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NIH Research Festival 2005
2005 NIH Research Festival

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October 18 - October 21
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Poster Session 2 Print Version, Poster Session 2
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Print Version, Category BIOINFO
Bian, Xiaopeng (NCI)
X. Bian, J. Lorenz, S. Muju, P. Tran, J. Moy, J. Zhou, H. Chen, S. Gustafson, A. Shinohara, Y. Wu, D. Addepalli, S. Settnek, J. Mejorada, S. Madhavan, G. Fragoso, S. Dubman, K. Buetow and M. Heiskanen
  caArray: a Standard Based Data Management System at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Bioinformatics
Bindewald, Eckart (NCI)
E. Bindewald, B.A. Shapiro
  A Machine Learning Approach to Predict RNA Secondary Structures from Sequence Alignments
Bitter, PhD, Ingmar (CC)
M. Kelsey, I. Bitter, R. M. Summers
  Performance Tuning of Candidate Determination Methods for Computer Aided Detection of Colon Polyps
Dubman, Sue (NCI)
S. Dubman, S. Liu, S. Settnek, E. Chen, S. Hastak, M. Giordano, J. Doswell, W. Ver Hoef, D. Grandquist, S. Jiang, K. Sung Um, Y. Wu
  HL7 SDK - Health Level Seven Software Development Toolkit
Islamaj, Rezarta (NLM)
R. Islamaj, L. Getoor, W.J. Wilbur
  Feature Generation for Sequences with Application to Splice-Site Prediction
Kasprzak, Wojciech Kajetan (NCI)
W.K. Kasprzak and B.A. Shapiro
  Folding Pathways of Multiple Strains of the HIV-1 Leader Region explored with the Massively Parallel Genetic Algorithm Program MPGAfold
Lemkin, Peter F (NCI)
P.F. Lemkin, J.Evans, G.C. Thornwall
  The Open2Dprot Project for n-Dimensional Protein Expression Data Analysis
Lucas, David Aaron (NCI)
D. A. Lucas, T. P. Conrads, and T. D. Veenstra
  ProToPIQ: Proteomic Toolkit for Protein Identification and Quantitation: A Post- Processing Tool for Mining Proteomic Data
Mohan, Madan Babu (NLM)
M.M. Babu, S.A. Teichmann and L. Aravind
  Systems Biology: Genomic Analysis Reveals Fundamental Principles about Adaptive Regulation in Prokaryotes
Peterson, Katherine M (NEI)
K. Peterson, D. Hoover, P. Buchoff, J. Gao, G. Wistow
  NEIBank and EyeBrowse: Genomics and Bioinformatics resources for Vision Research
Powell, John I. (CIT)
E. Asaki, X. Bian, C. Gadisetti, Y. He, K. Meyer, T. Ruppert, J. Tomlin, L. Yang, B. Young and J. Powell
  mAdb: microArray Database System – Bioinformatics for microArrays
Schuler, Greg (NLM)
G.D. Schuler, S. Iazvovskaia, K. Rotmistrovsky, and S. Tatake
  New Databases for Molecular Probe Sequences and RNA Interference Results
Shi, Wenyao (NIMH)
W. Shi, A.J. Makusky, X. Yang, M. Kim, D.M. Maynard, M.M. Xu, L.Y. Geer, J.A. Kowalak, S.P. Markey
  An Integrated Workflow Approach to Maximize Information from Shotgun Proteomics Data
Weinstein, John N. (NCI)
J. Weinstein, W. Reinhold, B. Zeeberg, M. Reimers, D. Kane, M. Sunshine, S. Narasimhan, H. Cao, K. Bussey, S. Major, S. Nishizuka, U. Shankavaram, G. Eichler, J. Ludwig, P. Lorenzi, H. Liu, A. Kahn, R. Sfeir, M. Aladjem, K. Kohn, Y. Pommier. LMP, CCR
  An “Integromic” Systems Approach to Cancer Drug Discovery: Integrating Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics
Yan, Bin (NIDCD)
B. Yan, T. Lee, X. Yang, C. Van Waes, Z. Chen
  Computational Analysis of the Transcriptional Elements Regulating the Distinct Gene Expression Clusters in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas
Yang, Liming (CIT)
L. Yang, J. Powell, V. Ngo, L. Staudt
  Web-based Software for Optimized shRNA Design of Large RNA Interference Libraries
Zeeberg, Barry Richard (NCI)
B.R Zeeberg
  MatchMiner, GoMiner, and High-Throughput GoMiner

Cell Biology
Print Version, Category CB
Bush, Ronald A (NIDCD)
R.A. Bush, Y. Zeng, D. Raz-Prag, S. Kjellstrom, M. Santos-Muffley, and P.A. Sieving
  Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)-Mediated Delivery Of Lens Epithelium Derived Growth Factor (LEDGF) Preserves Photoreceptor Function In Retinal Degeneration In The Absence Of Small Heat Shock Protein Up-Regulation
Citterio, Carmen (NHLBI)
C. Citterio, G. Pacheco-Rodriguez, J. Moss, and M. Vaughan
  Intracellular Translocation of BIG1 and ARF in Response to Cyclic AMP
Fan, Jianguo (NEI)
J. Fan, P. Chaing, R.N. Fariss, A.B. Chepelinsky and G. Wistow
  Regulation of the Trafficking of Two Membrane Proteins of the Lens by Common Signal Transduction Pathways
Fukuda, Tokiko (NIAMS)
T.Fukuda, K.Zaal, E.Ralston, P.H. Plotz, N. Raben
  Deficiency of a Single Lysosomal Enzyme Results in Widespread Dysfunction of Endocytic and Autophagic Pathways
Gao, Chun Y (NEI)
C.Y. Gao, F.Y. Qiao, and P.S. Zelenka
  Cdk5 Dependent Regulation of E-Cadherin Junctions in HCLE Cells
Ghosh, Soma (NICHD)
S. Ghosh, T. Saha, A. Vassilev and M.L. DePamphilis
  Ubiquitination And Degradation Of The Origin Recognition Complex Large Subunit (Orc1) Can Rescue Mammalian Cells From Orc1-Induced Apoptosis.
