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Poster Session 4

Print Version, Poster Session 4

Neurobiology and Behavior

Print Version, Category NBB
Blow, Joe (OD)
T. E. Lawrence, W. Shakespeare
  this is a test.
Brooks, PJ (NIAAA)
J. Ahn, C. Marietta, and P.J. Brooks
  Expression of The ATM-Regulated Cell-Cycle Checkpoint Gene Rad9 in The Adult Rodent Brain
Calderon, Frances S (NIAAA)
F. Calderon and H-Y Kim
  Docosahexaenoic But Not Arachidonic or Docosapentanoic Acid Enhances Neuronal Differentiation In Hippocampal Cultures
Comer, Frank Irvin (NCI)
F. Comer and C. Parent
  The Role of CRAC in Directional Sensing and Chemotaxis
Deng, Xiaolin (NIDA)
X Deng, S Jayanthi, B Ladenheim, I Krasnova and JL Cadet
  Mice with Partial Deficiency of c-Jun Show Attenuation of Methamphetamine-Induced Neuronal Apoptosis
DiPietrantonio, Anna M (NCI)
A.M. DiPietrantonio, M. Sharrow, and F.F. Davidson.
  Hid is Required for the Induction of Neuronal Degeneration by Dominant Rhodopsin Mutants
Einat, Haim (NIMH)
H. Einat, G. Chen, H.K. Manji
  Behavioral evidence for the Involvement of the Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase (ERK) Pathway in Mood Modulation
Florival-Victor, Thierry M. (NIDA)
T.M. Florival-Victor, N. Morales, X. Zeng, W.J. Freed
  Labeling of the AF5 Cell Line with PKH26 to Identify Cell Profiles in Co-Culture Experiments and Differentiation of AF5 Cells to Gabaergic Neurons
Goeb, Michellle Lynn (NIDA)
M.L.Goeb, F.S.Hall, and G.R.Uhl
  Gene knockout of the m opiate receptor (MOR) reduces the rewarding effects of cocaine
Hall, Frank Scott (NIDA)
FS Hall, S Axelrad, M Goeb, I Sora, R Hen, GR Uhl
  Cocaine’s locomotor stimulation can be restored to dopamine transporter knockout mice by heterozygous serotonin receptor 1B deletion
Heiss, John David (NINDS)
J. Heiss, S. Walbridge, R. Hampton, S. Sato, A. Vortmeyer, P. Morrison, J. Butman, P. Vidwan, E. Oldfield
  Prolonged perfusion of the primate hippocampus with muscimol
Jezova, Miroslava (NIMH)
M. Jezova, H. Yamakawa, H. Ando and J. M. Saavedra
  Beneficial effect of Angiotensin II AT1 receptor antagonist on cerebral ischemia: role of arterial remodeling and nitric oxide synthases.
Jurkovicova, Dana (NIMH)
D. Jurkovicova, A.E. Gioio, S.K. Kalra, B.B. Kaplan
  Novel Mitochondrial-Associated Protein is Preferentially Expressed in Squid Neurons and is Enriched in Presynaptic Nerve Terminals.
Katz, Jonathan L. (NIDA)
J. Katz , A. Chausmer, G. Elmer, M. Rubinstein, M. Low, and D. Grandy
  Cocaine-induced Locomotor Activity and Cocaine Discrimination in Dopamine D4 Receptor Mutant Mice
Lockard, Jon M (NIMH)
Z. Scotto, J. Lockard, D. Jurkovicova, S. Kalra, M. Tessema, A. Gioio, B. Kaplan
  Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Phosphotyrosine Binding Protein Expressed in the Squid and Mouse Nervous Systems
Maeng, Sungho (NCI)
S. Maeng, K. Nagashima, K. Kiang, S. Varghese, L. Shen
  Linking senile dementia with renal insufficiency in Gdnf+/- mice
Mills, Chmaika Pecolyer (NIDA)
C. Mills, F.S. Scott, S. Harmon, G. Uhl
  Implications of Voluntary Ethanol Consumption Followed by Conditioned Place Preference in Vesicular Monoamine Transporter (VMAT2) Knockout Mice
