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Research Festival Poster for 2004
2004 NIH Research Festival

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September 28 - October 1
General Schedule of Events
Keynote Address
Poster Sessions
Job Fair for NIH Postdoctoral, Research and Clinical Fellows
Special Exhibits on Resources for Intramural Research
TSA Research Festival Exhibit Show
Festival Food and Music Fair
Research Festival Committees
Poster Session 1 Print Version, Poster Session 1

Print Version, Category CYT
Bagain, Lorena (NIAID)
L. Bagain, H. Schmeisser, P. Kontsek, R. Hu, K. Zoon
  Influence of pH2 Treatment on Conformational Changes and Bioactivities of IFN-alpha 21a/2c Hybrid Molecules
Hernandez, Jessica (NIAID)
S. Baron, J. Hernandez, J. Bekisz, J. Poast, N. Goldman, K. Clouse, K. Fields, S. Bacot, G. Feldman, J. Wang, and K. Zoon
  Interferons Activate Monocytes to Markedly Inhibit Tumor Cell Growth
Hu, Renqiu (NIAID)
R. Hu, A Xiaoyen Yang, R.K.Puri, H. Schmeisser and K. Zoon
  Differential Gene Expression Induced by Engineered IFN-as Using DNA Microarray
Lee, Ji-Yeon (NIDDK)
J.Y. Lee, L. Webster, S. Yakar, D. Le Roith, G. W. Robinson, L. Hennighausen
  Exploring the Role of Cytokine Signaling in Beta-Cell Development and Function

Print Version, Category DEV
Bedell, Victoria Marie (NCI)
V. Bedell, K. Won Park, S-Y Yeo, J. Chung, P. Seth, V. Shivalingappa, J. Zhao, T. Obihara, A. Chitnis, V. Sukhatme, I. Drummond, D. Li, R. Ramchandran
  Robo4’s Function in Vascular Development
Di Padova, Monica (NIAMS)
M.Di Padova, S. Iezzi, C. Serra, G. Caretti, C.Simone, E. Maklan, G. Minetti, P. Zhao, EP. Hoffman, PL. Puri, V. Sartorelli
  Deacetylase Inhibitors Increase Muscle Cell Size by Promoting Myoblast Recruitment and Fusion Through Induction of Follistatin
Lu, Shajia (NIAMS)
S. Lu, D.E. Borst and R. Horowits
  N-RAP Expression During Mouse Heart Development
Luo, Ting (NICHD)
T.Luo, J.Ranjananin, Y.H. Zhang, D.Khadha and T.D Sargent
  Identification of Target Genes for Transcription Factor AP2a in Xenopus Ectoderm
Luo, Yongquan (NIA)
Y. Luo, J. Cai, H. Xue, T. Miura, and M. Rao
  Functional SDF1-CXCR4 Signaling in Rat Spinal Cord Neural Progenitor Cells
Mack, David L. (NCI)
D. Mack, R. Callahan and G. Smith
  Validation of the Transforming Activity of the MMTV-Induced Int-6sh Mutation In Vivo
Park, Jung-Min (NICHD)
J.-M. Park, S. Kentner, C. Vech, I. Mukherjee, A. Grinberg, P. Love, K. Latham and R. J. Maraia
  The La Antigen is Required for Early Mouse Development
Shrimali, Rajeev Kumar (NCI)
R.K.Shrimali, G.Miller, B.A.Carlson and D.L.Hatfield
  Selenium-Containing Proteins: Indispensable in Endothelial Cell Development
Silver, Debra L (NHGRI)
D.L. Silver and W.J. Pavan
  The Requirement for Adamts20 in Neural Crest Derived Melanocyte Development
Tian, E. (NIDDK)
E Tian, M. P. Hoffman, C. Myers, K. G. Ten Hagen, L. A. Tabak
  Mucin-type O-glycosylation is Required for Murine Submandibular Gland Development
Wagner, Peggy O (NICHD)
  Introductions of Rhesus (macaca mulatta) Infants into Free Ranging Social Groups for Genetic Diversity and Long Term Breeding Success
Wang, Xibin (NIAMS)
X. Wang, M. Nagata, L. Shum, G.H. Nuckolls, R. Tuan
  Malformations of the Cranial Skeleton in STAT1 Null Mice Expressing a Mutant FGFR2 in Chondrocytes

Host Defense
Print Version, Category HOST
Glass, William Gerald (NIAID)
W.G. Glass, R. Cholera, and P.M. Murphy
  Immune Regulation of West Nile Virus by Chemokines in the CNS
Pedras-Vasconcelos, Joao A. (CBER)
J. A. Pedras-Vasconcelos, D. Goucher, L. Tonelli, C. Gunsolli, S. Rubin, D. Verthelyi
  CpG ODN Protect Neonates Against a Lethal New World Arenavirus Infection
Steele, Amber Dawn (CBER)
A.D. Steele, J.M. Warfel, F. D'Agnillo
  Anthrax Lethal Toxin Alters the Inflammatory Response of Endothelial Cells
Warfel, Jason Michael (CBER)
J.M. Warfel, A.D. Steele, F. D'Agnillo
  Anthrax Lethal Toxin Alters Endothelial Barrier Function

Print Version, Category IMM
Akgul, Akpinarli (NIAID)
A. Akpinarli, P. Matzinger
  Do Maternal Antibodies Inhibit the Newborn Immunization?
