2003 NIH Research Festival
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Session 3 Print Version, Poster Session 3

Print Version, Category APO
Chang, Tong-Shin (NHLBI)
T.-S. Chang, C.-S. Cho, S.G. Rhee
  Preoxiredoxin-3 is an Important Mitochondrial Peroxidase Regulating Mitochondria-Dependent Apoptosis
Hong, Jiang (NIDDK)
Jiang Hong, Matthew M. Rechler
  Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 (IGFBP-3) Initiates Apoptosis in PC-3 Human Prostate Cancer Cells by FADD-Dependent Activation of Caspase 8
Liu, Dong (NIA)
D Liu*, J. R. Slevin1, C. Lu, S. L. Chan, and M. P. Mattson
  Involvement of Intracellular Potassium and Calcium Fluxes in Neuronal Plasticity, Ischemic and Apoptotic Neuronal Death
Martin, Angel G (NCI)
A. G. Martin, J. Trama, D. Crighton, K. M. Ryan and H. O. Fearnhead
  Noxa Expression is Controlled by NF-kB in p53-Dependent Programmed Cell Death
Samuel, William (NEI)
W. Samuel, R.K. Kutty, B. Wiggert
  Fenretinide Induces Apoptosis in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial(RPE) Cells: The Role of Retinoid Receptors
Zhang, Congxiao (NEI)
C. Zhang, N. J. Caplen, N. Strunnikova, J. Baffi, A. Katikineni, C.C. Chan, R.J. Youle, S.W. Cousins, K.G. Csaky , NEI, NHGRI, NINDS, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland , BPEI, University of Miami, Miami, Florida
  Regulation of C-Flip Sensitizes Human Retinal Pigment Epithelium (HRPE) To Tumor Necrosis Factor – alpha (TNF-a) Induced Programmed Cell Death
Zhang, Baolin (CBER)
Baolin Zhang, Yaqin Zhang, and Emily Shacter
  Caspase-3-Mediated Inactivation of Rac GTPases Promotes Drug-Induced Apoptosis in Human Lymphoma Cells

Print Version, Category DEV
Becker, Michelle L (NIAAA)
M.L. Becker, M.L. Schwandt, S.G. Lindell, C.S. Barr, S.J. Suomi, and J.D. Higley
  How does Paternal Influence Affect Infant Sociality and Response to Stress in Rhesus Macaques (M. Mulatta)?
Betts, Elizabeth S (NIDA)
E.S.Betts, I.N.Krasnova, B.Ladenheim, K.G.Becker, C.F.Hohmann, and J.L.Cadet
  Analysis of 6-OHDA-Induced Changes in Gene Expression in the Developing Cortex: Implications for Behavioral Deficits
Coleman, Cynthia M (NIAMS)
C.M. Coleman, B. Scheremeta, R. S. Tuan
  Functional Role of N-cadherin Adhesion and Signaling During Chondrocyte Maturation
Davies, Holly Gibs (NIDDK)
H.G. Davies and J. Dean
  SAGE Analysis to Define Targets of an Oocyte-Specific Transcription Factor, FIGalpha
Di Padova, Monica (NIAMS)
