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The DNA Sequencing and Digital Gene Expression Core

Thursday, October 11, 2012 — NIH Core Poster Session

10:00 a.m. – Noon

Building 10 South Lobby




  • KD Hartman
  • PA Johnson
  • S Shema
  • S Thorgeirsson


The DNA Sequencing Facility provides investigators in the NCI, with rapid processing of their DNA sequence samples. The results for over 99% of the samples are returned the next day. The Core can also provide ABI Big Dye Version 1.1 at cost. The Core offers digital Gene Expression using the NanoString’s nCounter Analysis System. This unique technology is completely non-enzymatic and utilizes fluorescent barcodes hybridized to individual mRNA molecules to directly count the relative abundance of each transcript. The assay is performed directly on total RNA (no RT, IVT, and PCR) or lysates, from a wide variety of sample types including cells, tissues, FFPE, and blood. It enables multiplexed profiling of 20 to 500+ genes. The platform is ideal for miRNA profiling, pathway expression profiling, validation of complex gene expression signature and high throughput RNA-Seq and array validation and CNV analysis. The Core has provided a location for an Agilent Microarray Scanner, BioAnalyzer and Stratagene Real Time PCR Mx3005P. Anyone can sign up and use these instruments. The Core continues to provide high quality rapid DNA sequencing, as well as embrace new and advanced technologies. There will be a MiSeq added to the core this summer.

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