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Special Exhibits on Resources for Intramural Research

Natcher Conference Center

Special information booths on intramural research resources will be displayed in the lobby of Natcher Conference Center on October 16 and October 17.  The following NIH institutes/centers, offices, programs and organizations will be represented:

Advanced Technology Program, SAIC

Bioinformatics and Scientific IT Program, Office of Technology Information Systems, NIAID


Center for Information Technology


Cooperative Human Tissue Network

Fellows Editorial Board

National Library of Medicine Making a Difference in Global Health

NIH Blood Bank

NIH Environmental Management Systems (NEMS)

NIH Rapid Access to Interventional Development

NIH Royalty Program

NIH Schizophrenia Research

Office of Intramural Training and Education, OD

Office of NIH History

Cooperative Human Tissue Network

Office of Research Facilities and Development

Office of Research Services

Office of Patient Recruitment and Public Liaison Office, CC

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic


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