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Print Version, Poster Session 2
Print Version, Category C
C-1 Brodie, Steven G (NIDDK) S. Brodie, X. Xu, W. Qiao, W. Li, L. Cao and C. Deng
  Multiple genetic changes are associated with mammary tumorigenesis in Brca1 conditional knockout mice
C-2 Burke, Terrence R. (NCI) T. R. Burke, C.-Q. Wei, Y. Gao, Z.-J. Yao, J. Voigt, J. Wu, D. Yang, N. Atabey, D. Breckenridge, L. Soon, D. P. Bottaro
  Potent Inhibitors of Grb2 SH2 Domain Signalling as Potential New Anticancer Therapeutics
C-3 Cao, Liu (NIDDK) Liu Cao, Xiaoling Xu, Steven G Brodie, Wen-Mei Li, Kim, Yansoo and Chu-Xia Deng*; Genetics of Development and Diseases Branch
  Premature cell senescence induced by loss of Brca1 can be overcome by the inactivation of p53 at increased risk of malignant transformation
C-4 Dancheck, Barbara Lynn (NCI) B.L. Dancheck, L. Trifiletti, T. Tanaka, L.M. De Luca
  Altered localization of RXRalpha, but not RARalpha, in highly malignant MDA-MB-231 human breast adenocarcinoma cells.
C-5 Dracheva, Tatiana V. (NCI) T. Dracheva, T. Nostrand, J. Jen
  Molecular Signatures of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
C-6 Fujii, Takeshi (NCI) T. Fujii, A. Player, J. Jen
  A Transcriptome Map of Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
C-7 Gourgiotis, Loukas (NIDDK) L. Gourgiotis, N. McGriff, G. Csako, L.C. Guthrie, F. Pucino, N.J. Sarlis
  Beneficial Effect of Thyroid Hormone Suppression Therapy (THST) on Adverse Clinical Outcomes in Thyroid Cancer (THYRCA): A Quantitative Research Synthesis
C-8 Hong, Jiang (NIDDK) J. Hong, G. Zhang, M.M. Rechler
  Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) mutants that do not bind IGF-I or IGF-II stimulate apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells
C-9 Kang, Yang (NCI) Y. Kang, S.B. Jakowlew
  Deregulation of G1/S Genes in Lung Tumors of Transforming Growth Factor-beta1 Heterozygous Mice
C-10 Lee, Ju-Seog (NCI) Ju-Seog Lee and Snorri S. Thorgeirsson
  Molecular portraits of metastasis: metastasis-associated differences of gene expression in transformed rat liver epithelial cells
C-11 Lee, Yun-Sik (NIAAA) Y.S. Lee, J. Won, B.A. Bae, and B. J. Song; Lab. Memb. Biochem. Biophys.
  Elevation of nuclear 8-oxo-deoxyguanosine levels and rapid degradation of p53 tumor suppressor protein by acetaminophen in C6 glioma cells
C-12 Li, Hongzhen (NCI) H. Li (1), S. Velasco-Miguel (2), W.C. Vass (1), L.F. Parada(2) and J. E. DeClue(1) 1Laboratory of Cellular Oncology, NCI, 2Center for Developmental Biology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  EGFR Signaling Pathways Are Associated with Tumorigenesis in NF1/p53 Mouse Tumor Cell Lines
C-13 Matyakhina, Ludmila D (NICHD) L. D. Matyakhina, S.D. Pack, E. Pak, J. Jaikumar, P. Mannan, L. S. Kirschner, C. A. Stratakis
  Carney Complex : Cytogenetic Analysis of Tumors
C-14 Mock, Beverly A (NCI) Zhang, Shuling-L(1)., Wendy DuBois(1), Edward S. Ramsay(1), Valeri Bliskovski(1), Herbert C. Morse, III(2), Leki Taddesse-Heath(2), Xiaolan Qian(3), William C. Vass(3), Ronald A. DePinho(4) and Beverly A. Mock(1).
