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Distinct Profiles of Vitreous micro RNA in Primary Vitreoretinal Lymphoma and Uveitis

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 — Poster Session I

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

FAES Academic Center (Upper-Level Terrace)




  • J Tuo
  • D Shen
  • CC Chan


Primary vitreoretinal lymphoma (PVRL) affects the retina, vitreous and optic nerve head. Because of the clinical appearances overlapping, PVRL is often masqueraded as uveitis. This study tests the correlation of miRNA in vitreous with PVRL and uveitis. The study included vitreous specimens from 11 B-cell PVRL and 13 uveitis patients. Six selected samples (PVRL n=3, uveitis n=3) were arrayed for 168 human mature miRNAs. The markers in distinct levels between uveitis and lymphoma were further tested in all samples. The array detected 50 miRs in vitreous samples. The miR-484, miR-197, and miR-132 were higher in the PVRL vitreous, while miR-155, miR-200c, and miR-22* higher in the uveitis vitreous. Groupwise comparison in the larger sample size only shows significant lower miR155 in B-cell PVRL than that in uveitis. Heavy overlap of miR155 levels between B-cell PVRL and uveitis samples was noted. IL-10/IL-6 ratio differentiated B-cell PVRL from uveitis perfectly. The ratios are consistently >1 in B cell PVRL and <1 in uveitis (100% both in sensitivity and specificity). There was reverse correlation between Log IL-10 and miR155 in vitreous samples.

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