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Poster Session
Poster Session 1
Print Version, Poster Session 1
Print Version, Category IMM
IMM-1 Allison, Timothy J. (NIAID) T.J. Allison, C.C. Winter, J.J. Fournié, M. Bonneville, D.N. Garboczi
  Structure of a human gamma/delta T cell receptor
IMM-2 Baffi, Judit (NEI) J.Baffi, G. Byrnes, R. Salit, S.W. Cousins, K. Csaky
  The Recruitment of Inflammatory Cells into Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Induced Choroidal Neovascularization (CNV) in the Rat.
IMM-3 Chen, Xin (NCI) X.Chen, O.M.Z.Howard, X.Y.Yang, L.H.Wang, J.J.Oppenheim and T.Krakauer
  Effects of Shuanghuanglian and Qingkailing, two multi-components Chinese herbal preparations, on human leukocyte function
IMM-4 Fischer, Randy T. (NIAMS) Randy Fischer, Peter E. Lipsky, Toshi Nanki and Amrie C. Grammer, Autoimmunity Branch
  Activation of Signaling Cascades and Expression of Cytokines in Tonsillar B Cell Subsets
IMM-5 Grammer, Amrie Cecelia (NIAMS) Grammer, A.C., J. Heaney and P.E. Lipsky
  Relationship Between the Degree of CD40 Receptor Occupancy on Human B Cells and Patterns of MAPK Activation
IMM-6 Hayes, Sandra M. (NICHD) S.M. Hayes, C.-S. Park and P. E. Love
  Structure and signaling properties of the gamma/delta T cell receptor
IMM-7 He, Liusheng (NIAMS) Liusheng He*, Peter E. Lipsky*, Tatiana S. Karpova#, Xiaoli Wu*, James G. McNally# and Amrie C. Grammer*, * Autoimmunity Branch, NIAMS, # Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression, NCI, NNIH
  Determination of the Capacity of TNF Receptor Associated Factor (TRAF)-2 To Form Hetero- and Homo-Dimers by Fluorscence Energy Transfer
IMM-8 Jang, Ihn Kyung (NIAID) I. Jang, H. Kole, Y. -P. Cheng, H. Gu.
  Inactivation of Growth Factor Receptor-bound Protein 2 (Grb2) Leads to Altered Development of CD4 T cell in Thymus
IMM-9 Jerome, Leila (NIAID) L.S. Jerome, P. Maltzinger, C. Anderson
  When are Maternal Cells Immunized Against Paternal Antigens?
IMM-10 Kole, Hemanta K (NIAID) H. K. Kole, IK. Jang, M. Naramura, and H. Gu.
  Impaired TCR Downmodulation and Hyperresponsiveness of c-Cbl/Cbl-b Double Deficient T cells
IMM-11 Lee, Alicia (NIAMS) A. Lee, N. Raben, P. Plotz
  Genetic Induction of Tolerance in Acid Alpha-Glucosidase Knockout Mice
IMM-12 Lei, Benfang (NIAID) B. Lei, F.R. DeLeo, N.P. Hoe, M.R. Graham, S.M. Mackie, R.L. Cole, M. Liu, H.R. Hill, D.E. Low, M.J. Federle, J.R. Scott & J.M. Musser
  Evasion of Human Innate Immunity by a Bacterial Homologue of CD11b that Inhibits Opsonophagocytosis
IMM-13 Meier-Schellersheim, Martin (NIAID) Martin Meier-Schellersheim, Frederick Klauschen
  Modeling Immune System Components on the Level of Cell-Cell Interactions: Simulations and Databases
IMM-14 Mills, Frederick C (CBER) F. Mills, E. Max
  Constitutive hypersensitive sites downstream from the human 3’ IgH enhancers
IMM-15 Peterson, Karin E (NIAID) Karin E. Peterson, Ingunn Stromnes, Ron Messer, Kim Hasenkrug and Bruce Chesebro
  Novel Role of CD8+ T cells in the generation of protective CD4+ Th1 responses during retrovirus infection in mice
IMM-16 Shibagaki, Naotaka (NCI) N. Shibagaki, M.C. Udey
  Dendritic cells transduced with HIV-TAT sequence-containing protein antigens induce cytotoxic lymphocytes and elicit anti-tumor immunity