  Efficiency alleles of Pctr1 and Pctr2 as Modifiers of Plasmacytoma Susceptibility
C-15 Muniz-Medina, Vanessa (NCI) V. Muniz-Medina, C. Van Waes, Z. Chen, J. Schlom, J. Greiner, B. Clark, B. Kachar and E. Kass
  Establishment of a continuous line of poorly differentiated carcinoma cells from BALB/c mice
C-16 Mysliwiec, Pauline Ann (NCI) P. A. Mysliwiec, MD, A. Alberg, PhD, K. Helzhouser, MD
  Colorectal Cancer Testing: Behaviors & Determinants in a Cohort
C-17 Peters, Ulrike (NCI) U. Peters, R. Sinha, N. Chatterjee, A. Subar, R. Ziegler, R. Bresalier, J.L. Weissfeld, A. Flood, R.N. Hoover, A. Schatzkin, R.B. Hayes and the PLCO Project Team
  Dietary Fiber and Colorectal Adenoma
C-18 Pickworth, Wallace (NIDA) W. Pickworth, S. Steckley, G. Soon, H. Haverkos
  Cigarette smoking and Cervical cancer: A meta-analysis
C-19 Reppert, Tricia Elizabeth (NCI) T. Reppert, R. Yonescu, T. Brown, T. Knutsen, T. Ried, and I. Kirsch
  The Cancer Chromosome Aberration Project, CCAP: Managing Genetic Information via Cytogenetics
C-20 Rockwood, Lynne D. (NCI) L.D.Rockwood, S.Janz
  Genomic Instability in Mouse Burkitt's Lymphoma is Predominated by Recombinations and Deletions, Not Point Mutations
Molecular Biology
Print Version, Category MOL
MOL-1 Annilo, Tarmo (NCI) T. Annilo, J. Tammur, A. Hutchinson, A. Rzhetsky, M. Dean, R. Allikmets
  Human and mouse orthologs of a new ATP-binding cassette gene, ABCG4.
MOL-2 Barcelo, Juana M (NCI) JM Barceló, G Kholhagen, A van Hattum, Y Pommier
  POLY(ADP-RIBOSE) Polymerase Role in the Repair of Topoisomerase I-Induced DNA Damage
MOL-3 Bi, Xiaolin (NCI) X.Bi, Z.Demidenko, P.Badenhorst*, T.Jones and M.A. Mortin
  Regulated nuclear export of Prospero
MOL-4 Bourgeois, Christelle (NHLBI) C. Bourgeois and J. Moss
  Molecular Characterization of Mouse ADP-ribosyltransferase 4 (ART4)
MOL-5 Brooks, PJ (NIAAA) Kurt Randerath, Guo-Dong Zhou, Robert L. Somers, Jay H. Robbins, and Philip J. Brooks
  A 32P-Postlabeling Assay for the Oxidative DNA Lesion 8,5’-Cyclo-2’-deoxyadenosine in Mammalian Tissues: Evidence That Four Type II I-Compounds Are Dinucleotides Containing the Lesion in the 3’ Nucleotide
MOL-6 Davis, Edward S. (NIDDK) E. S. Davis, B. Chestnut, A. Golden
  Metaphase-to-anaphase transition-defective mutants occur in Anaphase Promoting Complex genes in C. elegans
MOL-7 Du, Chunwei (NIDDK) C. Du, M.J. Schofield, S. Nayak, H. Wang, D. Erie and P. Hsieh*
  Direct Visualization of Protein-DNA Complexes Involved in DNA Mismatch Repair
MOL-8 Gaidamakov, Sergei A (NICHD) S.A. Gaidamakov, I.I. Gorshkova, S.M. Cerittelli, R.J. Crouch
  Sites of RNase H Cleavage are Affected by the 3'-terminus of the DNA
MOL-9 Gaydamakova, Yelena K (CC) Y. Gaydamakova, R.D. Neumann and I. Panyutin
  RNA is More Resistant to Ionizing Radiation than DNA
MOL-10 Gorshkova, Inna I. (NICHD) I.I. Gorshkova, S.M. Cerritelli, S. Gaidamakov, R.J. Crouch
  Variations on the Theme of Nucleic Acid RNase H Interaction using Surface Plasmon Resonance: Escherichia coli RNase HI and Mouse RNase H1
MOL-11 Guarne, Alba (NIDDK) A. Guarné, M.S. Junop, W. Yang
  Structure and ATPase activity of the N-terminal conserved 40kDa fragment of human PMS2: Implications for DNA mismatch repair and GHL superfamily.