Brar, Sukhdev S. (NIEHS)
S. Brar, D. Croteau, M. Watson, and M. Diaz
  The activation-Induced Cytosine Deaminase, AID, is Regulated by a Mechanism of Nuclear Export
Butts, Cherie L (NIMH)
C. Butts, K. Duncan, E. Danoff and E.M. Sternberg
  Progesterone Effects and Receptor Expression on Rat Dendritic Cells
Clark, Kathleen J. (CBER)
K. Clark, S. Fitzsimmons, M. Shapiro
  RS Recombination Inactivates a Higher Proportion of Productive Rearrangements of Potentially Functional Genes Vk10C and Vk1 bl1 Compared to Functional Vk Gene Family Members
Cortes, Lizette M. (NEI)
L.M. Cortes, D. Avichezer, P. B. Silver, CC. Chan and R.R. Caspi
  Altered Peptide Ligands Derived from a Major Uveitogenic Epitope Protect from Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis
Epstein, Suzanne Louise (CBER)
S.L. Epstein
  The Influenza Pandemic of 1957 and Possible Heterosubtypic Immunity in Humans: Reexamination of Archival Records
Fitzsimmons, Sean (CBER)
S. Fitzsimmons, E. Max, M. Shapiro, R. Bernstein
  Histone Modifications at the Murine Kappa Locus During B Cell Development
Fujimoto, Chiaki (NEI)
C. Fujimoto, D.M. Klinman, H. Takase, B.P. Vistica, C-C. Chan, and I. Gery
  Suppressive ODN Inhibits Immune-Mediated Ocular Inflammation
Gagnon, Susan J. (NINDS)
S.J. Gagnon, R.V. Turner*, M. Shiue, M. Damerjian, and W.E. Biddison
  Extensive T Cell Receptor Cross-reactivity on Structurally Diverse Haptenated Peptides Presented by HLA-A2
Gomez, Gregorio (NIAMS)
G. Gomez, C. Gonzales-Espinosa, S. Odom, and J. Rivera
  A Novel Role for Fyn Kinase in IgE-Dependent NF-kappaB Nuclear Translocation and Cytokine Gene Expression
Hiragun, Takaaki (NHLBI)
T. Hiragun, M. A. Beaven
  Role of the Adaptor Protein, Dok-1, in Dexamethasone-mediated Suppression of MAP Kinase Pathway in RBL-2H3 Mast Cells
Longo, Nancy S (NIAMS)
N. S. Longo, M. Viau, C. Satorius, J. Daruwalla, M. Zouali, P. E. Lipsky
  VH3+ Marginal Zone B Cells with a Short Complementarity Determining Region 3 Survive Staphylococcal Protein A Superantigen Depletion
Norris, Hillary Hayes (NIAID)
H. H. Norris, C. Stebbins, M. Peterson, B.J. Wetzel, V. Bundoc, J. F. Urban, Jr., E. O. Long, and A. Keane-Myers
  The Role of gp49B1 in Allergic Inflammation
Pechhold, Klaus Ulrich (NIDDK)
K. Pechhold, S. Chakrabarty, A. Farhadi, X. Zhu, and D.M. Harlan
  Despite Conditions Designed to Promote Bone Marrow Resident Stem Cells Differentiating into Functional Insulin Producing Cells, Congenic Bone Marrow Grafts Fail to Regenerate Functional Islets in Vivo
Qiao, Huihong (NHLBI)
H. Qiao and M.A. Beaven
  Suppression of Toll-like Receptor (TLR) Mediated Activation of Mast Cells By Dexamethasone
Qin, Xue (NIDDK)
X.Qin, H.Xu, A.Kirk
  Human Monocytes Engulf Porcine Endothelial Cell Membranes via a Scavenger Receptor Dependent Mechanism
Qiu, Qi (CC)
Q. Qiu, R.Y.-H. Wang, X. Jiao, B. Jin, F. Sugauchi, T. Grandinetti, H.J. Alter, J.W.-K. Shih
  Induction of Strong, Sustained, Broad Spectrum Hepatitis C Virus-Specific Th1-Type Immune Response by DNA Prime-Protein Boost Vaccination Using CpG and Montanide ISA 720 as Adjuvants
Sato, Noriko (NCI)
N. Sato, S. Dubois, T.A. Waldmann, Y. Tagaya