M. Di Padova, S. Iezzi, G. Caretti, C. Simone, C. Serra, E. Maklan, P. Zhao, E. P. Hoffman, P.L. Puri and V. Sartorelli.
  Follistatin Mediates the Effects of Deacetylase Inhibitors on Skeletal Myogenesis
Dyer, Kimberly D (NIAID)
K.D. Dyer, H.F. Rosenberg
  Mouse Eosinophil-Associated Ribonucleases - mEar 1 and mEar 2- Are Expressed in the Pregnant Mous Uterus
Hatakeyama, Yuji (NIAMS)
Yuji Hatakeyama, Glen H. Nuckolls, Rocky S. Tuan and Lillian Shum
  BMP4 Induction of Apoptosis in Limb Bud Mesenchyme is Mediated by MAP Kinase Signaling
Hoodbhoy, Tanya (NIDDK)
T. Hoodbhoy, T. Rankin, E.S. Boja, O. Epifano, H.M. Fales, J. Dean
  ZP2 Cleavage Model of Sperm Binding to the Murine Zona Pellucida
Kwon, So Yeon (NCI)
S.Y. Kwon1, P. Badenhorst3, F.J. Martin-Romero1, B.A. Carlson1, B.M. Paterson4, V.N. Gladyshev5, B.J. Lee2,and D.L. Hatfield1. 1BRL, 3LMC and 4LB, CCR, NCI; 2LMG, SNU, Seoul, Korea; and 5Dept. of Biochem., Univ. of Nebraska
  The Drosophila Selenoprotein BthD is Required for Survival and Has a Role in Salivary Gland Development
Longart, Marines V (NICHD)
M.V. Longart*; Y.- Liu; A. Buonanno . Section on Molecular Neurobiology, NICHD-NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA
  Study of the Expression of Neuregulin 1-3 During Different Stages of Brain Development
Lu, Cheng B (NIA)
Cheng B. Lu and Mark P. Mattson
  Glutamate-Ca Signaling: Switching from VDCC-Ca to NMDA-Ca During Development in Primary Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons
Luo, Yongquan (NIA)
Yongquan Luo, Jingli Cai, Irene Ginis, Yanyang Sun, Siulan Lee, Sean X. Yu, Ahmet Hoke, and Mahendra Rao
  Designing, Testing and Validating a Focused Stem Cell Microarray for Characterization of Neural Stem Cells and Progenitor Cells
Nakamura, Takashi (NIDCR)
T. Nakamuara, F. Unda, K.M. Yamada and Y. Yamada
  The Krüppel-Like Factor Epiprofin is Expressed by Epithelium of Developing Tooth, Hair Follicle, and Limb Bud, and Promotes Cell Proliferation
Rhodes, Craig Stuart (NIDCR)
C. S. Rhodes, Y. Liu, Y. Yamada
  Analysis of the Link Protein Promoter Uncovers Cryptic Hox Signals Involved in Positional Specification in Limbs
Tayebi, Nahid (NICHD)
Tayebi N1, Feng LX2, Baxendale V1, Wu SM1, Pang ALY1, Dym M2, Chan WY 1,2,3 Rennert OM1; 1Laboratory of Clinical Genomics, NICHD; Departments of 2Cell Biology and 3Pediatrics, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC
  Using Sage to Confirm a Telomerase Immortalized Spermatogonial Cell Line as an Experimental Model
Tian, E (NIDDK)
E Tian, H. C. Hang, L. Shum, S. Koyota, K. G. Ten Hagen, C. Yu, C. R. Bertozzi, L. A. Tabak
  Mucin-type O-glycosylation is Required for Early Mandibular Development in Vitro

Print Version, Category ENDO
Charmandari, Evangelia (NICHD)
E. Charmandari, T. Kino, E. Souvatzoglou, A. Vottero, N. Bhattacharyya, and G. P. Chrousos
  Natural Glucocorticoid Receptor Mutants Causing Generalized Glucocorticoid Resistance: Molecular Genotype, Genetic Transmission and Clinical Phenotype
Derfoul, Assia (NIAMS)
A,Derfoul1, GL Perkins, L Bordone, P G. Alexander, DJ. Hall1 and RS.Tuan.
  Glucocorticoids Promote Bone- and Cartilage-Specific Extracellular Matrix Formation in Differentiating Human Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Griffin, Kurt J. (NICHD)
K.J. Griffin, L. Kirschner, S. Stergiopoulos, S. Lenherr, E. Claflin, L. Matyakhina, A. Bauer, J.A. Carney, and C.A. Stratakis
  A Transgenic Mouse Model for Studies of Cyclic-AMP-dependent PKA Function
Haim, Adam J. (NIMH)
A. J. Haim, P. E. Martinez, M. R. Yasuda, G. Sullivan, G. Cizza, J.Cai, K. Gabry, P. W. Gold
  The Relationship Between Major Depressive Disorder and Fasting Insulin and Glucose Levels
Leung, Yiu Kwong (NICHD)
M. Y. K. Leung, V. Baxendale, E. Leschek, S. M. Wu, K. Fichman, W. Y. Chan, O. M. Rennert
  A Novel Polymorphic Site at the Mutation Hot Spot (TM VI) of the Luteinzing Hormone Receptor in a Patient with Familial Male-Limited Precocious Puberty
Webster, Jeanette Irene (NIMH)
J. I. Webster, L. H. Tonelli, M. Moayeri, S. S. Simons, S. H. Leppla and E. M. Sternberg.
  Anthrax Lethal Factor Represses Glucocorticoid and Progesterone Receptor Activity

Print Version, Category IMAG
Bednarski, Mark David (CC)
Samira Guccione *, John Hood †, Ricardo Frausto †, David Cheresh †, Mark Bednarski *
  Imaging Tumor Angiogenesis for Developing Vascular Targeted Gene Therapy
Bitter, Ingmar (CC)
R. M. Summers, MD, Ph.D., J. Yao, Ph.D., I. Bitter, Ph.D., B. Wise, B.S., R.T., (R)(MR), F. Tulloch, B.S., R.T., (R)(CT)(M), F. Garcia, B.S., R.T.