Hanna, Michael C. (NINDS)
M.C. Hanna, J.A. Stadler, C.D. Blackstone
  Cellular Localization and Interactions of the Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (SPG21) Protein, ACP33/maspardin.
Heredia, Raul (NEI)
R. Heredia, C. Meyer, N. Balko, S.P. Becerra
  Topology, Subcellular Localization and Distribution of a Novel Receptor for Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor in the Retina
Islam, Aminul (NHLBI)
A. Islam, M. Ge, and S. J. Levine
  NEFA, an ARTS-1 Interacting and Calcium Binding Protein, that Promotes the Release of Soluble TNFR1.
Kruhlak, Michael John (NCI)
M.J. Kruhlak, A. Celeste, O. Fernandez-Capetillo, H. Muller, J. McNally, & A. Nussenzweig
  Changes in Higher-order Chromatin Structure and Mobility at Sites of Experimentally-induced DNA Double Strand Breaks
Kuo, Catherine K (NIAMS)
C.K. Kuo, R.S. Tuan
  Tenogenesis of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Ly, Lien H (NHGRI)
L. Ly, H. Dorward, I. Nouvel, R. Kleta, Y. Anikster, W. Gahl, M. Huizing
  The OPA3 Protein, Defective in Type III 3-methylglutaconic Aciduria, Localizes to Mitochondria and Peroxisomes
Nahirney, Patrick C (NIAMS)
P.C. Nahirney, K. Wang
  Myosin Flares and Actin Leptomeres as Myofibril Assembly/Disassembly Intermediates in Sonic Muscle Fibers
Ozawa, Yasuhiro (NCI)
Y. Ozawa, Y. Zhang, M. R. Kuehn
  Functional Analysis of the Role of N4BP3
Radoja, Nadezda (NIAMS)
N. Radoja, M. Blumenberg, and M. Morasso
  Dlx3 Inhibits Proliferation of Normal and Transformed Human Keratinocytes
Rousche, Kathleen T. (NIAMS)
KT Rousche, H Quick and RS Tuan
  The Role of Non-Canonical Wnts in Human Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cell Osteogenesis
Rozenberg, Julian M (NCI)
J. M. Rozenberg, A. Orosz, J. Hildebrandt, M. Gerdes, S. Yuspa, C. Vinson
  Targeting of a CREB Dominant Negative Inhibitor to Mouse Keratinocytes Reduces Formation of Skin Papillomas
Sharma, Prashant (NCI)
P.Sharma and M.R.Kuehn
  Role of Protein Desumoylation in Mouse Development
Tripathi, Brajendra Kumar (NEI)
B.K. Tripathi, D.R. Ledee, P.S. Zelenka
  The Cyclin Dependent Kinase 5 Activator p39 Binds Myosin Essential Light Chain
Tserentsoodol, Nomingerel (NEI)
N. Tserentsoodol, N. Gordiyenko, J.W. Lee and I.R. Rodriguez
  Localization of Scavenger Receptors Class B (SRBI.1 and SRBI.2) Responsible for Lipid Transport in the Retina
Wang, Xibin (NIAMS)
X. Wang, P.A. Manner, R.S. Tuan
  Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Antagonize Effects of FGF2 and IL-1b on MMP Expression in Articular Chondrocytes
Wang, Fei E (NEI)
F.E. Wang, C. Zhi, A. Maminishkis, S.S. Miller
  Expression Profile of Primary Human Fetal Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) Cells Cultured on Flask and Transwell
Zaal, Kristien JM (NIAMS)
K. Zaal, E. Reid, G. Gundersen, T. Zhang. E. Ralston
  Centrosome and Golgi Complex Reorganization during Myogenesis can Proceed without a Coherent, Dynamic Microtubule Network
Zhi, Connie G (NEI)
C Zhi, FE Wang, S Jalickee, T Banzon, R Fariss, A Maminishkis, J Hammer, WS Sly, SS Miller
  Subcellular Localization and Physiological Studies of Carbonic Anhydrases in Human Fetal and Bovine Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) Cells
Zhou, Yifu (NHLBI)
Y. Zhou, T. Hunter, S. Kozlov and K.A. Horvath
  Isolation, Culture and Characterization of Porcine Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)