  IL-15 Retained in Microenvironment May Contribute to the Long-Term Survival of Memory T-Cells
Slezak, Stefanie Lee (CC)
S. Slezak, D. Stroncek, and M.P. Bettinotti
  Comprehensive Analysis of the Human CMV T Cell Response Reveals Epitopes Common to Both HLA Class I and Class II Restriction
Su, Shao-Bo (NEI)
S.B. Su, P.B. Silver, P. Wang, C.C. Chan and R.R. Caspi
  Cholera Toxin Prevents TH1-Mediated Autoimmune Disease by Inducing Immune Deviation
Sugauchi, Fuminaka (CC)
F Sugauchi, RYH Wang, Q Qiu, B Jin, HJ Alter, JWK Shih
  Induction of Hepatitis C Virus-Specific CD4+ as well as CD8+ Immune Responses by Protein Immunization in The Presence of Montainide ISA720 Plus CpG Oligonucleotides
Takase, Hiroshi (NEI)
H. Takase, B.P. Vistica, C.-R. Yu, R. M. Mahdi, D-I. Ham, J. Chen, E.F. Wawrousek, S. Durum, C.-C. Chan, C.E. Egwuagu, and I. Gery
  Differences in Gene Expression Profiles in Eyes with Inflammation Induced by TCR Engagement (EAU), or by Local Expression of Cytokines (IL-1, IL-7)
Tang, Jun (NEI)
Jun Tang, Shao-Bo Su, Wei Zhu and Rachel R. Caspi
  In Vivo Induction of Dendritic Cells Using a Hydrodynamic Injection of a Plasmid Encoding the Secreted Form of Murine Flt3L
Thiagarajan, Kristina Diann (NINR)
K.D. (Munoz-Flores) Thiagarajan, M.W. Groer, M.M. Heitkemper
  Breast Milk, Is It Still Nature's Best Even With Immunosuppressive Agents?
Vistica, Barbara P. (NEI)
B.P. Vistica, H. Takase, C.-C. Chan, S.R. Rittling, L. Van Kaer, I. Gery
  Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis (EAU) Does Not Always Resemble Other Autoimmune Disease Models
Wetzel, Brittany J. (NIAID)
B.J. Wetzel, H.H. Norris, V. Bundoc, J. Urban, A. Keane-Myers
  Ascaris Antigen Modulates Allergic Disease in a Mouse Model of Allergic Inflammation
Zhou, Zhaohua (NIDCR)
Z. Zhou and A.L. Notkins
  Polyreactive Antigen-Binding B (PAB+) Cells are Widely Distributed and the PAB+ Population Consists of Both B-1+ and B-1- Phenotypes

Print Version, Category MB
McQueen, Philip G. (CIT)
P.G. McQueen, F.E. McKenzie
  Age-Structured Modes of Attack Upon Red Blood Cells by Plasmodium Species: Implications for the Dynamics of Malaria Infections
Outten, F. Wayne (NICHD)
F. W. Outten, M. J. Wood, F. M. Munoz, and G. Storz
  A Role for the suf Operon in Fe-S Cluster Assembly under Stress
Pomerantsev, Andrei P (NIAID)
A.P. Pomerantsev, R. Mukkamala and S. H. Leppla
  Neutral Protease B is Required for Expression of the Bacillus Cereus plcR Regulon
Sharma, Suveena (NCI)
S. Sharma, S. Roshwalb, J. G. Bird, J. Hoskins, J. Wanga, and S. Wickner
  Characterization of Mutations in CbpA, an E. coli DnaJ Homolog that Functions as a Co-chaperone with DnaK

Neurobiology and Behavior
Print Version, Category NBB
Chen, Zhi-Yong (NIDDK)
Z.Y. Chen, J. Prchal and C. Noguchi
  Erythropoietin Facilitates Neural Stem Cell Proliferation and Learning Ability
Kielaite, Aiste (NINDS)
F.Bibbiani, T.N Chase
  Effect of the Simultaneous Blockade of AMPA and NMDA Receptors on Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesias in MPTP-Lesioned Primates
Lu, Lin (NIDA)
L. Lu*, B. Hope, J. Dempsey, S.Y. Liu, J.M. Bossert and Y. Shaham
  A Role of Central Amygdala ERK-MAPK Pathway in Incubation of Cocaine Craving
Nakic, Marina (NIMH)