  CIPS: Clinical Image Processing Service
Butman, John A (CC)
A.J. Rebmann, J.A. Butman
  Heterogeneity of MR Signal Intensity Mapped onto Brain Surface Models
Campos, Maria Mercedes (NEI)
M.M. Campos1, R.N. Fariss1, and W.G. Robison, Jr.1, NEI, NIH, Bethesda, MD1
  Novel Techniques for Imaging Retinal Vessels Using Whole Retinas After Long Term Fixation
Chernomordik, Victor V (NICHD)
I. Gannot,V.Chernomordik, A.Garashi, A.Gandjbachkhe
  Quantitative Optical Imaging and 3-D Localization of Exogeneous Specific Markers, Conjugated to Squamous Cell Carcinoma Deeply Embedded Inside the Turbid Medium
Clauss, Sarah Ballow (NHLBI)
S.B. Clauss, C.W. Lo
  Novel Imaging of Mouse Coronary Artery Anomalies by Micro-CT Scanning and Three Dimensional Reconstruction
Courcoutsakis, Nikos A. (CC)
N.A.Courcoutsakis1, S.G.Stergiopoulos2, I.Bordeau2, N.J.Patronas1, C.A.Stratakis2; 1 Dept of Diagnostic Radiology,CC; 2 Section on Endocrinology Genetics, Developmental Endocrinology Branch, NICHD
  Carney Complex: Clinical Criteria and Pictorial Assay of Imaging Findings
Courcoutsakis, Nikos A. (CC)
N.J.Patronas1, N.A.Courcoutsakis1, J.A.Butman1, R.Chang1, S.Stergiopoulos2, M.Koby1, C.A.Stratakis2; (1) Department of Diagnostic Radiology, CC;. (2) Section on Endocrinology Genetics (SGEN), DEB, NICHD
  Spoiled Gradient Recalled Acquisition: An Accurate MRI Technique to Detect Adrenocorticotropin-Secreting Pituitary Tumors in Children
Garraux, Gaëtan (NINDS)
G. Garraux, S.L.Talagala, P. Rowser, M. Hallett
  Relative Increases and Decreases in Brain Perfusion During Unimanual Sequential Finger Movements: A Random Effect Analysis of ASL fMRI Data
Greiner, Elisabeth (NIDDK)
E. Greiner, M-J. Lee, E.M. Jagoda, C. Contoreggi, C-H.K. Kao, L.P. Szajak, P. Gold, G. Chrousos, W.C. Eckelman, A. E. Jacobson and K.C. Rice
  Design and Synthesis of a Non-Peptide Small Molecule as an Imaging Tracer to Monitor the Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (CRH) Type 1 Receptor (CRHR1)
Hassan, Moinuddin (NICHD)
M. Hassan, D. Hattery, A. Vogel, V. Chernomordik, K. Aleman, K. Wyvill, L. Merced, R. Little, R. Yarchoan, A. H. Gandjbakhche
  Noninvasive Multi-Modality Imaging Techniques to Assess Angiogenesis Associated with Kaposi's Sarcoma
Hunter, Finie Kisha (CC)
F. Hunter, C. Trimble, M. Bur, J. Xie, and K. Li
  Rhodamine-Lectin Vivo Labeling-Guided Laser Capture Microdissection of Mouse Xenograft Angiogenesis Endothelial Cells
Iordanescu, George (CC)
G Iordanescu, R M. Summers
  Rectal Tube Detection in CT Colonography
Jin, Albert J (OD)
A.J. Jin, S.-L. Niu, E.J. Choi, P.D. Smith, B.J. Litman
  Visualizing Single Rhodopsin (a G Protein-Coupled Receptor) Molecules in Vision Membranes via Atomic Force Microscopy
Kim, B. Moon (NIDDK)
B. Moon Kim and Kenner C. Rice
  Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Non-peptide Ligands for Autoradiographic Visualization of Corticoportin Releasing Horomone Type I Receptors
Lee, Jung Hee (NINDS)
J.H. Lee, A.C. Silva, H. Merkle, A.P. Koretsky
