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Concurent Symposium Sessions
  Tuesday, September 25
Natcher Conference Center
Symposia Session I

Cytokines in Development and Disease

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Lothar Hennighausen, NIDDK

Natcher Conference Center - Conference Room E1/E2

Cytokines control the physiology and pathology of many different cell types, including hepatocytes, mammary cells as well as a plethora of immune cells. Recent research has elucidated mechanism by which cytokines activate common and cell-specific signaling pathways and thereby control hematopoietic stem cells and the development of different hematopoietic lineages. Moreover, deregulated cytokine signaling has been linked to leukemias and other hematopoietic disorders. This symposium will focus on mechanisms by which interleukins control the development and physiology of immune cells and clinical approaches to combat immune disorders.


Lothar Hennighausen, NIDDK

Multifactorial Roles of IL-21 in Health and Disease
Warren Leonard, NHLBI

Clinical Potential of IL-7 Therapy
Crystal Mackall, NCI

Cytokine Signaling and Lymphocyte Differentiation
John O’Shea, NIAMS

Cytokine Signaling in CD8 T Cell Selection and Development in the Thymus

Alfred Singer, NCI

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