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Microscopy and digital imaging in the Experimental Immunology Branch

Thursday, October 27, 2011 — Core Poster Session

10:00 a.m. – Noon

South Lobby of Building 10




  • M Kruhlak


The Experimental Immunology Branch (EIB) Microscopy and Digital Imaging Facility is operated Dr. Michael Kruhlak and is one of the core microscopy facilities within the Center for Cancer Research at the NCI. It was established to provide EIB investigators access to a range of state-of-the-art microscopy related research tools and techniques including high-resolution fluorescence confocal microscopy. Therefore, the primary mission of the EIB Microscopy Facility is to develop and support the microscopy and digital imaging needs of EIB investigators conducting research in cellular and molecular immunology. In addition, the Facility is open to other NCI and NIH scientists interested in developing specialized quantitative microscopy based assays to be applied to studying the cell biology of cancer. Six high-quality research-grade microscopes are housed in the multi-user facility, with the different instruments providing a wide range of image modes for EIB scientists, from standard immunohistochemistry, through brightfield and wide-field epifluorescence imaging, to highly complex live cell confocal microscopy. Equipment included in the EIB Microscopy Facility includes two Zeiss LSM510 META laser scanning confocal microscopes, a CARV spinning disk microscope, a PALM laser microdissection microscope and two wide-field epifluorescence microscopes, one configured for automated recognition and imaging of metaphase spreads.

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