  Manganese Distribution and Dose Dependent Contrast in High Resolution Manganese Enhanced MRI (MEMRI) in Mouse Brain
Lutz, Robert J. (OD)
R.J. Lutz, H. Kim, M. Lizak, G. Tansey, M. Robinson, N. Wang
  Study of Ocular Transport of Drugs from Sustained Release Implants
Saad, Ziad S (NIMH)
Z.S. Saad, B.D. Argall, M.S. Beauchamp, S.A. Japee, R.W. Cox
  Standard Meshes for Inter- and Intra-Subject Surface-Based Analysis with Minimal Interpolation
Scher, Ann I (NIA)
Scher AI, E.S.C. Korf (Vrije UMC, NL), Hartley S, Launer LJ
  An Epidemiologic Approach to Automatic Post-Processing of Brain MRI
Silva, Afonso C. (NINDS)
A.C. Silva, J. H. Lee, I. Aoki, A. P. Koretsky
  Cortical Laminar Architecture Revealed by Manganese-Enhanced MRI
Ursea, Roxana (NEI)
R Ursea, RB Nussenblatt, JA Smith, LM Ayres, RC Caruso, HN Sen, RR Buggage
  The Role of Ultrasound Biomicroscopy in Assessment of Patients with Anterior Segment Ocular Inflammatory Disease
Vogel, Abby J (NICHD)
A. Vogel, M. Hassan, D. Hattery, S. Demos, A. Russo, Y. Tao and A. Gandjbakhche
  Assessing the Collagen Breakdown after Radiation in Mouse Model using Multi-Modality Imaging Techniques
Xie, Huchen (NCI)
Xie, H., Li, G., Ning, H., Altemus R., Coleman, C. N. and Miller, R. W.
  A New Technique for Three-Dimensional (3D) Volumetric Fusion of Multi-Modality Medical Images for Conformal Radiation Treatment Planning
Zhang, Yi (NIDA)
Yi Zhang, Alexey G. Mukhin, Olga A. Pavlova, Svetlana. I. Chefer, D. Bruce Vaupel, LaVerne L. Brown, Andrew W. Hall, Varughese Kurian and Andrew G. Horti
  Synthesis, Structure-Activity Relationship and Pre-Evaluation of Heteryl Derivatives of A-85380 as Potential Radiotracers for Imaging of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (nAChRs) in Extrathalamic Brain Regions by Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Zhang, Peijun (NCI)
Peijun Zhang, Jemma Juliani, Jonathan Lefman, William Land, Sophia Smith, Stanton Lee, Richard Leapman, Martin Kessel, Tracey Rouault, Sriram Subramaniam
  Electron Tomographic Analysis of Ferritin Distribution in IRP2-/- Knockout Mice

Molecular Biology
Print Version, Category MOL
Carlson, Bradley A (NCI)
B.A. Carlson1, S.V. Novoselov2, E. Kumaraswamy1, M. Anver3, V.N. Gladyshev2 and D.L. Hatfield1; 1BRL, CCR, NCI, NIH; 2Dept. of Biochem., Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE and 3Pathology and Histotechnology Laboratory, SAIC, Frederick, MD
  Specific Excision of the Selenocysteine tRNA[Ser]Sec Gene in Mouse Liver Demonstrates an Essential Role of Selenoproteins in Liver Function
Crowley, Richard Webster (NINDS)
R.W. Crowley, M.J. Merrill, N.A. Edwards, E.H. Oldfield, R.M. Pluta
  Nitric Oxide (NO) Protects Endothelial Cells Against Ischemia via KATP and KCa Channels
Datta, Kamal (CC)
K. Datta1, M. Dizdaroglu2, P. Jaruga2, R. D. Neumann1 and T. A. Winters1. 1 Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892, and 2 National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899.
