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Advances in natural product research

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 — Concurrent Symposia Session I

12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

FAES Academic Center lower-level Classroom 8


  • John Williamson, NCCAM


The Natural Products Special Interest Group was created to bring interested intramural investigators, extramural personnel, and others together to stay abreast of and champion natural products research. Natural products refer to a chemical substance produced by a living organism, most notably marine invertebrates, plants, fungi, and bacteria that have distinctive pharmacological effects. Single chemical entities as well as their mixtures in natural product extracts, have a long history of use as drugs, drug precursors, and/or complementary health adjuvants. Such materials have provided the source of inspiration for a vast number of FDA-approved agents and continue to be one of the major sources of inspiration for drug discovery. This symposium will highlight some of the recent advances in natural products research at NIH.

High-throughput screening for the identification of natural product modulators of cancer-related targets
Curtis Henrich, NCI

Plants still provide viable cancer drug development leads
John Beutler, NCI

Design of assays and screening strategies for the interrogation of complex chemical libraries
James Inglese, NCATS

To dine with red wine? Resveratrol metabolomic targets of efficacy in colorectal cancer prevention
Shakir Saud, NCI

Natural products diversity: New ways to target cancer-associated processes and phenotypes
Kirk Gustafson, NCI

Persistent inhibitory circuit defects following chronic in utero exposure to cannabinoids; FARE Award Winner
Geoffrey Vargish, NICHD

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