M. Nakic, B.W. Smith, S. Busis, J. Blair
  The Neural Responses to Emotional Words as a Function of their Frequency: An Event Related fMRI Design
Newman, John D. (NICHD)
J.D. Newman, M.L. Becker, D.E. Bernhards, S. Kose, J.P. Lorberbaum, M.V. Rakhovskaya
  The Neurobiology of Crying
Pajevic, Sinisa (CIT)
S. Pajevic, D. Plenz
  Topology of Cortical Networks Derived from Neuronal Avalanche Dynamics
Rakhovskaya, Maria V (NICHD)
M.V. Rakhovskaya, M.L. Becker, D. Bernhards, J.D. Newman
  Development of Vocalizations in Infant Common Marmosets (Callithrix Jacchus) as a Model for Age-Related Changes in the Human Cry and Babbling
Ren-Patterson, Renee F. (NIMH)
R. F. Ren-Patterson, L. W. Cocrhran, A. Holmes, S. Sherrill, S-J. Huang, T. Tolliver, K-P Lesch, B. Lu, D. L. Murphy
  Role of SERT / BDNF Gene Interactions in Exacerbating Brain Monoamine Deficiencies and Increasing Stress Abnormalities in a Double-mutant Mouse Model
Sergo, Peter M. (NIMH)
P. Sergo, M. Gluck, C. Myers, R. Saunders, L. Malkova, M. Mishkin
  The Hippocampus and the Separation in Memory of Relevant and Irrelevant Cues
Takada, Yuichiro (NIDCD)
Y. Takada, R.N. Fariss, A. Tanikawa, Y. Zeng, D. Carper, R.A. Bush, P.A. Sieving
  Spatial-Temporal Wave of Retinoschisin Expression During Retinal Development
Wu, Yun-Ping (NIDDK)
Y-P. Wu and R.L. Proia
  Deletion of Macrophage-Inflammatory Protein-1Alpha Retards Neurodegeneration in Sandhoff Disease Mice
Zhang, Peijun (NCI)
P. Zhang, J. Juliani, J. Lefman, W. Land, S. Smith, S. Lee, D. Germain, M. Kessel, R. Leapman, T. Rouault, S. Subramaniam
  Three-dimensional Electron Microscopic Analysis of Altered Ferritin Distribution in Degenerating Mouse Brain Axons

Print Version, Category PHARM
Avila, Amy M. (NIGMS)
A. Avila, C. Sumner, N. Woodling, L. Kernochan, P. Hartenstein, K. Fischbeck
  Regulation of the Survival of Motor Neuron (SMN) Gene with Valproic Acid and 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine: Possible Treatments for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
Comer, Frank I. (NIGMS)
F.I. Comer, C.K. Lippincott, J.J. Masbad, and C.A. Parent
  PH Domain Function - Not Just For Lipids Anymore
Cox, Constance Ann (NEI)
C.A. Cox, M.John-Aryankalayil, C.Jaworski, P.Russell, T.Gray, K.Freedman, N.Dushku, T.W.Reid, D.Carper
  Doxycycline Inhibits the Migration of Cultured Human Pterygial Epithelial Cells
Dou, Jingtao (NIMH)
J. Dou, J. Zhou, G.Baiardi ,I. Armando, J.M. Saavedra
  Angiotensin II AT1 Receptor Antagonist Decreases Glucocorticoid and Mineralocorticoid Receptor Expression in Brain Microvessels of Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Dunbar, Lisa A. (NIGMS)
L.A. Dunbar, R.J. Wenthold
  Molecular Interactions Involved in the Regulation of Glutamate Receptor Trafficking by the Exocyst
Greiner, Elisabeth (NIDDK)
E. Greiner, T.L. Boos, T.E. Prisinzano, M.G. De Martino, B. Zeglis, C.M. Dersch, J. Marcus, J.S. Partilla, R.B. Rothman, A.E. Jacobson, K.C. Rice
  Design and Synthesis of Novel Cocaine Abuse Therapeutics: Novel GBR 12909 Analogues with Customized Binding Affinities at the Monoamine Transporters
Kagan, Benjamin L. (NIDDK)
B.L. Kagan, S. Cho, J.A. Blackford Jr., D. Szapary, S.S. Simons Jr.