  Structural Characterization of Radiation Inducced Site-Specific DNA Double Strand Break Associated Damage
Derfoul, Assia (NIAMS)
A, Derfoul, A, Miyoshi, A, DJ Hall and RS, Tuan
  Glucosamine Inhibits Chondrogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Multipotential Cells Derived from Adult Human Trabecular Bone
Ghosh, Trina (NIDDK)
T Ghosh, B.A Peculis
  Characterization of a Novel U8 Specific Binding Protein
Gilbert, Abigail L (NIAMS)
A. L. Gilbert, B. Collins, K. Nagaraju, P.H. Plotz, N. Raben
  Replacing a Deficient Enzyme in Glycogen Storage Disease Type II (GSDII, Pompe's Syndrome): Two Approaches, One Result
Hirota, Morihisa (NCI)
Morihisa Hirota, Christian Wechselberger, Youping Sun, Caterina Bianco, Nicholas Kenney, Luigi Strizzi, Nadia I. Khan, Michele Sanicola and David S. Salomon
  Overexpression of MMTV-hCripto-1 Transgene Produces Mammary Hyperplasia
Lockard, Jon M (NIMH)
J.M. Lockard, Z. Scotto-Lavina, D. Jurkovicova, A.E. Gioio, B.B. Kaplan
  The Axonal mRNA Population Contains A Novel mRNA Encoding A Phosphotyrosine Binding Adaptor Protein Expressed in the Mouse and Squid Nervous Systems
Lu, Hanxin (NCI)
H. Lu, C. A. Pise-Masison, R. Linton, R. L. Schiltz, V. Sartorelli, John N. Brady
  Tax Relieves Transcription Repression Through Promoting HDAC1 Release from HTLV-I LTR
Ozbun, Laurent (NCI)
L. Ozbun, A. Martinez, and S.B. Jakowlew
  Differentially Expressed Nucleolar TGF-B1 Target (DENTT) in Macaque
Petukhova, Galina V (NIDDK)
G. Petukhova, P. Romanienko, M.-C. Gauthier, J.-Y. Masson and R. D. Camerini-Otero
  Proper Homologous Chromosome Synapsis During Mouse Meiosis is Dependent on the Hop2 Protein Function
Sattlegger, Evelyn (NICHD)
E. Sattlegger1, M.J. Swanson1, E.A. Ashcraft1, J.L. Jennings2, A.J. Link2, and A.G. Hinnebusch1; 1 LGRD, NICHD; 2 Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN
  YIH1 is an Actin-binding Protein that Negatively Regulates the eIF2alpha-Kinase GCN2 when Actin is sparse
Ten Hagen, Kelly G. (NIDDK)
K.G. Ten Hagen, D.T. Tran, T.A. Gerken , D.S. Stein and Z. Zhang
  Functional Characterization and Expression Analysis of Members of the UDP-GalNAc:Polypeptide N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferase Family From Drosophila Melanogaster
Vanevski, Filip (NIDDK)
F. Vanevski, O. Voloshin, P. Khil, R. Camerini-Otero
  Characterization of the DNA Damage-Inducible Helicase DinG from Escherichia Coli
Yamanegi, Koji (NCI)
K. Yamanegi, S. Tang and Z.M. Zheng
  Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus K8beta RNA is a Splicing Intermediate and Precursor of K8alpha

Neurobiology and Behavior
Print Version, Category NBB
Bossert, Jennifer Marie (NIDA)
J.M. Bossert, S.Y. Liu, Y. Shaham
  Contextual Drug Cues Provoke Relapse to Heroin Seeking in Rats
Bregonzio, Claudia (NIMH)
C Bregonzio , I Armando ,A Juorio , G Baiardi , JM Saavedra
  Peripheral Administration of Angiotensin II AT1 Receptor Antagonist Blocks Brain AT1 Receptorrs, Prevents the Isolation Induced Decrease in CRH1 and Flunitrazepam Receptor Binding in Cerebral Cortex and has Anxiloytic Effects
Brooks, PJ (NIAAA)
J. Ahn, C. Marietta, P.J. Brooks
  Nuclear Localization of Mre11, Rad50, and NBS1 Proteins in Large Neurons in the Human Brain : Implications for the Pathogenesis of Ataxia-Telangiectasia-Like Disorder
Bungay, Peter M (OD)
P.M. Bungay, P. Newton-Vinson, W. Isele, P.A. Garris, J.B. Justice, Jr.
