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Concurent Symposium Sessions
  Tuesday, September 25
Natcher Conference Center
Symposia Session I

Emerging Imaging Technologies: From the Synapse to the Brain

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

John Isaac, NINDS

Natcher Conference Center - Balcony C

This symposium will bring together groups at NIH working at the cutting edge using imaging and other optical techniques to understand brain function from the scale of single synaptic connections, through single neuronal function, small circuits up to whole brain imaging in humans. This exciting mixture of techniques will not only show off the great utility of imaging in understanding the complex interactions of neurons but will also highlight a major strength of the intramural NIH program in the development of new imaging technologies.


Imaging Approaches to Investigate Synaptic Function in Small Circuits in the Mammalian Brain
John Isaac, NINDS

Bidirectional Plasticity of Hippocampal Mossy-fiber Interneuron Synaptic Transmission
Ken Pelkey, NICHD

Illuminating the Molecular and Cellular Logic of Experience-dependent Cortical Information Processing
Kuan Wang, NIMH

Imaging Brain Cortical Substructure with MRI
Jeff Duyn, NINDS

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