  The Role of N-Terminal and C-Terminal Sequences of the Glucocorticoid Receptor in the Modulation of the Dose-Response Curve and Partial Agonist Activity of Receptor Complexes by Ubc9
Mitchell, Drake C. (NIAAA)
B.W. Bailey, J. Lewis, N. Swenby, D.C. Mitchell
  Gender-Specific Effect of N-3 Deficient Diet on Brain Phospholipid Composition and Bezodiazepine Binding by GABA(A) in Rats
Prybylowski, Kate L. (NIDCD)
K. Prybylowski, K. Chang, S. Vicini, R.J. Wenthold
  Synaptic NMDA Receptor Number is Regulated by a Balance Between Anchoring Mediated by PDZ Binding and Endocytosis Mediated by AP-2
Quimby, Byrn Booth (NIGMS)
B. B. Quimby, V. Yong-gonzalez, A. Strunnikov, and M. Dasso
  The PML Protein has SUMO E3-like Activity in Yeast
Rao, V Ashutosh (NCI)
V.A. Rao, P.S. North, I.D. Hickson, Y. Pommier
  Functional Status of the Bloom’s Syndrome Protein (BLM) Alters Topoisomerase I-DNA Cleavage Complex Formation and Repair Response to Camptothecin
Robinson, Michael R. (NEI)
M.R. Robinson, A.J. Barrett, R. Childs, S. Pavletic, A. Djalilian, W. O’Donnell, P. Yuan H. Kim, R. Lutz, M. Tremblay, K.G. Csaky
  A Novel Sustained-Release Subconjunctival Cyclosporine Implant for Ocular Graft-vs-Host Disease Following Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Swisher, Jennifer F.A. (NIDCR)
J.F.A. Swisher, W. Chen, S.M. Wahl
  TGF-beta at the Mitochondria: Potential Mechanisms for its Import and Function
Young, Sharla F. (NIGMS)
S.F. Young and G. Aguilera
  Dimerization of Vasopressin Receptor Type 1b
Zhou, Jin (NIMH)
J. Zhou, H. Ando, M. Macova, J. Dou and J.M. Saavedra
  Angiotensin AT1 Antagonist Decreases Inflammation in Brain Microvessels from Hypertensive Rats

Print Version, Category PROT
Beck, George R. (NCI)
G. R. Beck Jr., K. A. Conrads, K. A. Simpson, L-R. Yu, B. L. Hood, D. A. Lucas, K. C. Chan, M. Yi, R. Stephens, D. Hise, C. F. Schaefer, H. J. Issaq, T. D. Veenstra, and T. P. Conrads
  Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Inorganic Phosphate-induced Murine Osteoblasts
Bekisz, Joseph B. (NIAID)
J.B.Bekisz, J.Hernandez, B.Hood, D.A.Lucas, T.P.Conrads, T.D. Veenstra and K.C. Zoon
  Proteomic Analysis of Interferon-Treated Daudi Cells; Using Isotope-Coded Affinity Tags (ICAT) Methodology
Blonder, Josip (NCI)
J. Blonder, M.L. Hale, D.A. Lucas, L.R. Yu, T.P. Conrads, H.J. Issaq, B.G. Stiles, T.D. Veenstra
  Proteomic Characterization of Detergent-resistant Membrane Microdomains using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Chan, King C. (NCI)
K. C. Chan, D. A. Lucas, D. Hise, C. F. Schaefer, Z. Xiao, G. M. Janini, K. H. Buetow, H. J. Issaq, T. D. Veenstra and Thomas P. Conrads
  Global Proteomic Analysis of Human Serum
Connolly, Joanne B. (NIMH)
JB Connolly; JA Kowalak; R Nussbaum; SP Markey
  Relative Quantification for Protein Expression Profiling: Isotopic Labeling Using Differential Esterification
Conrads, Thomas P. (NCI)
T.P. Conrads, M.M. Darfler, T.D. Veenstra, and D.B. Krizman