MOL-12 Heron-Milhavet, Lisa P (NIDDK) L. Heron-Milhavet and D. LeRoith
  Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Regulates P53 Tumor Suppressor Gene Product Through MDM2 During DNA Damage
MOL-13 Khan, Sikandar G (NCI) SG Khan, T Shahlavi, V Muniz-Medina, H Inui, T Ueda, CC Baker, TD Schneider and KH Kraemer; Basic Research Laboratory, Laboratory of Experimental and Computational Biology
  Influence of a single nucleotide polymorphism in an XPC splice acceptor site on alternative splicing
MOL-14 Moustafa, Mohamed E (NCI) M. Moustafa, B. Carlson, V. Gladyshev1 and D. Hatfield; BRL, CCR, NCI; 1 Department of Biochemistry, University of Nebraska
  Transgenic Mice Expressing Mutant Selenocystein (SEC) tRNA [Ser] Sec Isoforms
MOL-15 Nayak, Sunil (NIDDK) S. Nayak, M. J. Schofield, D. Chunwei, P. Hsieh
  DNA Mismatch Repair: Interaction of MutS and MutL at a DNA Mismatch
MOL-16 Parada, Luis A. (NCI) L.A. Parada, P.G. McQueen, P. Munson, T. Misteli
  Proximal Positioning Of Translocated And Normal Chromosomes In The Interphase Nucleus
MOL-17 Pastwa, Elzbieta (CC) E. Pastwa, T.A. Winters, and R.D. Neumann.
  In Vitro Repair of DSBs is a Function of the Lesion Complexity Produced by DNA Damaging Agents
MOL-18 Puri, Nitin (NIA) N. Puri, A. Majumdar, B. Cuenoud, F. Natt, P. S. Miller and M. M. Seidman
  Targeted Gene Knockouts in Mammalian Cell Cultures by 2’-O-(2-Aminoethyl)-modified Triplex Forming Oligonucleotides
MOL-19 Rao, Mahadev (NCI) M. Rao, E. Kumaraswamy, I. Shanmugam, B.A. Carlson, A.M. Diamond1, D.L. Hatfield; BRL, CCR, NCI; 1Dept. Human Nutrition, UIC, Chicago, IL 60612
  Multiple Forms of Selenocysteine tRNAs May be Due to Distinct Higher Order Structures.
MOL-20 Redon, Christophe E (NCI) C.E. Redon, D. R. Pilch, N. F. Lowndes and W. M.Bonner
  Histone H2A serine 129 is necessary for yeast survival during topoisomerase I mediated DNA damage
MOL-21 Ten Hagen, Kelly G. (NIDDK) K. G. Ten Hagen and D. Tran
  Cloning and Characterization of the Gene Family Encoding the UDP-GalNAc:Polypeptide N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferases from Drosophila melanogaster
MOL-22 Tuo, Jingsheng (NIA) J. Tuo, M. Muftuoglu, C. Chen, P. Jaruga, R.M. Brosh, H. Rodriguez, M. Dizdaroglu and V.A. Bohr
  Cockayne Syndrome Group B Gene is Involved in Base Excision Repair Of 8-Hydroxyguanine in DNA
MOL-23 Zhang, Hongliang (NCI) H. Zhang, J.M. Barceló, B. Lee, G. Kohlhagen, D.B. Zimonjic, N.C. Popescu, and Y. Pommier
  Human mitochondrial Topoisomerase I
MOL-24 Zheng, Yali (NINDS) Yali Zheng, Bing-Sheng Li, Niranjana D. Amin and Harish C. Pant
  Cdk5/p25 inhibitory peptide (CIP) derived from p35 regulatesTau protein phosphorylation in transfected cells
Print Version, Category TRANS
TRANS-1 Arudchandran, Arulvathani P. (NICHD) A. Arudchandran and R.J. Crouch
  An overlapping MCB/SCB sequence regulates cell cycle transcription of RNH2L (RNase H2) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
TRANS-2 Badenhorst, Paul W (NCI) P. Badenhorst and C. Wu
  The nucleosome remodelling factor (NURF) is required for transcription activation in vivo
TRANS-3 Botos, Jennifer Jeannine (NCI) J. J.Botos and C. L.Smith
  Cellular processing of PR in murine mammary adenocarcinoma cells
TRANS-4 Catez, Frederic (NCI) F. Catez, T. Misteli, M. Bustin
  Interplay between nucleosome binding proteins at the periphery of chromatin fiber.
