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The function of NPR2 and NPR3, components of the SEA complex, during Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 — Poster Session II

Noon – 2:00 p.m

Natcher Conference Center, Building 45




  • Y Wei
  • M Lilly


Egg production relies on the interpretation of developmental signals and the correct execution of the meiotic cycle. Previous work from our lab has shown the structural nucleoporin Seh1 and the novel protein Missing oocyte (Mio) physically interact and are required for the maintenance of the meiotic cycle and oocyte growth. In yeast, both Mio and Seh1 homologs are components of the Seh1 associated (SEA) complex, which also includes nitrogen permease regulator 2 (NPR2) and NPR3. The NPR2/3 complex mediates an amino acid starvation signal to TOR pathway, which is a major controller of growth-related metabolism. NPR2-deficient yeast cells cannot enter or complete meiosis in sporulation media. We are examining the role of NPR2/3 in Drosophila oogenesis and exploring their relationship with other SEA-complex members. We found that knocking down NPR2/3 can rescue the oocyte loss and swollen lysosome phenotype observed in ovaries lacking seh1. Using immunopreciptation method, we found that, as is observed in yeast, NPR2 and NPR3 physically associate in Drosophila cells. In the future we will determine the role of NPR2/3 in the starvation response. Moreover, we will examine whether NPR2/3 and Seh1 function in Drosophila oogenesis through regulating cell growth mediated by the TOR pathway.

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