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Cone beam CT input for EM tracked biopsies

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 — Poster Session III

10:00 a.m. – Noon

Natcher Conference Center




  • H Amalou
  • B Wood
  • B Carelsen
  • N Noordhoek
  • A Radaelli
  • S Kadoury
  • J Kruecker
  • N Abi-Jaoudeh


Multi-modality imaging is pivotal in personalized medicine. Bringing advanced imaging modalities into the procedure suite without the throughput and cost of the actual equipment is beneficial. Navigation systems with multimodality image fusion provide that platform. Our study’s purpose is to determine the feasibility of combining cone beam CT (CBCT) with EM tracking for image guided procedures. CBCT acquires a 3D CT-like data set in the angiography suite with, on average, 1/3 the radiation of conventional CT. CBCT navigation is performed with real-time fluoroscopy however certain cases require real-time ultrasound. Moreover in pediatric cases, ultrasound is desirable compared to ionizing radiation with fluoroscopy. Fiducial patches were placed on patients and a CBCT was acquired. The CBCT was then transferred to EM tracking platform and previous imaging was overlaid on CBCT with anatomical landmarks. A tracked real-time ultrasound was then fused with CBCT using the fiducial patches for registration. The procedure was then performed with multi-modality image fusion. All procedures were performed successfully with adequate transfer and registration of the CBCT data set to EM tracking platform with real-time ultrasound. There were no complications. Improving the platform for multimodality fusion and navigation during image guided procedures is vital to improving patient outcome.

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