2003 NIH Research Festival
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Research Festival Committees
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NIH Research Festival Organizing Committee

Michael M. Gottesman, M.D.
Deputy Director for Intramural Research, NIH


Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr., M.D.
Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, NCI
Robert Desimone, Ph.D.
Scientific Director, NIMH

CC 50th Anniversary Scientific Symposium Committee

John I. Gallin, M.D.
Director, Clinical Center
Harvey J. Alter, M.D.
Chief, Infectious Diseases Section, DTM, CC
Michael M. Gottesman, M.D.
Deputy Director for Intramural Research, NIH
The Medical Executive Committee, NIH

Job Fair for NIH Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellows Committee

Brenda R. Hanning
Acting Director, NIH Office of Education, OD
Shirley C. Forehand
Coordinator of the Job Fair, NIH Office of Education, OD
Daniel Hoeppner, Ph.D.
Co-chair Fellows Committee, LMB, NINDS
Michael M. Gottesman, M.D.
Deputy Director for Intramural Research, NIH

NIH Research Festival Coordinating Committee

Paula Cohen
NIH Research Festival Coordinator, OCPL, OD
Bill Fedyna
Chief, Special Projects Branch, OCPL, OD
Elaine Ayres
Senior Hospital Administrator, CC
Celia Hooper, Ph.D.
Special Assistant for Communications, OIR, OD
Thomas Hayden
Transportation Specialist, Division of Facilities Planning, ORF, OD
Lieutenant Udon Cheek
Special Events Coordinator, NIH Police Department, ORS, OD
Sandy Desautels
Web Project Manager, DECA, CIT
Randy Schools
President, Recreation & Welfare Association
Julie Harris
Director of Special Events, Recreation & Welfare Association
Rayne Ann Wood
Designer, MAPB, ORS, OD

The Research Festival committees gratefully acknowledge contributions to the
Research Festival by the Technical Sales Association.

Thanks to Mindy Kaufman, DCEG, NCI and Carole Bowie, OD, NIMH for their
assistance in keeping the lines of communication open throughout the planning
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