IMM-17 Veri, Maria Concetta (CBER) M.C. Verí, K. E. DeBell, M.C. Seminario, A. DiBaldassarre, I. Reischl, R. Rawat, L. Graham, C. Noviello, B. L. Rellahan, S. Miscia , R. L. Wange, and E. Bonvini
  Membrane raft-dependent regulation of phospholipase Cgamma-1 activation in T lymphocytes
IMM-18 Zeng, Xianmin (NIA) X. Zeng, D.B. Winter1, C. Kasmer1, K.H. Kraemer, A.R. Lehmann, and P.J. Gearhart1
  DNA polymerase eta is an A-T mutator in somatic hypermutation of immunoglobulin variable genes
Print Version, Category CYT
CYT-1 Amy, Loehfelm (NCI) A.E.Loehfelm, X.Chen, J.A.Beutler,H Dong, O.Y.Chertov, J.J.Oppenheim and O.M.Z.Howard
  Identification of Tannic Acid as SDF-1a/CXCR4 Antagonist
CYT-2 Ingram, Jennifer Leigh (NIEHS) J. Ingram, K. Geisenhoffer, A. Rice, and J. Bonner
  IL-13 is a Mediator of Mitogenesis in Lung Fibroblasts
CYT-3 Mariano, Jennifer M. (NCI) J.M. Mariano, S.B. Jakowlew
  TGF-beta Type II Receptor in Mouse Lung Cells
CYT-4 McCarty, Thomas (NIAID) T. McCarty, K. Hoffmann, D. Segal, M. Chiaramonte, M. Hesse, E. Davis, A. Cheever, P. Meltzer, T. Wynn, and H. Morse III
  Disease fingerprinting with cDNA microarrays reveals distinct gene expression profiles in lethal type-1 and type-2 cytokine-mediated inflammatory reactions
CYT-5 Schmeisser, Hana (CBER) H. Schmeisser, R. Hu, P. Kontsek, P. McPhie, J. Bekisz, K. C. Zoon
  Aminoacid substitution in loop BC and helix C affect antigenic properties of helix D in hybrid interferon alpha21/alpha2c molecules
Print Version, Category V
V-1 Best, Sonja M (NIAID) S.M. Best, J.B. Wolfinbarger and M.E. Bloom.
  Parvovirus replication: a possible role for caspase-mediated cleavage of viral non-structural proteins.
V-2 Chertov, Oleg (NCI) O.Chertov(1), C.McGrath (2), B.Crise(3), A.Malyguine(4), J.Lubkowski(5), X.Chen, J.Oppenheim(6), M.Wetzel, E.Henderson, T.Rogers(7) (1)IRSP, (2)ABCC, (3) AVP, (4)CSP, SAIC, contract NO1-CO-56000. (5)MCL, (6)LMI, NCI-FCRDC and (7)Temple University
  Novel Peptides Based on HIV-1 gp120 Sequence with Homology to Chemokines Inhibit HIV Infection in Cell Culture
V-3 Cui, Xiaohong (NINDS) X.Cui, A.Deckhut, J.Wang, G.L.Stoner
  Genotypes of JC virus in China and South India: analysis of whole genomes and four typing fragments of JC virus
V-4 Daucher, Marybeth (NIAID) M.Daucher, M.Dybul, T.W. Chun, J. Mullins, M.Belson, B. Hidalgo, J. Metcalf, et al.
  Evaluation of the evolution of HIV envelop in patients undergoing long cycles of structured intermittent highly active antiretroviral therapy
V-5 Faix, Peggy H (NIMH) P.H. Faix, S. A. Feldman, J. Sugai, S. Boomer, J. Overbaugh, and M.V. Eiden
  Characterization of Factors Responsible for Expanding the Host Range of Vectors Bearing FeLV-B Envelopes
V-6 Feldman, Steven A. (NIMH) Steven A. Feldman, Peggy Ho Faix and Maribeth V. Eiden
  Factors Affecting the Formation of Infectious FeLV-B Pseudotyped Lentiviral Vectors
V-7 Fogg, Mark (NIAID) M.H. Fogg, N. Teterina, E. Ehrenfeld
  Characterization of Complexes Formed During Poliovirus Replication in vitro
V-8 Johnson, Allison Anne (NCI) A. Johnson, J. Rajkumar, C. Marchand, J.-J. Vasseur, Y. Pommier
  The Effects of DNA Modifications on Catalysis by HIV-1 Integrase.
