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Concurrent Symposia Sessions

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Natcher Conference Center
Symposia Session I
Balcony C

Neurogenesis: From Cell Fate to Neural Circuitry
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Co-Chairs: Thomas Brody, NINDS and Ward F. Odenwald, NINDS

Establishment of unique cell fates during neural lineage development, centrally in terms of the hierarchy of gene activation in the nucleus and peripherally in the functioning of signaling proteins in the cytoplasm and at the surface of the cell, determines cellular architecture and functional specificity. Further, down the developmental cascade, neural plasticity bridges the gap between development and learning. This symposium will deal with the molecular and cellular basis of neurogenesis and the construction of neural circuitry.


Asymmetric Cell Division and Brain Size: Lessons from Mouse Genetics
Debra L. Silver, NHGRI

From Identity to Morphology: How Notch Constructs a Pathway for Longitudinal Axons in the CNS
Edward Giniger, NINDS

The Metalloprotease Tolloid-related and Its TGF-ß-like Substrate Dawdle Regulate Drosophila Motoneuron Axon Guidance
Mihaela Serpe, NICHD

Identification of Functionally Related Neural Cis-regulatory Enhancers
Thomas Brody, NINDS

Organizing the Mammalian Olfactory System
Leonardo Belluscio, NINDS

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