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Poster Session 4
Print Version, Poster Session 4
Print Version, Category NB
NB-1 Batkai, Sandor (NIAAA) S. Bátkai, L. Offertaler, J. Liu, F. Mo, B. R. Martin, R. K. Razdan, R. D. Bukoski and G. Kunos
  Cannabinoid-induced vasorelaxation mediated by a novel G protein-coupled receptor
NB-2 Becker, Kevin G. (NIA) K.G.Becker, I.O.Idowu, W.H.Wood III, K.Gray, M.P. Vawter.
  Assembly of a Neuropsychiatric cDNA Array
NB-3 Boyd, Susan J (NIDA) A. Azad and S. Boyd
  Microecological Comparison of Arrests in Geographic Proximity to Fixed and Mobile Methadone Treatment Programs
NB-4 Chen, Xiaobing (NINDS) X.Chen1,R.Leapman2,L.Vinade1,A.Dosemeci3,J.Petersen1,T.S.Reese1; NINDS1, Division of Bioengineering and Physical Science2; Marine Biological Laboratory3,Woods Hole, MA 02543
  Estimation of the Number of CAMKII Holoenzymes Added to PSDs Under Excitatory Conditions
NB-5 Del Parigi, Angelo (NIDDK) A Del Parigi, K Chen, AD Salbe, RE Pratley, EM Reiman, PA Tataranni
  Brain Representation of Taste in Obese and Lean Men:A Positron Emmission Tomography Study
NB-6 DeVinney, Barbara J. (NICHD) B. DeVinney, J. Yang, and S. Suomi
  Maternal rejection and aggression toward infants during weaning among rhesus monkeys at the N.I.H. field station
NB-7 Eldho, Dr. Nadukkudy V. (NIAAA) Nadukkudy V. Eldho and Klaus Gawrisch
  Docosahexaenoic Vs. Docosapentaenoic Acid - The Difference that the Loss of a Single Double Bond Makes
NB-8 Ferro, Erica F (NIAAA) E.F. Ferro, K. Xu, W. Mangal, S. Nagarajan, D. Goldman
  Association of Mu-Opioid Receptor and Delta-Opioid Receptor Gene Variation with Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Different Populations
NB-9 Fu, Weiming (NIA) W. Fu and M. Mattson
  Roles of Telomerase Activity and TERT in the Regulation of Neurogenesis and Neuron Survival in the Developing Brain
NB-10 Gary, Devin Sumner (NIA) Devin S. Gary and Mark P. Mattson
  Neuroprotective Integrin Signaling Occurs Via an Akt-Dependent Mechanism.
NB-11 Geraci, Marilla Buttles (NIMH) M.Geraci, N. Khin, L. Bauer, L. Cannon-Spoor, R. Lasser, T. Sunderland
  Predicting Vulnerability to Depression Following Spousal Bereavement in Older Individuals
NB-12 Guo, Zhihong (NIA) Zhihong Guo1, Jaewon Lee1, Mark Lane1 and Mark. P. Mattson1,2. 1 Laboratory of Neurosciences, NIA, GRC, Baltimore, MD 21224. 2Dept of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine,Baltimore, MD 21205.
  Iodoacetate Protects Hippocampal Neurons Against Excitotoxic and Oxidative Injury: Involvement of Heat-Shock Proteins and Bcl-2
NB-13 Han, Angela Marie (NIDA) A. Han, F.S. Hall, L. Brown, H. Hoggatt and G.R. Uhl
  The Effects of Cannabinoids in MU Opiate Receptor Knockout Mice
NB-14 Harrison, Tara Lynn (NIMH) Tara Harrison, Robinder Bhangoo, and Ellen Leibenluft
  Characterizing Childhood Bipolar Disorder: Do Alterations in Activity Level Identify Mood States?
NB-15 Holmes, Andrew (NIMH) A. Holmes, R.J. Yang, D.L. Murphy, J.N. Crawley.
  Seratonin Transporter Knockout Mice Show Abnormal Emotional Behaviors and Obesity
NB-16 Itoh, Motoyuki (NICHD) M. Itoh, C-H Kim, G. Palardy, S-Y Yeo, T. Oda, K. Lorick, Y-J Jiang, A. Kenworthy, J. Lippincott-Schwartz, , J. Lewis, A. Weissman, S. Chandrasekharappa and A. Chitnis
  Cloning of Mindbomb Reveals a Novel Neurogenic Gene
NB-17 Jacobowitz, David M. (NIMH) B.F.Kirmani, D.M.Jacobowitz, A.T.Kallarakal and M.A.A.Namboodiri
  Aspartoacylase is limited to myelin synthesizing cells in the CNS: Therapeutic implications for Canavan Disease
NB-18 Jezova, MIroslava (NIMH) Miroslava Jezova, Ines Armando, Juan M. Saavedra
  Blockade of Angiotensin II AT1 receptors prevents the sympathoadrenal response to isolation stress.