TRANS-5 Dyer, Kimberly D (NIAID) J Moreau, H Rosenberg
  Regulation of transcription of the mouse eosinophil asociated ribonuclease 2 by purine rich intronic enhancer elements.
TRANS-6 Elbi, Cem (NCI) C. Elbi, C.T. Baumann, T. Misteli and G.L. Hager
  Targeting of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor to Subnuclear Foci that Correspond to Active Sites of Transcription
TRANS-7 Liu, Hong (NHLBI) H.Liu, K.Zhao
  Z-DNA Structure Is Important for the Activation of CSF1 Promoter by the Mammalian SWI/SNF Complex
TRANS-8 Ozbun, Laurent (NCI) L. Ozbun, S. Jakowlew
  Differentially Expressed Nucleolar TGF-beta1 Target (DENTT) Interacts with Y-box Binding Protein-1, a Multifunctional Transcriptional Regulator
TRANS-9 Rabadan-Diehl, Cristina (NICHD) C. Rabadan-Diehl, G. Aguilera
  Translational regulation of the vasopressin V1b receptor involves an internal ribosome entry site
TRANS-10 Smith, James L (NCI) Smith JL, Freebern WJ , Chaudhry SS, KhinKhin, E and Gardner K.
  Developing "Promoter" Microarrays to Investigate Transcriptional Initiation
TRANS-11 Swanson, Mark Jude (NICHD) Mark J. Swanson, Anna Krueger, Laarni Sumibcay, Soon-ja Kim, Fan Zhang and Alan G. Hinnebusch
  The Function of Co-factor Complexes in Transcriptional Control by Gcn4p
Print Version, Category DEV
DEV-1 Azuma, Mizuki (NICHD) M. Azuma, A. Sanchez, E. Laver, N. Takahashi, I.B. Dawid, and R. Toyama
  A Screen for Anterior-Posterior Patterning Mutants in Zebrafish Using 4, 5, 8-trimethylpsoralen
DEV-2 Green, Helen (NICHD) H Green, JA Kennison
  Identification and analysis of homeotic regulatory genes in Drosophila
DEV-3 Iezzi, Simona (NIAMS) S. Iezzi, PL. Puri, R.L. Schiltz and V. Sartorelli
  Class I Histone Deacetylases Regulate Muscle Differentiation By Sequential Interaction with MyoD and pRb
DEV-4 Kawahara, Atsuo (NICHD) Atsuo Kawahara and Igor B. Dawid
  Critical role of biklf in erythroid cell differentiation in zebrafish
DEV-5 Larson, Denise (NHGRI) D. Larson, S. Loftus, D. Watkins-Chow, L. Baxter, A. Antonellis, K.J. Dunn, W. Pavan
  A functional genomic approach to neural crest gene discovery and analysis using a combination of expression profiling and in vitro expression.
DEV-6 Li, Cuiling (NIDDK) Cuiling Li1, April Engle1, Xin-Yuan Fu2 and Chuxia Deng1
  Conditional knockout Smad4 by TTR (transthyretin)-Cre reveals a critical role of extraembryonic endoderm in early postimplantation embryogenesis and patterning
DEV-7 Mollaaghababa, Ramin (NHGRI) R. Mollaaghababa, B.P. Potterf, L. Hou, and W.J. Pavan
  Analysis of SOX10 Role in Development of Neural Crest-Derived Cell Types
DEV-8 Mukhopadhyay, Mahua (NICHD) M. Mukhopadhyay, S. Shtrom, C. Rodriguez-Esteban, L. Chen, T. Tsukui, L. Gomer, D. Dorward, A. Glinka, A. Grinberg, S. P. Huang, C. Niehrs , J. C. I. Belmonte, and H. Westphal
  Dickkopf1 is required for embryonic head induction and limb morphogenesis in the mouse
DEV-9 Nuckolls, Glen H (NIAMS) J. Ayres, L. Shum, A. Horner and G. Nuckolls
  Functional Studies of Dach1 in Musculoskeletal Development
DEV-10 Panchision, David M. (NINDS) D.M. Panchision, J.M. Pickel, L. Studer, S. Lee, P.A. Turner, T.G. Hazel and R.D. McKay
  BMP receptors act sequentially to control neural stem cell identity, proliferation and differentiation.