  Microdialysis Influenced by Probe Implantation Trauma
Cai, Tao (NIDCR)
Tao Cai, Tetsunari Fukushige, Abner L. Notkins, Michael Krause
  IA-2, a Vesicle Transmembrane Protein, Regulates Synaptic Transmission and Insulin-like Signaling in C. elegans
Chisholm, Kelli Lynne (NIAAA)
K.L. Chisholm, M.L. Becker, M.L. Schwandt, C. Shannon, S.J. Suomi, and J.D. Higley
  Wounding Frequency, Age, and CSF 5-HIAA Concentrations in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca Mulatta)
Duan, Wenzhen (NIA)
W. Duan, Z. Guo, H. Jiang, K. Titus, N. Maswood and M.P. Mattson .
  Intervention in Huntington's Disease: Targeting Serotonin and BDNF Signaling
Giovacchini, Giampiero (CC)
Giovacchini G., Toczek M.T., Lang L., Der M., Herscovitch P., Eckelman W.C., Theodore W.H., Carson R.E.
  Quantification of 5-HT1A Receptors in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) with PET and [18F]FCWAY: Effects of Modeling Methods on Detection of Group Differences
Guo, Zhihong (NIA)
ZH. Guo, T. Iyun, HY, Jiang, MP, Mattson
  Leptin Protects Hippocampal Neurons Against Excitotoxic and Apoptotic Insults
Gura, Tami Lyn (NIAAA)
T. L. Gura1, P. G. Roma2, C. Barr1, M Becker1, S. J. Suomi2, and J. D. Higley1; 1NIAAA, Animal Center; 2NICHD, Laboratory of Comparative Ethology
  HPA Axis Responses of Rhesus Monkey Mothers During Separations Vary From Their First to Second Infants
Jacobowitz, David (NIMH)
C. N. Madhavarao, J. R. Moffett, R. A. Moore, R. E. Viola, M.A.A. Namboodiri, and D. M. Jacobowitz
  Immunohistochemical Colocalization Studies of Aspartoacylase in the Rat Central Nervous System
Li, Garrick D (NIA)
GD Lee, C Lu, W Wei, MP Mattson, DL Longo, and DK Ingram. Intramural Research Program, National Institute on Aging, Baltimore MD 21224.
  Cyclophosphamide, a Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agent, Enhances Neuronal Responses to Glutamate
Przybyl, Anna K. (NIDDK)
A. K. Przybyl, In Jong Kim, A. Hashimoto, C. M. Dersch,1 R. B. Rothman,1 A. E. Jacobson and K. C. Rice; NIDDK and 1NIDA
  Optical Resolution of Para-e Oxide-Bridged 5-Phenylmorphan and its N-Substituted Analogue as Opioid Receptors Probes
Singleton, Amanda A (NINDS)
A.A. Singleton, M. Lamar, B. Ravina, M. Bruno, M. Hanson, A. Crawley, Q. Scudder, K. Gwinn-Hardy
  A Pattern of Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease: Implications for Identifying Early Risk Factors in Genetically Susceptible Individuals
Vasudevan, Kuzalini (NICHD)
Vasudevan K., Karavanov I., Buonanno A.
  Developmental Changes in NMDA Receptor 2C Subunit RNA and Protein Expression Analyzed in NR2C/beta-gal Knock-in Mice
Wojteczko, Kimberly A (NIAAA)
K. Wojteczko, T. Graham, P. Roma, S. Lindell, C. Barr, S. Suomi, and J.D. Higley
  The Effect of Stress, and the Stability of Individual Differences in Alcohol Consumption
Yonekura, Shinichi (NICHD)