NB-19 Juorio, Augusto V (NIMH) A. V. Juorio, I. Armando,J.M. Saavedra.
  Blockade of AT1 Receptors Antagonizes the Decrease in Cortical CRF1 Receptors During Isolation Stress
NB-20 Jurkovicova, Dana (NIMH) H.Wen, D.Jurkovicova, V.M. Pickel, A.E.Gioio, B.B.Kaplan
  Identification of a Novel Mitochondrial- and Endoplasmic Reticulum-associated Protein Preferentially Expressed in Neurons of the Squid and Rodent Nervous System
NB-21 Kruman, Inna I (NIA) Inna I. Kruman, Fernando Cardozo-Pelaez, T. Kumaravel, Todd J. Stedeford, A. Lohani, Michele Evans, Juan R. Sanchez-Ramos, and Mark P. Mattson
  Folate Deficiency is Neurotoxic and Potentiates Oxidative Stress by Impairing DNA repair in Models of Alzheimer's Disease
NB-22 Lefkowitz, William (NIAAA) W. Lefkowitz, N. Salem
  Where does the DHA in the brain come from: diet or metabolism?
NB-23 Lim, Sun-Young (NIAAA) Sun-Young Lim, Toru Moriguchi, Bill Lefkowitz, Rebecca Greiner, Norman Salem, Jr.
  Use of Artificial Rat Breast and Artificial Rat Milk for the Complete Control of the Rodent Diet; Induction of n-3 Fatty Acid Deficiency and Functional Loss in the Nervous System
NB-24 Lu, Chengbiao (NIA) C. Lu, W. Fu and M.P. Mattson
  Evidence of AMPA Receptor Subunit Specific Cleavage by Caspase-3 in Neurons: Physiological Modulation and Pathological Significance
NB-25 Milhavet, Ollivier (NIA) O. Milhavet, S.L. Chan, S. Camandola and M.P. Mattson.
  Involvement of GADD153 in the Pathogenic Action of Presenilin-1 Mutations Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease.
NB-26 Pedersen, Ward Anthony (NIA) W.A. Pedersen, R. Wan, P. Zhang, M.P. Mattson
  The Protective Effects of Urocortin in Primary Neuronal Culture are Mediated by Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor Type I.
NB-27 Prisinzano, Thomas Edward (NIDDK) T. E. Prisinzano, E. M. Johnson II, C. M. Dersch, R. B. Rothman, J. Marcus, A. E. Jacobson, K. C. Rice
  Development of Potential Cocaine Abuse Therapeutics: 4-[2-[Bis(4-fluorophenyl)methoxy]ethyl-1-(3-alkylphenyl)piperidines as High-Affinity DAT Ligands
NB-28 Smith, Mark J (NINDS) Smith, M.J., Wax, M.A., Solomon M.M., & Murphy, D.L.
  Preferences for Psychotropic Substances in Individuals with Trichotillomania: A Preliminary Study
NB-29 Soltis, Joseph (NICHD) J.Soltis, D. Bernhards, H. Donkin, A. Jones, K. Ladd, and J.D. Newman
  The Squirrel Monkey Chuck Call: Vocal response to playback chucks based on acoustic structure and affiliative relationship with the caller
NB-30 Springer, Alberta Eleene (NIDA) A.E. Springer, K.I. Bolla, R.I. Herning, W.E. Better, K.Y. Tate, J.L. Cadet
  Prolonged Effects of Marijuana on Men and Women
NB-31 Toczek, Maria T. (NINDS) M.T. Toczek, M. Spanaki, L. Lang, R.E. Carson, M.G. Der, S. Fazilat, L. Kopylev, P. Herscovitch, W.C. Eckelman, W.H. Theodore
  PET Imaging of 5HT1A Receptors in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
NB-32 Waters, Shonna (NIDA) S. Waters, F.S. Hall, L.Brown, H. Hoggatt, D.L. Murphy, G.R. Uhl
  The effects of combined VMAT/SERT and DAT/SERT gene knockout on anxiety in mice
NB-33 Wax, Marla A (NIMH) M.A. Wax, M.J. Smith, D.L. Murphy
  Prevalence of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Probands with Trichotillomania and their First Degree Relatives: A Preliminary Study
NB-34 Weisberg, Jill (NIMH) J. Weisberg, A. Martin
  Different Patterns Of Neural Activity Associated With Social and Mechanical Knowledge
NB-35 Yamada, Ko Paul (NIDA) KP Yamada, FS Hall, IH Hoggatt, and GR Uhl
  Studies of Amphetamine-Induced Locomotor Activity on VMAT and DAT Double-Knockout Mice
Print Version, Category MUS
MUS-1 Adhikari, Bishow B. (NIAMS) B. B. Adhikari and K. Wang
  S100A1 modulates skeletal muscle contraction by desensitizing calcium activation of isometric tension, stiffness and ATPase
MUS-2 Carroll, Stefanie (NIAMS) S. Carroll, A.H. Herrera and R. Horowits
  A Novel Model for the Initiation of of Myofibril Assembly
MUS-3 Chen, Yi-der (NIDDK) Y.D. Chen, B. Yan
  Load-Dependent Kinetic Mechanism of mechanical-Chemical Coupling in Kinesin Motors
MUS-4 Forbes, Jeffrey G. (NIAMS) J. Forbes and K. Wang, Muscle Proteomics and Nanotechnology Section, Laboratory of Muscle Biology, NIAMS; A. Jin, Division of Bioengineering & Physical Science, ORS/OD; H. Morris and R. Balaban, Laboratory of Cardiac Energetics, NHLBI
  Muscle Sarcomere: The Thick and Thin of it.
