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Clinical Center Tours

The Clinical Center tours emphasize the unique aspects of the NIH Clinical Center's mission, architecture, and history.

Clinic tour (Thursday/Friday 9:00-9:45 a.m.): Participants in the clinic tours will visit a patient care unit and see highlights of patient amenities. In addition to this basic tour, on Tuesday, participants will be separated into two groups, with one group visiting the NCI Radiation Oncology Unit and the other group visiting the NHLBI Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Lab. Similarly, on Wednesday, one group will tour the CC Radiology and Imaging Sciences Unit and another group will tour NHLBI Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Lab. You can choose groups on the day of the tour.

History exhibit tour (Thursday/Friday 12:00-12:45 p.m.): On both Tuesday and Wednesday, a member of the Office of NIH History will take participants to three exhibits in Building 10: "The Stadtman Way: A Tale of Two Biochemists at NIH," "Deciphering the Genetic Code: Marshall Nirenberg," and "Innovation and Invention: NIH and Prosthetic Heart Valves." The exhibits are part of the NIH Stetten Museum. For more details on these exhibits, see