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Research Festival Committees

Organizing Committee

Co-Chairs: Peter E. Lipsky, Scientific Director, NIAMS
  J. Carl Barrett, Director, Center for Cancer Research, NCI

Lance A. Liotta, Chief, Laboratory of Pathology, NCI

Coordinating Committee

Paula Cohen, OD
Bill Fedyna, OD
Celia Hooper, OD
Sandy Desautels,CIT
Tatiana Shima, CIT
Kathleen Schlom, NCI
Harriet Greenwald, NIH, Alumni Association

Randy Schools, Recreation & Welfare Association

Postdoctoral Job Fair Organizers

Brenda R. Hanning, Acting Director, NIH Office of Education, OD
Shirley C. Forehand, NIH Office of Education, OD

The Research Festival committees gratefully acknowledge contributions to the Research Festival by the Technical Sales Association.


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