  Quantitative Proteomic Profiling of Formalin Fixed Tissue by LC-MS/MS
Crowder, Chun (NCI)
C. Crowder, S. Hoover, B. Walling, V. Espina, S. Nishizuka, E. F. Petricoin III, L. A. Liotta, and R. A. Simpson
  Mouse Reverse-phase Protein Array
Culp, William David (NEI)
W.D. Culp, R. Neal, R.D. Massey, P. Pisa, D. Garland
  Proteomic Analysis of Mouse Melanoma Tumor Progression
Gucek, Marjan (NIMH)
M. Gucek, J.A. Kowalak, S.P. Markey
  Evaluation of 18-O Labeling for Quantitative Proteomics Using Electrospray Ionization with Different Mass Analyzers
Hoehn, Gerard Thomas (CC)
J. Azok, G. Hoehn, V. Wright, H. Yu, P. Hammer, G. Alexe, S. Guccione, K. Li, and A. Baird
  Protein Expression Profiling of Plasma Separates Stroke Patients from Sex and Age-Matched Controls: Implications for Discovery of Novel Biomarkers for Stroke
Hood, Brian L. (NCI)
B.L. Hood, T.P. Conrads, K.C. Chan, D.A. Lucas, D. Hise, C.F. Schaefer, Z. Xiao, G.M. Janini, K.H. Buetow, H.J. Issaq, T.D. Veenstra
  Global Proteomic Analysis of Mouse Serum
Huang, Bill (NIAAA)
B. Huang and H-Y Kim
  Probing the Conformational Changes of Human Serum Albumin due to Unsaturated Fatty Acid Binding by Chemical Cross-Linking and Mass Spectrometry
Lemkin, Peter F. (NCI)
P.F. Lemkin, G.C. Thornwall
  The Open2Dprot Project for n-Dimensional Protein Expression Data Analysis
Li, Tianwei (NHLBI)
T. Li, E. Evdokimov, R.F. Shen, D.C.H. Yang, P.B. Chock
  Proteomic Approaches for Identifying SUMO Target Proteins
Maynard, Dawn M. (NHGRI)
D.M. Maynard, J. Masuda, X. Yang, J.A. Kowalak, S.P. Markey
  Characterizing Complex Peptide Mixtures Using a Multi-dimensional LC-MS System: S. cerevisiae as a Model System
Morita, Daisaku (NCI)
D. Morita, S. Nishizuka, S. Major, F. Washburn, D. Asin, L. Young, W. Reinhold, P. Munson, S. Hewitt, M. Raffeld, E. F. Petricoin III, L. A. Liotta, J. N. Weinstein
  Quantitative Protein Expression Profiling of the NCI-60 Cancer Cell Lines Using "Reverse Phase" Protein Lysate Microarrays
Nishizuka, Satoshi (NCI)
S. Nishizuka, S. Major, D. Kane, D. Morita, R. Rowland, U. Shankavaram, F. Washburn, D. Asin, M. Sunshine, H. Cao, S. Narasimhan, H. Kouros-Mehr, J. Weinstein
  AbMiner: A Relational Database of Available Antibodies and their Corresponding Genomics Annotations
Rodriguez-Galan, Maria C (NCI)
M.C. Rodriguez-Galan, J. Blonder, K.C. Chan, A.D. Lucas, C.F. Schaefer, L.R. Yu, T.P. Conrads, H.J. Issaq, H.A. Young, and T.D. Veenstra
  A Solution-based Method for Multidimensional Analysis of Membrane Proteins
Shi, Ying (NIDDK)
Y. Shi, L. Chen, H. Wan, L. Liotta, G. P. Rodgers
  A Proteomic Platform to Evaluate the Myeloid Leukemias
Shoji, Jun (NIA)
J. Shoji, F. Leonessa, S.M. Ling
  Serum Biomarkers in Animal Models of Arthritis and Physical Inactivity: A Proteomic Approach
Suh, Soo-Kyung (NIAAA)
S-K Suh, B.L. Hood, B-J Kim, T.P. Conrads, T.D. Veenstra, and B.J. Song
  Identification of Oxidized Mitochondrial Proteins in Alcohol-Exposed Human Hepatoma Cells and Mouse Liver
Xiao, Zhen (NCI)