V-9 Kearney, Karen M (NIAID) K. Kearney, D. Chen, and J. T. Patton
  Variation in the 3'-Consensus Sequence of Gene 5 of Rhesus Rotavirus
V-10 Lebowitz, Jacob (OD) J. Lebowitz, R. J. Center, P. Earl, P. Schuck, R. Leapman and B. Moss. Division of Bioengineering and Physical Science, ORS and Laboratory of Viral Diseases
  Oligomeric Structure of Recombinant gp140 HIV-1 and SIV Envelope Proteins in the Pre-fusion Conformation
V-11 Marchand, Christophe (NCI) C. Marchand, K. Cowansage, X. Zhang, G. Pais, T. R. Burke Jr. and Y. Pommier; § Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, CCR, NCI; ¶ Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, NCIFCRDC, Frederick, MD
  Inhibition of HIV-1 integrase by diketo acid derivatives
V-12 Moreau, Joanne M (NIAID) J.M. Moreau and H.F. Rosenberg
  Differential Expression of Mouse Eosinophil-Associated Ribonucleases in Response to challenge with Viral Pathogens
V-13 Ritzhaupt, Armin (CBER) A. Ritzhaupt and C. A. Wilson
  Non-Human Primate Cell Lines Block Permissive Replication of Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus (PERV)
V-14 Womack, Chad A (NIAID) C. Womack, T. Rapuano, J. Smith, H. Page, and A. Fauci
  Susceptibility of HIV-1 Subtype C Primary Isolates to Beta-Chemokines and Beta-Chemokine Analogs
V-15 Wood, Lauren (NCI) Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, Steve Zullo, Baoxian Wei, Lauren Wood, Henry Weiner
  Inhibition of Mitochondrial Processing Protease by Protease Inhibitors: a Novel Mechanism for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in HAART-Associated Lipodystrophy
V-16 Wu, Yuntao (NIMH) Y. Wu and J. W. Marsh
  Selective Transcription and Modulation of Resting T Cell Activity by Preintegration HIV DNA
V-17 Zerfas, Patricia (CBER) T. Bryan, P.M. Zerfas, J.F. Sears, T.A. Galvin, and A.S. Khan
  Replication Studies of Naturally-Occuring Simian Foamy Viruses (SFVs) Isolated from Macaques
Print Version, Category MB
MB-1 Bowen, Nathan John (NICHD) N.J. Bowen and H.L. Levin
  Genomic Analysis of the LTR Retrotransposons from Schizosaccharomyces pombe Reveals a Preference for Insertion into Chromosome III.
MB-2 Costero, Adriana (NIAID) A. Costero, M. Shahabuddin
  Drosophila melanogaster as a model to study Plasmodium-responsive genes in insects
MB-3 Hoe, Nancy P (NIAID) N. Hoe, R. Ireland, B. Gowen, D. Dorward, M. Liu, E. Burns, Jr., D. Culnan, A. Bretscher, and J. Musser
  Insight Into the Molecular Mechanism of Pathogen Durability and Epidemics: Group A Streptococcus Inhibitor of Complement Diminishes Bacterial Adherence to Human Epithelial Cells
MB-4 Kajava, Andrey V (CIT) A. V. Kajava, S. N. Zolov, A. E. Kalinin and M. A. Nesmeyanova
  Net Charge of the First 18 Residues of the Mature Sequence affects Protein Translocation across the Cytoplasmic Membrane of Gram-Negative Bacteria.
MB-5 Lawson, Victoria A (NIAID) V.A. Lawson, S.A. Priola, M.C. Lawson, K. Wehrly, B. Chesebro
  Characterization of structural changes that occur within the N-terminal region of the prion protein during its transition to the pathological conformation.
MB-6 Leach, Richard A. (NICHD) R. A. Leach, P. Ng, S. L. Zeichner, P. K. Chiang
  Identification and Profiling of Genes Associated with Staphylococcus Enterotoxin (SEB) Toxicity
MB-7 Liu, Yuhua (NIAID) Y-H. Liu, M. Liu, E. G. Graviss, J. M. Musser
  Polymorphisms of the Human Toll-Like Receptor 2 (TLR2) Gene in Tuberculosis Disease
MB-8 Madrigal, Andres Gustavo (NIAID) A.G. Madrigal, D.E Sturdevant, N.P. Hoe, and J.M. Musser
  A whole genome comparative study of M1 Group A Streptococci: Insights on Diversity, Evolution and Pathogenicity
MB-9 Sullivan, Margery (NIAID) M. Sullivan, J. Fang, T. McCutchan
  Mosquito Age: Host vector relationship in the Plasmodium bergheii Anopheles stephensi model.