Ochalski, Pawel Ochalski (NINDS)
P. G. Ochalski*, A. Pramatarova, S. DeJackome*, K.T. Min and B W. Howell; *HHMI-NIH Research Scholar
  Expression of a dominant allele of mouse disabled-1 in the Drosophila nervous system
Osei-Hyiaman, Douglas (NIAAA)
D. Osei-Hyiaman, M. Dipetrillo, J. Liu, B. Cravatt, G. Kunos
  The Role of Endocannabinoids in Food Intake and Body Weight Control
Payne, Jennifer L. (NIMH)
J. Payne, C. Zarate, K. Denicoff, J. Quiroz, J. Sporn, L. Jolkovsky, C.Kagan, N. Farzad, H. Manji
  Riluzole: An investigation of the antidepressant efficacy of an antiglutamatergic agent with neurotrophic properties
Perruccio, Elizabeth Maria (NEI)
E. M. Perruccio*, L.L.S. Rowlette+, N.A. Balko*, S. P. Becerra*and T. Borrás+; *NEI, LRCMB; +Dept Ophthalmology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
  Dexamethasone Increases Expression of Pigment Epithelium Derived Factor (PEDF) in Perfused Human Anterior Segments from Post-Mortem Donors Eyes
Robbins, Kathlyn Louise (NICHD)
K. Robbins, C. Berman, M. Laudenslager, I. Turrio, B. DeVinney, S. Suomi
  Individual differences in behavior and physiology of rhesus monkey mothers and offspring on Cayo Santiago
Sachs, Bonnie Colleen (NINDS)
B.C. Sachs, B. Xu, L.M. Balsamo, B.D. Fantie, W.D. Gaillard
  Brain activation during visual word comprehension in unskilled readers: An fMRI study of language development in children
SanGiovanni, John Paul (NEI)
J.P. SanGiovanni
  Duration and Exclusivity of Human Milk Feeding and Performance on the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test at School-Age
Senior, Carl (NIMH)
C.Senior, A. Martin and J. Haxby
  Mathematical Modeling of Dynamic Facial Expressions
Shah, Bukhtiar H (NICHD)
B.H.Shah, K.J.Catt
  Dependence of GnRH-induced Neuronal MAP Kinase Signaling on EGF receptor Transactivation
Sharrow, Mary (NCI)
M. Sharrow, A.M. DiPietrantonio, F.F. Davidson
  Opsin Point Mutations in Drosophila melanogaster and the One-hit Model of Neuronal Degeneration
Sust, Steven (NIMH)
S. Sust, J. Callicott, V. Mattay, B. Verchinski, D. Weinberger
  Areas of activation in N-back strategy: Contrasting Sub-vocal Speech and Spatial Positioning
Weerasinghe, Gayani (NIA)
F. Bosetti, G. Weerasinghe, T.A. Rosenberger, and S.I. Rapoport
  Valproic acid downregulates the conversion in rat brain of arachidonic acid to eicosanoids via cyclooxygenase-1 and 2: Relevance to its efficacy against bipolar disorder
Wei, Qize (NHLBI)
Q. Wei, C. Liu, Z-X. Yu, and R. S. Adelstein
  Specific ablation of nonmuscle myosin heavy chain II-B in the mouse nervous system
Whittington, Kevin Clifford (NIA)
K.C. Whittington, K. Jozwiak, R. Moaddel, I.W. Wainer
  The Comparison Of Two Subtypes Of The Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (alpha3/beta2 and alpha3/beta4) Using Nonlinear Affinity Chromatography Technique For The Screening Of Non-Competitive Inhibitors
Zhou, Rulun (NIMH)
R. Zhou, P. Damschroder-Williams, P. Yuan, G. Chen, H. K Manji; Laboratory of Molecular Pathophysiology
  Microarray Studies Reveal Novel Targets for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder


