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NIH Research Festival 2006
2006 NIH Research Festival

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October 17 - October 20
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Concurrent Symposia
  Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Natcher Auditorium

Systems Biology: Examples from an Evolving Field

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Co-chaired by David Balshaw, NIEHS, and Eric Billings, NHLBI

Balcony A, Natcher Conference Center

Modern methods for genome- and proteome-scale data acquisition put the possibility of quantitative models of biological function within reach of most researchers.  The diverse methods for understanding the functional interactions of biological molecules cut across disciplines and pose a unique set of challenges.  ‘Systems Biology’ describes an approach to these challenges, combining large scale data acquisition and analysis with experimental validation.  Two common approaches are 'top-down': studying large genome-scale data sets in light of biological annotations, and 'bottom-up': devising, simulating, and testing detailed quantitative models of pathway functions. We propose that two new approaches will come to the fore: comparing genome-scale data of different types on the same samples; and devising functional models that can be tested by comparison with large scale data.  This session includes four speakers whose presentations exemplify these approaches.


Integrated Genomics of Cancer
Paul Meltzer, NCI

Molecular Interaction Maps (MIMs) of Bioregulatory Networks: Organizers of Information and Guides for Simulations
Kurt W. Kohn, NCI

Computer Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems: A Focus on the Biology and Not on the Math
Ronald N. Germain, NIAID

Building Cell Signaling Networks Using Proteomic Data
Mark A. Knepper, NHLBI

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