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mAdb—microArray Database System: bioinformatics for analyzing and managing microarray data

Monday, October 24, 2011 — Poster Session I

Noon – 2:00 p.m.

Natcher Conference Center




  • E Asaki
  • Y He
  • K Meyers
  • W Xiao
  • J Powell


The microArray Database (mAdb) is a Web-based resource which allows researchers to analyze and explore their own microarray data using widely available browsers. Scientists can access this easy-to-use interface to evaluate the quality of their microarrays or use a variety of analytical approaches to decipher array data in a meaningful way. Though mAdb started over ten years ago by supporting in-house arrays printed at the NCI, NIAID and FDA microArray Core Centers, most submissions now originate from commercial arrays such as Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina. We have standard statistical tools (e.g. t-test, ANOVA), but have also incorporated R/BioConductor tools, such as SAM (Statistical Analysis of Microarrays) and GSEA (Gene Set Enrichment Analysis). Calculations are done on our servers, so a user does not need a powerful computer even for large datasets. Data and analysis output can be shared with collaborators or downloaded in an Excel format for input to other tools. Data are annotated with gene, location, ontology and pathway information and include links to external sites (e.g. NCBI, GO, KEGG and UCSC).

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