Print Version, Category TECH
Eldho, Nadukkudy V. (NIAAA)
N. V. Eldho and K. Gawrisch
  The difference in polyunsaturated lipid properties from the loss of one single double bond in docosapentaenoic acid from docosahexaenoic acid
Gilligan, John J. (NICHD)
J.J. Gilligan, P. Schuck, A.L. Yergey
  A New Approach for Biomolecular Interaction Analysis-Mass Spectrometry of Protein Mixtures
Klose, John R (NCI)
1J. R. Klose, 1D. A. Lucas, 1Q. N. Van, 2D. A. Powell, 1T. D. Veenstra, and 1G. N. Chmurny. 1Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, SAIC-Frederick, Inc., and 2Data Management Services, NCI-Frederick, Frederick, MD
  Metabonomic Profiling of Biofluids by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Kolla, Sarah S (NCI)
S.S.Kolla and C.L.Smith
  A Modified Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (Chip-M) Assay For In Vivo Chromatin Analysis
Krum, Jonathan Gary (NIAID)
Jonathan G. Krum, Pamela L. Ohler, James M. Battisti, Tom G. Schwan, and Patricia Rosa.
  Tools and advances for genetic manipulation in Borrelia burgdorferi.
Lee, Yong-Sok (CIT)
Y.S. Lee
  Computer Simulations of Hydrogen Bonding Interactions between protein and small molecules
Miller, Meghan Thorne (CC)
M.T. Miller, A.K. Jerebko, PhD, J.D. Malley, PhD, R.M. Summers, MD, PhD
  Comparison of Two Feature Subset Selection Techniques for Improving Classification Accuracy
Morgan, Nicole Y (OD)
N.Y. Morgan, P.D. Smith, T.M. Phillips, T. Pohida (NIH); M. Gaitan, L. Locascio (NIST)
  Development of Chip-Based Microfluidic Devices for Protein Analysis
Ostera, Graciela R. (NIDDK)
G. Ostera, A. Schechter, L. Moore, S. Milleron, J. Chalmers, M. Zborowski.
  Red Blood Cell Magnetophoresis
Ou, Wu (NIAID)
W. OU, J. Silver
  Quantitative Cell-cell Fusion Assay Based on Tetracycline Transactivator-induction of Luciferase
Phillips, Terry M (OD)
T.M. Phillips, N.Y. Morgan, A. Grandjean-Laquerriere, P.D. Smith
  Immunoaffinity Analysis of Substance P in Complex Biological Fluids: Analysis of Submicroliter Samples
Rall, William F (OD)
W. F. Rall, P. Schmidt, C. Hansen, X. Lin, S. Brown, A. Ward, R. Hines
  Cryopreservation and Banking of Embryos and Spermatozoa from Laboratory Mice, Rats, and Rabbit Models
Schwieters, Charles (CIT)
C.D. Schwieters
  Software Tools for Biomolecular NMR Structure Determination
Woods, Amina S (NIDA)
A.S. Woods,K. Fuhrer,M. Ugarov,T.Egan, M. Gonin, K. Gillig and J.A. Schultz.
  Separation and Identification of Biological Mixtures by MALDI Ion-Mobility