Z. Xiao, B. T. Luke, T. D. Veenstra, T. P. Conrads, M. Smith, P. Greenwald, J. W. McLarty, I. U. Ali
  Analysis of Lung Cancer Biomarkers in Plasma by SELDI Proteomic Profiling
Yang, Xiaoyu (NIMH)
X. Yang, S. P. Markey, V. Dondeti, R. Dezube, D. M. Maynard, L. Y. Geer, J. Epstein, J. A. Kowalak
  Improved DBParser Software for Shotgun Proteome Analyses of LC/MS/MS Data
Zhou, Ming (NCI)
M. Zhou, D.A. Lucas, K.C. Chan, H.J. Issaq, E.F. Petricoin, L.A. Liotta, T.D. Veenstra, T.P. Conrads
  Identifications of Proteins Associated with Albumin and Other High Abundant Species in Human Serum

Print Version, Category SIG
Allende, Maria Laura (NIDDK)
M. L. Allende, J. L. Dreier, S. Mandala and R. L. Proia
  Expression of the Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor, S1P1, on T-Cells Controls Thymic Emigration
Basile, John Robert (NIDCR)
J. R. Basile, J. S. Gutkind
  Class IV Semaphorins Promote Angiogenesis by Stimulating Rho-Initiated Pathways through Plexin-B.
Choi, Young H. (NHLBI)
Y. H. Choi, E. Zmuda-Trzebiatowska, F. Svennelid, Y. Tang, O. Gavrilova, M. Haluzik, S. Park, S. Hockman, L. S. Holst, E. Degerman, and V. C. Manganiello
  Alteration in Energy Homeostasis in Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase (PDE) 3b Knockout (KO) Mice: Signs of Insulin Resistance and Disruption of Regulation of Lipolysis and Insulin Secretion
Collazo, Pedro Rodriguez (NCI)
P. Rodriguez-Collazo, S.K. Snyder, R.C. Chiffer, and C.L. Smith
  Camp Signaling Induces Rapid Dephosphorylation of Histone H3
Conrads, Thomas P. (NCI)
T. P. Conrads, Z. Szekely 3, J. J. Barchi, C. O. Zhang, K. R. Koch, T. D. Veenstra, C. J. Michejda, and S. K. Keay
  Characterization of an Antiproliferative Factor from Interstitial Cystitis Patients
Furumoto, Yasuko (NIAMS)
Y. Furumoto, S. Nunomura, T. Terada, C. Ra, J. Rivera
  The Function of the Fc Epsilon RI beta Chain ITAM May Explain its Genetic Link to Allergy Through Control of Cytokine Production
Khan, Faiyaz Ahmad (NHLBI)
F. Ahmad, Stenson Holst. L, E. Degerman and V. C. Manganiello
  Phosphorylation Regulates Interaction between Phosphodiesterase 3B (PDE3B) with PKB in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Kono, Mari (NIDDK)
M. Kono, Y. Mi, Y. Liu, T. Sasaki, M.L. Allende, Y. Wu, T. Yamashita, R. L. Proia
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Lim, Mi Jung (NCI)
M.Lim, A. Fornace, S.Jakowlew
  Transforming Growth Factor-B1 Induces Apoptosis in Lung Alveolar Type II Epithelial Cells by a Smad-dependent Signaling Mechanism that Requires p38 MAP Kinase Activation
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Print Version, Category V
Dey, Barna (NIAID)
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Park, Hyeon Ung (NCI)
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Vasquez, Rodrigo (NIAID)
R. Vasquez-Del Carpio, Z.F. Taraporewala, J.T. Patton
  Rotavirus NSP2 Octamer: Both an NTPase and RTPase Protein
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