MB-10 Vorberg, Ina Maja (NIAID) I. Vorberg, S. Priola
  Rapid scrapie strain and cell-type independent formation of proteinase K resistant prion protein
Host Defense
Print Version, Category HD
HD-1 Nascimbeni, Michelina (NIDDK) M. Nascimbeni, M. Major, K. Mihalik, C.M. Rice, S.M. Fienstone, B. Rehermann
  Intrahepatic Innate and Adaptive Immune Respnses in HCV Infection
Print Version, Category SIG
SIG-1 Camandola, Simonetta (NIA) S. Camandola, M.P. Mattson
  NF-kB and Calcium Signaling
SIG-2 Jones, Eudora Armida (NIDDK) E.Jones, E.Anderson, B.Beach, B. Canagarajah, R. Trievel, S.Misra, Y.Tsujishita, J.Ho, M.Pearson, L.Saidi, J.Hurley.
  A Structural Genomics Approach to Signal Transduction
SIG-3 Mitchell, Drake C. (NIAAA) D. Mitchell, S. Niu, B. Litman
  Ethanol Accelerates and Enhances Receptor-G Protein Coupling
SIG-4 Olivares-Reyes, Jesus Alberto (NICHD) J. A. Olivares-Reyes, R. D. Smith, L. Hunyady, B. H. Shah and K. J. Catt.
  Agonist-Induced Signaling, Desensitization, and Internalization of Phosphorylation Deficient AT1A Angiotensin Receptors.
SIG-5 Park, Kyung Soo (NCI) K.S. Park, L.D. Miller, E.T. Liu, and S.-y. Cheng
  Silencing of Wnt signaling and activation of multiple metabolic pathways in response to thyroid hormone-stimulated cell proliferation
SIG-6 Shah, Bukhtiar H. (NIDCD) Bukhtiar H. Shah and Kevin J. Catt
  Calcium-independent activation of ERK1/2 MAP kinases by angiotensin II in hepatic C9 cells: Roles of PKC-delta, Src/Pyk2, and EGF receptor transactivation
SIG-7 Someya, Akimasa (NHLBI) A. Someya1, M. Sata1, K. Takeda2, G. Pacheco-Rodriguez1, V. J. Ferrans2, J. Moss1, M. Vaughan1; 1Pulmonary-Critical Care Medicine Branch and 2Pathology Section, NHLBI
  ARF-GEP100, a novel guanine nucleotide-exchange protein for ADP-ribosylation factor 6
SIG-8 Wu, Jun-Fang (NICHD) J.F. Wu, K.P. Huang, F.L. Huang
  Attenuation of PMA/PKC and Forskolin/PKA signal transductions in the Neurogranin Knockout Mice
Print Version, Category APO
APO-1 Akbar, Mohammed (NIAAA) M. Akbar and H-Y. Kim
  DHA protects apoptosis-induced by serum starvation: A cross talk between Raf/ MAP and PI3/ Akt kinase pathways
APO-2 Khaled, Annette R. (NCI) A.R. Khaled1, C.B. Thompson2, L. Fliegel3, and S.K. Durum1; 1Lab. of Molecular Immunoregulation, NCI, Frederick, MD, 2Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, and 3Dept. of Biochemistry, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  Bax and Mitochondrial Injury: The Multiple Pathways to Death Induced by IL-7 Withdrawal
APO-3 Liu, Hanguan (NHLBI) H. Liu and V.C. Manganiello
  Down-regulation of Raf-MEK-Erk Signaling and Translocation of Bax during cAMP-induced Apoptosis in FDCP2 Cells
APO-4 Merril, Carl R (NIMH) S.J. Zullo, A. Martinez, C. Summer, R. Bass, B. Roe, A. Parks, J. Jakupciak, W. Pogozelski, S. Melnov, W.F. Blakely, P. Prassana, S.U. Dani, N. Fischel-Ghodsian, C.R. Merril
  Relationship of BAX insertion in the Mitochondrial Membrane to to the Common 4977 bp Human Mitochondrial DNA Deletion, Are the Events Mutually Exclusive?
APO-5 Shin, Sang Hoon (NIDDK) S.H. Shin, J.A. Hanover
  Overexpression of O-linked N-acetylglucosamine Transferase (OGT) Trigger Apoptosis
APO-6 Zhang, Congxiao (NEI) C. Zhang, J.Baffi, K.G.Csaky
  Involvement of apoptosis-inducing factor and no caspase activation during cell death in human retinal pigmented epithelium
APO-7 Zhang, Peisu (NIA) P.Zhang, S.L.Chan and M.M.Mattson
  Molecular Mechanism of The Anti-apoptotic Function of TERT

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