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Using BTRIS to accelerate the clinical research process from idea to publication

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 — Concurrent Symposia Session II

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Classroom 4


  • James Cimino, CC


Every researcher grapples with data acquisition and management as part of the clinical research process. The Biomedical Translational Research Information System (BTRIS) offers researchers desktop access to clinical research data from over 50 NIH systems from 1976 to the present. Panelists who use BTRIS to access and manage their clinical research data will provide examples of projects where using BTRIS has had a significant impact on their idea to publication timeline. Examples will include both active clinical trials as well as the use of limited data sets for exploring new research ideas. Symposia attendees will also learn how they can use BTRIS to accelerate their own clinical research programs.

Dr. Cimino will provide an overview of current BTRIS capabilities for using both identified data and limited data sets as well as demonstrate to the audience with how they can use BTRIS for their own research.
James Cimino, CC

Dr. Rotman will discuss his experiences with using BTRIS to obtain data on his active clinical research protocols. This presentation will cover how to manage data related to active clinical trials using BTRIS as well as enabling more expedient development of publications and abstracts.
Yaron Rotman, NIDDK

Dr. Lodish will discuss how the transition from paper medical records to BTRIS has changed the clinical research process for gathering and analyzing data. This transition has impacted her work, as well as the work of fellows and students. BTRIS has allowed the pediatric and adult endocrinology clinical research fellowship to organize data efficiently and with less room for error than manual extraction increasing productivity and accelerating the publication cycle.
Maya Lodish, NICHD

Dr. Schwandt will discuss her role in extracting large data sets across institute protocols, as well as integrating genomic data with clinical data from BTRIS.
Melanie Schwandt, NIAAA

Dr. Levine interacts with BTRIS both as a clinical researchers as well as a systems manager for NCI. Dr. Levine will share his perspectives on how researchers can optimize use of clinical research information systems such as BTRIS and institute clinical trial management systems to accelerate research.
Jason Levine, NCI

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