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Concurent Symposium Sessions
  Wednesday, September 26
Natcher Conference Center
Symposia Session III

The Role of Prostaglandins and other Inflammatory Markers in Brain Physiology and Pathology

2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Francesca Bosetti, NIA and Afonso Silva, NINDS

Natcher Conference Center - Balcony D

Prostaglandins, the end-product of cyclooxygenase (COX)-derived metabolism of arachidonic acid, can modulate several physiological processes in the central nervous system, such as cerebral blood flow and gene transcription. For instance, COX-2 derived prostaglandin E2 plays a key role in the mechanism of cerebrovascular coupling. The transcription factor NF-B, which modulates the expression of COX-2 and of genes involved in the immune response, may have distinct roles in neurons and in non- neuronal glial and vascular cells in the brain.
Altered COX-mediated arachidonic acid metabolism to prostaglandins is also thought to be involved in stroke, and certain neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. The type of interaction between microglia and neurons during aging, brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases may involve the expression of COX-2 in neurons to signal the response of microglia and determine the neurodestructive versus neuroprotective role of the microglia. Genetic animal models also have helped to elucidate the differential involvement of COX-1 versus COX-2 in the neuroinflammatory response as well as in brain excitotoxic damage. In the proposed symposium, speakers from four different institutes (NINDS, NIMH, NIEHS and NIA) will thoroughly discuss the topics above.


The Role of COX-2 Derivatives on the Cerebrovascular Coupling
Afonso C. Silva, NINDS

Neuronal and Non-neuronal NF-B Activity and its Relation to COX-2 Induction in Inflammation
Miles Herkenham, NIMH

Neuronal Expression of COX-2 and Microglia Response: Identifying Cell Interactions Determining Outcome of a Microglia Response in Brain Injury
G. Jean Harry, NIEHS

Differential Roles of COX-1 and COX-2 in Models of Neuroinflammation and Excitotoxicity
Francesca Bosetti, NIA

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