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Concurent Symposium Sessions
  Wednesday, September 26
Natcher Conference Center
Symposia Session III

Immunotherapy vs. Immunosuppression

2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Arya Biragyn, NIA

Natcher Conference Center - Main Auditorium

The understanding of immunosuppression and tolerance has significant clinical implications for two seemingly opposing fields of research; autoimmune disease and cancer. The research to combat autoimmune diseases concentrates around enhancement of immunosuppression. In contrast, the major obstacle of cancer immunotherapy is to circumvent immunosuppressive conditions and microenvironments promoted by malignant cells and tumor-infiltrating cells. To date, there are not many meetings that bring together these two fields under the same roof, despite its potential importance and value. Thus, the main focus of the session is to initiate interaction and exchange between researchers from the seemingly opposing fields of autoimmunity and cancer. It will include talks on utilization or regulation of various suppressive immune cells to augment or inhibit responses to self-antigens. I am quite sure that it would be one of the most interesting and useful meetings, if implemented.


Adoptive Immunotherapy for Cancer: Building on Success
Nicholas P Restifo, NCI

Cross-regulation Between Promoters and Suppressors of Tumor Immunity
Masaki Terabe, NCI

Regulation of Autoimmunity
Rachel R. Caspi, NEI

CCR4-expressing Tregs and Dichotomy of their Depletion In-Vitro and In-Vivo
Arya Biragyn, NIA

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