Structural Biology

Print Version, Category SB
Palmer, Paget (OD)
P. Palmer
  How to be a Movie Star
Borgnia, Mario Juan (NCI)
Mario J. Borgnia, Peijun Zhang, Dan Shi, Sriram Subramaniam, Jacqueline L. S. Milne
  Automation of Single Particle Analysis of Complex Molecular Assemblies by Electron Cryo-Microscopy
Cahill, Kevin Eric (CIT)
K. Cahill, S. Cahill, and M. Cahill
  The Kinematics of Protein Folding
Gu, Jin (NIAMS)
Jin Gu, Sengen Xu and Leepo C. Yu
  Structural models of the actin-myosin interactions in muscle
Heymann, Jürgen A.W. (NCI)
J.A.W. Heymann, T. Hirai, D. Shi, R. Sarker, P. Maloney and S. Subramaniam
  High-Resolution Electron Microscopy of a Membrane Transporter: Insights into the Molecular Architecture of OxlT
Jones, Gary W (NIDDK)
Gary W. Jones, Daniel C. Masison
  The role of Hsp70 in prion propagation
Kuszewski, John (CIT)
J. Kuszewski and C. D. Schwieters
  Computational techniques to reject incorrect NOE restraints from protein structure calculations
Olumee-Shabon, Zohra (NIAAA)
Z. Olumee-Shabon, K. Hines, B. Litman, and H-Y Kim; Laboratory of Membrane Biophysics and Biochemistry, NIAAA
  Probing Protein Conformational Changes by Chemical Crosslinking and Mass Spectrometry
Petkova, Aneta T (NIDDK)
A. T. Petkova, R. D. Leapman, and R. Tycko
  A Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electron Microscopy Investigation of Fibril Structure and Formation by Alzheimer’s Beta Amyloid Peptide
Schuck, Peter (OD)
P.S. Andersen, P. Schuck, E.J. Sundberg, C. Geisler, K. Karjalainen, R.A. Mariuzza
  Cooperativity in a Ternary Protein Complex
Schuck, Peter (OD)
P. Schuck
  Measuring size and shape distributions of protein complexes in solution by sedimentation and dynamic light scattering
Shoelson, Brett David (NIDCD)
B. Shoelson, R. Chadwick, E. Dimitriades, H. Cai
  Automated Analysis and Mapping of Tissue and Cell Elasticity
Tokumasu, Fuyuki (NIAID)
F.Tokumasu, S.-L. Niu, A. J. Jin, J.A. Dvorak, B.J. Litman
  Characterization of Micro-domain Structure in Rod Outer Segment Model Membranes Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Trievel, Raymond C. (NIDDK)
R. Trievel, B. Beach, L. Dirk, R. Houtz, and J. Hurley
  Crystal Structure and Catalytic Mechanism of a SET Domain Protein Methyltransferase
Subramaniam, Sriram (NCI)
J. Lefman, J. Juliani, P. Zhang, M. Kessel and S. Subramaniam
  3D imaging of cells with electron tomography


Print Version, Category PROT
Conrads, Thomas P. (NCI)
T.P. Conrad, C. Goold, V. Fusaro, S. Ross, G. Whitely, E. Petricoin III, L. Liotta, T.P. Veenstra
  Data File Conversion Software for Use in Proteomic Profiling
Mori, Toshiyuki (NCI)
Toshiyuki Mori, Ph.D.
  Application of Phage Display Technology to Molecular Targets Discovery Research
Patton, Angela M (NCI)
A. Patton, J. Saltsman, and E. Kohn
  Using Angiogenesis Models for Proteomic Profiling Analysis
Prieto, DaRue Annette (NCI)
1DA Prieto, 1TP Conrads, 2SK Keay, 3VA Fusaro, 3EF Petricoin, 3LA Liotta, 1TD Veenstra. 1SAIC-Frederick, Frederick, MD, 2University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD and 3NCI-FDA Clinical Proteomics Program, Bethesda, MD
  SELDI-TOF/QqTOF MS Proteomic Pattern Analysis of Interstitial Cystitis
Shillingford, Jonathan M (NIDDK)
J.M. Shillingford, K. Miyoshi, G.W. Robinson, B. Bierie, Y. Cao, M. Karin and L. Hennighausen
  Proteotyping of mammary tissue from gene knockout mice with immunohistochemical markers: a tool to define developmental lesions
Singer, Eban S (NCI)
E. Singer, S. Ross, V. Fusaro, G. Whiteley, E. Petricoin, L. Liotta
  SELDI Surface Characteristics and Performance in Serum Proteomic Pattern Recognition
Sverdlov, Alexander (NLM)
A. Sverdlov, R. Tatusov
  Development of the Location of Orthologs by Cluster Analysis (LOCA) procedure for clustering orthologous proteins
Xiao, Zhen (NCI)
Z. Xiao, G. M. Janini, H. J. Issaq, T. P. Conrads, T. D. Veenstra; Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, SAIC-Frederick, Inc., NCI at Frederick
  Proteomic analysis of human serum by multidimensional protein separation in conjunction with nanoelectrospray tandem mass spectrometry

