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caIntegrator: a translational research tool to bridge subject annotation, genomic and biomedical imaging data

Monday, October 24, 2011 — Poster Session I

Noon – 2:00 p.m.

Natcher Conference Center




  • H Schaefer
  • TJ Andrews
  • A Basu
  • M Flanigan
  • J Hadfield
  • D Hope
  • S Jacob
  • K Ketchum
  • J Klemm
  • Y Kotliarov
  • D Li
  • H Liu
  • JP Marple
  • J McCusker
  • C Nguyen
  • N Nguyen
  • Q Phung
  • C Piepenbring
  • D Siemaszko
  • M Heiskanen


caIntegrator is a Web-based caBIG®-compatible software application that brings together clinical subject annotations, microarray data, and biomedical images for seamless searching, analysis and visualization of study data. In partnership with caArray, the National Biomedical Imaging Archive, caBIO and caDSR, caIntegrator integrates subject annotation data with mRNA expression and DNA copy number analyses to drive data interpretation and spur collaboration. Utilizing the powerful bioinformatic tools Bioconductor, GenePattern, and Integrative Genomics Viewer, caIntegrator allows the user to investigate the link between phenotype and genotype and bring their expertise to the ongoing exploration of large clinical studies such as The Cancer Genome Atlas, REMBRANDT, TARGET-ALL, and the NCI Director’s Challenge Lung Study. Available as both an NCI-hosted public resource and a stand-alone application, caIntegrator lets investigators mine existing public studies as well as load their own datasets and control how they share their research across the laboratory and around the world. Tools within caIntegrator facilitate the generation of genomic heatmap displays, Kaplan-Meier survival plots, gene expression graphs and spreadsheets. Features in the pipeline for caIntegrator include DNA methylation, miRNA and DNA sequence data integration.

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