MUS-5 Golomb, Eliahu (NHLBI) E. Golomb, M.A. Conti, Y. Preston, Y. Bromberg, J.D. Zuckerman, E. Goldin, K. Takeda, Z.X Yu, V.J. Ferrans, D.B. Buxton, R.S. Adelstein
  A Third Cytoskeletal Myosin II
MUS-6 Kishi, Hiroko (NHLBI) H. Kishi, K. Takeda, Z-X. Yu, V. J. Ferrans and R. S. Adelstein
  Decreased Cardiac Myocyte Proliferation in Nonmuscle Myosin II-B-ablated Mouse Embryos
MUS-7 Kishi, Hiroko (NHLBI) H. Kishi, K. Takeda, Z. Yu, V. J. Ferrans, R. S. Adelstein
  Decreased Cardiac Myocyte Proliferation in Nonmuscle Myosin Heavy Chain (NMHC) II-B-ablated Mouse Embryos
MUS-8 Lewis, Michael Kevin (NIAMS) M.K. Lewis, B. Adhikari, V. Chen, A.H. Bass, and K. Wang
  Fluorescence Microscopy Of Muscle Proteins At Both The Cellular And Single Molecule Level
MUS-9 Ma, Kan (NIAMS) K. Ma, L.S. Kan, K. Wang
  Structural Biology of Muscle Protein
MUS-10 Schrager, Matthew Alan (NIA) M. Schrager, R. Ferrell, R. Conwit, M. Watt, S. Roth, E.J. Metter.
  Is Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor (CNTF) Genotype Related to Motor Unit Physiology During Submaximal Contractions?
MUS-11 Wei, Qize (NHLBI) Q. Wei, X. Fu and R.S. Adelstein
  The Homologue of the Skeletal Myosin ACD is Essential for Filament Formation in Nonmuscle Myosin II-B but not in Nonmuscle Myosin II-A
Print Version, Category TECH
TECH-1 Bouchelet, Isabelle (NIA) I Bouchelet, D. M. Teichberg, K. E. Gray, W.H. Wood III, and Becker K.G.; DNA array unit, Gerontology Research center, National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health
  Interspecies hybridization on human cDNA microarrays.
TECH-2 Boukari, Hacene (NICHD) R. J. Nossal, D. Sackett
  Assessing the Stability of Drug-Induced Tubulin Ring Polymers by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
TECH-3 Cawley, Niamh X (NICHD) N.X. Cawley, B.J. Baum, Y. Peng Loh
  Sustained Delivery of Growth Hormone and Other Therapeutic Proteins
TECH-4 Cheadle, Chris (NIA) C. Cheadle, GM. Buchholz, P. Ghosh, J. Nagel, D. Taub, X. Shan, M. P. Vawter,J.S. Kim, Y-S Cho, Y.S. Cho-Chung, G. Ermak, ,K. G. Becker
  Gene Expression Profiling in Complex Biological Systems
TECH-5 Dimitriadis, Emilios (OD) E. Dimitriadis, DBEPS, ORS, OD; F. Horkay, LIMB, NICHD; B. Kachar, LCB, NIDCD; R. S. Chadwick, LCB, NIDCD
  Measuring elastic properties at the microscopic scale using the atomic force microscope
TECH-6 Gonzales, Noreen R (NCI) N.R. Gonzales*, P. Schuck*,#, J. Schlom and S.V.S. Kashmiri; Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology, CCR, NCI, NIH; #Molecular Interactions Resource, DBEPS, ORS, OD, NIH; *These two authors contributed equally to this project.
  A Surface Plasmon Resonance Assay for Sera Reactivity of Antibodies
TECH-7 Jin, Albert (OD) A.J. Jin, C.P. Mudd, N.L. Gershfeld, A. Eidsath, T. Talbot, and P. Smith
  Ultra-Sensitive Calorimeter for Measuring Structural Transformations in Biological Systems
TECH-8 Munson, Peter J (CIT) P.J. Munson, Ph.D., B.L. Young, Ph.D., V.V. Prabhu,Ph.D.