DEV-11 Park, Geon-Tae (NIAMS) G.-T. Park and M. I. Morasso
  Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (BMP-2) transactivates the Distal-less 3 (Dlx3) homeodomain gene through binding of Smad1 and Smad4.
DEV-12 Pazman, Cecilia (NICHD) C. Pazman, and S.R. Haynes
  The Drosophila Rasputin Affects Egg Chamber Development
DEV-13 Shum, Lillian (NIAMS) Y. Hatakeyama, G.H. Nuckolls, J. Leyton, and L. Shum
  Cartilage formation in multipotential embryonic limb mesenchyme is mediated by signaling through BMPR-IB, and Smads 1 and 5
DEV-14 Tsang, Michael (NICHD) Michael Tsang, Anne Kiang & Igor Dawid
  A role for a novel Erk phosphatase involved in dorsal/ventral patterning.
DEV-15 Vogel, Andreas M (NICHD) A. M. Vogel, N. D. Lawson, and B. M. Weinstein
  Sonic hedgehog signaling is required for formation of the dorsal aorta
Cell Biology
Print Version, Category CB
CB-1 Arnaoutova, Irina P (NICHD) I.Arnaoutova1, J.G.Donaldson2, P.Y.Loh1; 1 Laboratory of Developmental Biology, NICHD, NIH 2 Laboratory of Cell Biology, NHLBI, NIH
  Recycling of a Prohormone Sorting Receptor, Carboxypeptidase E, between Plasma Membrane and Golgi is ARF6-dependent.
CB-2 Chandran, Jayanth Sankrit (NINDS) J. Chandran, K. Zaal, Z. Lu, and E. Ralston
  Involvement of the cytoskeleton in ER exit site localization in muscle cells
CB-3 Dhanvantari, Savita (NICHD) S. Dhanvantari, C.F. Zhang, H. Lou, and Y. P. Loh.
  Carboxypeptidase E, a Prohormone Sorting Receptor, is Sorted to the Regulated Secretory Pathway by Anchoring to Lipid Rafts.
CB-4 Kim, Taeyoon (NICHD) T. Kim, J.-H. Tao-Cheng, L.E. Eiden, Y.P. Loh
  Chromogranin A, A Master ¡°On/Off¡± Switch Controlling Dense-core Secretory Granule Biogenesis
CB-5 King-Briggs, Kathryn E (CBER) K.E. King-Briggs, T. Yamashita, T. Tokino, M. Young and W.C. Weinberg
  The p63 isotype, DNp63alpha, transactivates p53 responsive genes in keratinocytes
CB-6 Niu, Shui-Lin (NIAAA) S. Niu and B.J. Litman
  Thermodynamic Contribution of Lipid Acyl Chain Unsaturation and Headgroup Composition to the Nonhomogenous Cholesterol Distribution in Cell Membranes
CB-7 Nossal, Ralph (NICHD) A.J. Jin, S.L. Chi, E. Dimitriadis, P. Smith, D. Sackett, R. Nossal
  Nanomechanics of Coated Vesicles Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy
CB-8 Prüfer, Kirsten (NIDDK) Kirsten Prüfer and Julia Barsony
  Nuclear Import and Export Mechanisms for the Vitamin D Receptor and the Retinoid X Receptor
CB-9 Rubin, Robert J. (NIDDK) R.J. Rubin
  Detailed Analysis of Hill's Model of Dynamic Instability of Microtubules
CB-10 Strunnikova, Natalia V (NEI) Nataly Strunnikova, Connie Zhang and Karl Csaky
  Role Of "Nonlethal" Blebbing In Protection Of Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells (ARPE-19) From Oxidative Stress. Relevance To Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
CB-11 Teague, Walter Earl (NIAAA) W. E. Teague, N. L. Fuller, R. P. Rand, K. Gawrisch, E. Sternin.
  Influence of Polyunsaturation on Membrane Curvature Elasticity for 1-Steroyl-2-Docosahexaenoyl-sn-Glycero-3-Phosphoethanolamine

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