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Linking genotypes to phenotypes: Recent advances and insights for future research

Thursday, October 11, 2012 — Concurrent Symposia Session IV

Noon – 2:00 p.m.

Balcony B


  • Brid Ryan, NCI


In recent years, the biological implications of many genetic discoveries have been translated such that their extension into policy and public health practice is now upon us. This session will delve into the three main steps in the translation of genomics to public health; discovery, deciphering biological consequence and integration into medicine and public health. Key and innovative NIH-led projects such as ENCODE and dbGAP will be highlighted, as will examples of their utility in on-going research. Examples of research linking genotypes to phenotypes in cancer and addiction will also be presented. Finally, the session will culminate with an insightful discussion of the third and perhaps most challenging step, i.e, the integration of genomics research into medicine and policy. This proposed session on the linkage of genotypes to phenotypes unites a multitude of related research areas. It will take the audience on an educational, research motivated and perceptive tour of this emerging field.

Role of an endoplamic reticular membrane protein complex (EMC) in non-vesicular lipid trafficking FARE Award Winner
Sujoy Lahiri, NIDDK

An overview of dbGaP: Innovative features supporting translational research
Steve Sherry, NLM

Using the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) resource to understand the genotype-phenotype connection
Michael Pazin, NHGRI

Linking genotypes to phenotypes in lung cancer: The relationship between the microRNA network with lung cancer risk and survival
Brid Ryan, NCI

Discovery and phenotypic linkage of genetic variants in addiction and human behavior
Mary-Anne Enoch, NIAAA

Can genomics bring innovation to behavior change interventions?
Colleen McBride, NHGRI

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