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Searching for imaging biomarkers of brain disorders: From preclinical models to clinical treatments

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 — Concurrent Symposia Session IV

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Classrooms 6 and 7


  • Yihong Yang, NIDA


Imaging biomarkers that characterize neurological and psychiatric disorders are crucial for accurate diagnosis and prognosis of these brain disorders. Recent advances in neuroimaging have shown promises in identifying imaging-based biomarkers that are closely associated with behavioral phenotypes of brain disorders and are potentially useful for predicting therapeutic outcomes. In this symposium, we will present the latest developments in searching for imaging biomarkers of brain disorders, timely reflecting the rapid growth in this field. Within NIH, a large number of laboratories at NIMH, NINDS, NIDA, NIAAA and NIA utilize neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, PET, EEG, EMG, etc.) to investigate neurobiological mechanisms of brain disorders. The topic of the symposium is closely relevant to those working in these groups, and should be of broad interest for general audience working in the fields of basic and clinical neurosciences.

Functional MRI in rodent models of cocaine addiction and aging
Hanbing Lu, NIDA

Imaging biomarkers of drug addiction: a large-scale brain network perspective
Yihong Yang, NIDA

Imaging biomarkers of conduct disorder
James Blair, NIMH

Translating between Genes, Brain, and Behavior with Neuroimaging in Williams Syndrome
Karen Berman, NIMH

Neurobiology of Depression and the Development of Rapid-Acting Antidepressants
Carlos Zarate, NIMH

Whole brain cellular resolution mapping of neural circuits underlying goal-directed behavior in zebrafish; FARE award winner
Christopher Harris, NINDS

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