
Lin, Mingkuan (NCI)
Lin, Chilukuri, Zeeberg, Feng, Wang, Wang, Fojo, Sunshine, Narasimhan, Kane, Reinhold, Lababidi, Bussey, Riss, Barrett, Weinstein
  Development of a Resource to Provide Flexible Editing of Ontological Relationships and Gene Associations in Molecular Biology Databases
Lipsky, Robert H. (NIAAA)
K. Xu, J. Taubman, J. Hoberman, A.J. Marco, and R.H. Lipsky
  Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor Haplotypes and Their Relationship to Drug Dependence
Miller, III, Merrill C (NIEHS)
MC Miller, III, RS Paules, and DA Bell
  Using Expression Profiles to Detect Underlying Epigenetic Variation in Cell Lines
Oh, Kyu Seon (NCI)
KS. Oh, S. khan, S. Emmert, A.Grachev, T. Ueda, T. Shalavi, H. Inui, C.Baker and K.H. Kraemer
  An Identical Mutation in the XPB Helicase Gene in Two Patients with the Xeroderma Pigmentosum/Cockayne Syndrome Complex
Packer, Bernice R (NCI)
B Packer, M Yeager, B Staats, R Welch, A Crenshaw, M Kiley, A Eckert, M Beerman, E Miller, A Bergen, N Rothman, R Strausberg, S Chanock
  SNP500Cancer Database: Sequence validation and assay optimization of candidate gene SNPs for molecular epidemiology studies in cancer
Pang, Alan L. Y. (NICHD)
A. L. Y. Pang, W. Johnson, N. Ravindranath, M. Dym, O. M. Rennert and W. Y. Chan
  A Survey of Housekeeping Gene Expression During Germ Cell Development
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Structural Biology
Print Version, Category SB
Baxa, Ulrich (NIAMS)
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Lee, Yong-Sok (CIT)
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Ma, Kan (NIAMS)
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  Design and Specialization of a Superfast, High Endurance Sound-Producing Muscle of the Midshipman Type I Male Fish
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  A New Technique for Analyzing Rapid Changes in Molecular Organization at Synapses
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