Sensory Systems

Print Version, Category SENS
Amaral, Juan (NEI)
J. Amaral, C Meyer, and S.P. Becerra
  Correlation of PEDF Expression with Age in the Monkey Eye
Dougherty, Gerard W (NIDCD)
G. Dougherty, H. Adler, R. Merritt, Jr., A. Rzadzinska, R. de Azevedo, C. Pompeia, and B. Kachar.
  Couplin, a novel 27 kDa protein, links prestin to the actin-spectrin cytoskeleton in sensory hair cells
Kim, Hyung-Suk (NIDCR)
H. Kim, J.K. Neubert, A. San-Miguelle, M.J. Iadarola, D. Goldman, R.A. Dionne
  Sibling Similarity for Pain Perception and Evidence for a Role for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPS) in Opioid and Vanilloid Receptor Genes
Kutty, R. Krishnan (NEI)
R.Kutty, R.N. Fariss, S.Chen, W.Samuel, T.Duncan, C.C. Bridges, A.El-Sherbeny, S.B. Smith, B.Wiggert
  Analysis of the Expression of NORPEG Protein in Retinal Pigment Epithelium and Other Ocular Tissues
Neubert, John K (NIDCR)
J. Neubert, L. Karai, H. Kim, M. Iadarola, R. Dionne
  Vanilloid Receptor Inactivation for Preemptive Analgesia
Rajaram, Shanta (NIMH)
S Rajaram and H.A.Nash
  Comparing the effect of two general anesthetics on visual physiology of Drosophila
Redmond, T.Michael (NEI)
A. Boulanger, P. McLemore, N. G. Copeland, D. J. Gilbert, N. A. Jenkins, S. Gentleman, T. M. Redmond
  Beta-carotene 15, 15’–Monooxygenase is a Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor Target Gene
Rzadzinska, Agnieszka Katarzyna (NIDCD)
Radzinska A., I.M. Schneider, B. Kachar
  Rapid Renewal of Auditory Sensory Stereocilia
Tsai, Jen-Yue (NEI)
J. Y. Tsai, R N. Fariss, T.Yamamoto and F.I.Hickman
  Characterization of transgenic mice expressing GFP in mural cells and retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells in retina.
Wellisch, Ofer M. (NIDCR)
Ofer M. Wellisch MPH, Albert Kingman Ph.D., John Neubert, D.D.S., Ph.D., David Goldman M.D., Raymond Dionne, D.D.S., Ph.D., Michael J. Iadarola Ph.D.
  Predictive Modeling and Analysis of Experimental and Clinical Pain using Traditional Regression Methods and Complex Computer Intensive Automated Algorithms
Wistow, Graeme (NEI)
G. Wistow, S. Bernstein, D. Smith, K. Wyatt, K. Peterson, A. Behal, J. Gao, P. Buchoff.
  A project for ocular bioinformatics: NEIBank
Yunden, Jinsmaa (NIEHS)
Yu. Jinsmaa, Y. Okada, Y. Tsuda, T. Yokoi, Y. Sasaki, A. Ambo, R. Konishi, M. Nagata, S. D. Bryant,S. Salvadori, L. H. Lazarus
  Potent antinociceptive effect by novel mu-opioidmimetic substance
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