NIH Research Festival.
October 5-8, 2010.
Building 10 and Natcher Conference Center

Research Festival Committees

NIH Research Festival Organizing Committee

Richard Leapman, Scientific Director, NIBIB
Richard Nakamura, Scientific Director, NIMH

Michael M. Gottesman, Deputy Direction for Intramural Research, NIH
Richard Wyatt, Executive Director, Office of Intramural Research, OD
Joan Schwartz, Assistant Director, Office of Intramural Research, OD

The legacy of Nobel laureate Marshall Nirenberg is found in the labs of the NIH Intramural Program. The ideology of his pioneering work continues today in areas of research as diverse as the genetics of complex phenotypes and of social behavior, the effects of epigenetics on disease development, the discovery of new genetic disorders and the development of high-throughput technology. These topics will be addressed in the presentations of current NIH Intramural scientists and the discussions that follow.

FARE 2011 Committee

Aurélie Névéol, NLM/NCBI
Cynthia St. Hilaire, NHLBI
Mawadda Al-Naeeli, NIDDK
Cheryl Bolinger, NICHD
Anke Borgmann, NINDS
Kai Cheng, NINDS
Ruth Chia, NINDS
Lori Conlan, OITE
Kate Hyde, NHGRI
Leelamma Jacob, NIDDK
Kara Kuntz-Melcavage, NINDS
Roza Selimyan, NIA
Krista Zanetti, NCI

Advisor: Lori Conlan, OITE

NIH Research Festival Coordinating Committee

Sarah Freeman, OIR
Paula Cohen, OCPL
Christopher Wanjek, OIR
Debbie Accame, ORS
Kathy Bass, ORS
Laura S. Carter, OIR
Lt. Udon Cheek, ORS
John Crawford, ORS
Louise Davis, ORS
Ann Graham, NIMH
Thomas Hayden, ORS
Alan Hoofring, ORS
Dawn Johnson, NIMH
Nam-Andrew Kim, CIT
Jackie Roberts, OIR
Rick Rowland, CIT
Jeff Scaringe, ORS
Randy Schools, R&W
Kallie Wasserman, R&W
Rayne Ann Wood, ORS
Craig Woodside, OIR
Cpl. Jeffrey Youmans, ORS

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