S. Yonekura, CY Ting, K Hung, CH Lee.
  N-Cadherin Regulates R7 Target Selection in Drosophila Visual System

Print Version, Category PHARM
Ando, Hiromichi (NIMH)
H Ando, J Zhou, J.M. Saavedra
  Induction of Anti-Inflammatory Effects in Brain Microvessels of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats by Angiotensin II AT1 Receptor Inhibition
Antony, Smitha (NCI)
Smitha Antony, Muthusamy Jayaraman, Glenda Kohlhagen, Mark Cushman and Yves Pommier. LMP, NCI, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland; Department of Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
  Novel Indenoisoquinolines: Non-Camptothecin Topoisomerase I Poisons
Baiardi, Gustavo Carlos (NIMH)
G.Baiardi, C.Bregonzio, M.Jezova, I.Armando, J.M.Saavedra
  Long-term Angiotensin II AT1 Receptor Blockade Reduces Stress-Induced Release of Catecholamines, Glucocorticoids and Vasopressin
Boos, Terrence L (NIDDK)
T. L. Boos, T. E. Prisinzano, C. M. Dersch, R. B. Rothman, A. E. Jacobson, and K. C. Rice
  Hydroxy Piperidine Analogues of GBR 12909 Displaying High Monoamine Transporter Affinity and Selectivity
De Martino, Maria Gabriella (NIDDK)
M. G. De Martino, A. E. Jacobson, R. B. Rothman#, C. M. Dersch# and K. C. Rice
  Small Molecule Probes to Determine a Molecular Template Responsible for Opioid Receptor Antagonist Behavior in the 5-Phenylmorphan Series of Opioids
Einat, Haim (NIMH)
H. Einat, X.P. Yuan, S. Szabo, H.K Manji
  PKC Inhibition Attenuates Several Distinct Facets of Manic-Like Behaviors in Rats – a New Avenue for the Development of More Specific Mood Stabilizers
Johnson, Allison A (NCI)
A. A. Johnson, C. Marchand, R. Amin, Y. Pommier
  Role of U5 LTR Penultimate Cytosine and Glutamine 148 During Strand Transfer by HIV-1 Integrase
Justinova, Zuzana (NIDA)
Z. Justinova, S.R. Goldberg
  Intravenous Self-Administration of the Endocannabinoid Anandamide by Non-Human Primates and its Modulation by CB1-Receptor Blockade and Inhibition of Anandamide Transport
Kim, In Jong (NIDDK)
I. J. Kim, H. Yu, X. Tian, R. B. Rothman, M. H. Baumann, C. M. Dersch, J. L. Flippen-Anderson, D. Parrish, J. E. Folk, A. E. Jacobson, and K. C. Rice
  Synthesis of Optically Active 6-Oxygenated Indatralines as Non-Selective Ligands for Biogenic Amine Transporters and Their Pharmacological Evaluation
Lazarus, Lawrence H. (NIEHS)
L. H. Lazarus, Y. Jinsmaa, S. D. Bryant, S. Salvadori, Y. Sasaki, A. Ambo, T. Li, Y. Tsuda, Y. Okada
  Minimum Opioid Molecule (MOM): DMT And C-Terminally Extended Analogs Elicit Mu-Opioid Receptor Selective Agonism and Analgesia
Lu, Lin (NIDA)
L.Lu*, J, Dempsey, S. Liu, and Y. Shaham.
  A Single Intra-VTA Infusion of BDNF Induces Long-Lasting Enhancement of Cue-Controlled Cocaine Seeking
Mamedova, Liaman (NIDDK)
L.K Mamedova, B.V. Joshi, S. Costanzi and K.A. Jacobson
  Potent and Selective Antagonists of P2Y6 Nucleotide Receptors
Marchand, Christophe (NCI)
C. Marchand, A.A. Johnson, R.G. Karki, G.C.G. Pais, X. Zhang, K. Cowansage, T.A. Patel, M.C. Nicklaus, T.R. Burke Jr., and Y. Pommier
  Metal-Dependent Inhibition of HIV-1 Integrase by Beta-Diketo Acids and Resistance of the Soluble Double-Mutant (F185K/C280S)
Rajaram, Shantadurga (NIMH)
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Print Version, Category PHYSIO
Lin, Yuhong (NIAAA)
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  Role of Lipoproteins in Targeted Transport of Essential Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids to Tissues

Print Version, Category PROT
Best, Lionel S (NCI)
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Print Version, Category TECH
Bitter, Ingmar (CC)
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  Large Scale Validation of a Computer Aided Polyp Detection Algorithm for CT Colonography using Cluster Computing
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  NIHSeek: an Intelligent Meta-Search Engine Prototype
Gaede, Holly Caroline (NIAAA)
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Henning, Peter (NIDDK)
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Print Version, Category TRANS
Caretti, Giuseppina (NIAMS)
G. Caretti and V. Sartorelli
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Collins, Irene (NCI)
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Vullhorst, Detlef (NICHD)
D. Vullhorst, A. Buonanno
  Characterization of GTF3, a Transcription Factor Involved in Slow Muscle-Specific Gene Expression
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