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NIH Research Festival 2005
2005 NIH Research Festival

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October 18 - October 21
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Symposia Session I - 7 concurrent symposia
  Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Natcher Auditorium
B Cells in Health and Disease: From Biomarkers to Treatment Options 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Chaired by Peter E. Lipsky, NIAMS

Sponsored by the NIH B Cell Workshop (meets Mondays, 12:30 pm, Clinical Research Center, 4E-5121/3121)

Balcony A, Natcher Conference Center

The interdisciplinary theme is the examination of mouse and human B cell biology in relationship to B cell mediated disorders (i.e., immunodeficiency, autoimmune disease, cancer) and brings together basic as well as clinical/translational research. Presentations will highlight cutting edge techniques (i.e., proteomics and gene profiling of human B cells, confocal and video imaging of mature B cells from genetically manipulated mice,

11-parameter flow cytometry of human B cells, transfection and biochemical signaling analysis of primary human B cells and intravital microscopy of migrating mouse B cells during an immune response). Speakers are diverse, including women and minorities, and represent work in the three major disease groups affecting B cells (immunodeficiency, autoimmune disease, cancer) as well as mouse models.


B Cell Biomarkers of Autoimmune Disease: Genomic and Proteomic
Identification to Clinical Implementation
Peter E. Lipsky, NIAMS

Malignant B Cells: Gene Profiling Leads to Survival Prediction and Treatment Options
Vu Ngo, NCI

RAGs and AID: Roles in Switching and Somatic Hypermutation of Ig
Rafael Casellas, NIAMS

The Puzzle of Differentiation of Memory and Plasma Cells: Contrasting Immunodeficient and Autoimmune B Cells
Amrie C. Grammer, NIAMS

Control of B Cell Migration by RGS Proteins that Regulate Chemokine Receptor Signaling: Examination by Intravital Microscopy
John Kehrl, NIAID

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