  F-SCAN - An open source program for analysis of two-color fluorescence-labeled cDNA microarrays
TECH-9 Nestorovich, Ekaterina M. (NICHD) E.M. Nestorovich, M. Winterhalter, S.M. Bezrukov
  Single-molecule technique to aid rational desigh of antibiotics
TECH-10 Powell, John I (CIT) E. Asaki, X. Bian, C. Bock, S. Castillo, J. Greene, R. Martell, K. Meyer, T. Qiu, A. Sudhindra, J. Tomlin, L. Yang, and J. Powell
  NCI/CIT microArray database (mAdb) System - Bioinformatics for microarrays
TECH-11 Rall, William F. (OD) P. Schmidt, W. Rall, C. Hansen, X. Lin, S. Brown, A. Ward and R. Hines
  Cryopreservation and Banking of Embryos and Spermatozoa from Laboratory Mice, Rat and Rabbit Models
TECH-12 Sarntinoranont, Malisa (OD) Malisa Sarntinoranont, Rupak K. Banerjee**, Michael J. Iadarola*, and Paul F. Morrison. Division of Bioengineering and Physical Science, ORS, *Pain and Neurosensory Mechanisms Branch, NIDCR, and ** Kettering University, Flint, MI.
  Computational Model of Direct Infusion of Macromolecules into the Spinal Cord
TECH-13 Schuck, Peter (OD) M. Abrantes, T. Magone, L. Boyd, P. Schuck
  Adaptation of a surface plasmon resonance biosensor with microfluidics for use with small sample volumes and long contact times
TECH-14 Steinbach, Peter J. (CIT) P.J. Steinbach
  MemExp: Analysis of a General Time-Dependent Signal using a Hybrid Maximum-Entropy / Nonlinear-Least-Squares Method
TECH-15 Swaminathan, Srividya (NCI) S.Swaminathan and S.K.Sharan
  Rapid Engineering of Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes using Oligonucleotides
TECH-16 Weiss, George H. (CIT) M.Boguna, L.Kullman, S.M.Bezrukov, A.M.Berezhkovskii, G.H.Weiss
  Membrane Channel Dynamics from Poorly Resolved Data on Fluctuating Ion Current through the Channel
Structural Biology
Print Version, Category SB
SB-1 Kocsis, Eva (OD) E. Kocsis, S. Israel, X. Chen, T.S. Reese, R.D. Leapman
  Electron tomography of biological structures in the energy-filtering transmission electron microscope
SB-2 Ling, Hong (NIDDK) H. Ling, F. Boudsocq, R. Woodgate, W. Yang
  Crystal Structures of a Y-Family Polymerase in a Ternary Complex with DNA substrates and an Incoming Nucleotide
SB-3 Louch, Heather A. (CBER) H.A. Louch, E.S. Buczko, R.M. Venable, R.W. Pastor, W.F. Vann
  Mapping the Ganglioside-Binding Domain of Tetanus Toxin
SB-4 Olumee-Shabon, Zohra (NIAAA) Z. Olumee-Shabon and H. Y. Kim
  Characterization of Protein Conformation by Chemical Crosslinking and Mass Spectrometry
SB-5 Ortega, Joaquin (NIAMS) J. Ortega, H. S. Lee, M. R. Maurizi and A. C. Steven.
  Visualization of Intermediates in the Translocation Reaction by the Protease, ClpXP: Substrates are Translocated From One Side of the Complex at a Time.
SB-6 Schwieters, Charles D. (CIT) Charles D. Schwieters
  Software Tools for Biomolecular Structure Determination
Print Version, Category ENZ
ENZ-1 Boudsocq, Francois (NICHD) F. Boudsocq , S. Iwai , F. Hanaoka and R. Woodgate
  First enzymatic characterization of two thermostable DinB-like DNA polymerase from archaea Sulfolobus solfataricus P1 and P2
ENZ-2 Du, Xin (CBER) Xin Du, Ewa Marszal, and Andrew Shrake; Division of Hematology, Office of Blood Research and Review, CBER, FDA
  A Novel Mechanism for Polymerization of Alpha-1-Proteinase Inhibitor
ENZ-3 Lee, Yong S. (CIT) Y.S. Lee, B.R. Brooks, D.C. Klein, and F. Dyda
  Catalytic Mechanism of Serotonin N-acetyltransferase Studied by the Combined Potentials of Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Mechanics
ENZ-4 Marszal, Ewa (CBER) E. Marszal, A. Shrake
  New model of serine protease inhibitor polymerization: dimer as a fundamental unit of polymerized alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor

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