Print Version, Category DEV
Bao, Jianjun (NHLBI)
J. Bao, Q. Wei, X. Ma, G. Miller, C. Liu, and R. S. Adelstein
  Ablating Nonmuscle Myosin II-B with cDNA Encoding GFP-Nonmuscle Myosin Heavy Chain II-A Only Partially Rescues II-B Knockout Mice
Boorech, Jamie Lynn (NHGRI)
J.L. Boorech, M.R. Kirby, A.G. Elkahloun, and B. Feldman
  Use of FACS-Assisted Microdissection to Isolate Germ-Layer Specific Genes
Costa, Justin A (NHGRI)
J.A. Costa, and B. Feldman
  A Knockdown Screen of RhoGEFs Reveals Essential Roles for Epiboly and Head Development
Heo, Jeonghoon (NCI)
J. Heo, V. Factor, T. Uren, I. Schroeder, Y. Takahama, S.S. Thorgeirsson
  In Vitro Generation and Transplantation of Hepatocytic Cells from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Kalinin, Oleksandr (NIAMS)
M. Hwang, O. Kalinin, M.I. Morasso
  Expression Pattern of the Novel Ca++-Binding Proteins, Scarf and Scarf2, During Development and Epidermal Differentiation
Kamiya, Nobuhiro (NIEHS)
N. Kamiya, L. Ye, T. Kobayashi, H.M. Kronenberg, J. Feng, Y. Mishina
  BMP Signaling Through Type IA Receptor (Bmpr1a) Regulates Normal Bone Development and Remodeling
Lee, Heuijung (CBER)
H. Lee, B.G. Stultz, and D.A. Hursh
  Odd-Paired, a Member of the Zic Family of Zinc-Finger Transcription Factors, Regulates the Drosophila Bone Morphogenetic Protein, Decapentaplegic, During Adult Head Development
Lee, Tin Lap (NICHD)
T. L. Lee, A.L. Pang, D. Alba, S.M. Wu, V. Baxendale, O.M. Rennert, W.Y. Chan
  Identification and Comparative Analysis of Transcript Variants with Alternative 3’ End Usage in Spermatogenesis by Serial Analysis of Gene Expression
Lee, Tin Lap (NICHD)
T-L Lee, D. Alba, V. Baxendale, O.M Rennert, W-Y Chan
  Discoveries with Computational Analysis of Sage Data of Mouse Germ-Cell Transcriptome at Different Stages of Spermatogenesis
Luo, Yongquan (NIA)
Y. Luo, C. Schwartz, S. Shin, X. Zheng, and M.S. Rao.
  A Focused Microarray to Assess Dopaminergic and Glial Cell Differentiation from Fetal Tissue or Embryonic Stem Cells
Pei, Wuhong (NHGRI)
W. Pei, M. Ouspenskaia, A. Elkahloun, and B. Feldman
  Morpholino Knockdown Uncovers a Requirement for FoxH1/Schmalspurfor Normal Morphogenesis and Survival during Gastrulation
Stultz, Brian G (CBER)
B.G. Stultz, H. Lee, D.A. Hursh
  Decapentaplegic, the Drosophila homolog of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) 2/4, controls the morphogenesis of the adult head
Tian, E (NIDCR)
E Tian, K.G. Ten Hagen
  Expression of the UDP-GalNAc: Polypeptide N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferase Family is Spatially and Temporally Regulated During Drosophila Development
Toso, Laura (NICHD)
L. Toso, R. Roberson, J. Woodard, D. Abebe, C.Y. Spong
  Prenatal alcohol exposure alters GABA; 5 Expression: a Mechanism of Alcohol-Induced Learning Dysfunction
Voss, Joachim G (NINDS)
J.G. Voss, R. Raghavan, M.C. Dalakas
  Development of a Mitochondria-Specific Microarray Chip to Evaluate Fatigue in HIV/AIDS
Wu, Liangtang (NICHD)
L. Wu
  Structure and Functional Characterization of Single Strand DNA Binding Protein SSDP1: Carboxyl-terminal of SSDP1 has a Transcriptional Activity
Silver, Debra L (NIGMS)
D.L. Silver, D. Watkins-Chow, C. Rivas, E. Elliot , and W.J. Pavan
  Identification and Characterization of Oreo, a Novel Locus Required for Mammalian Neural Crest Development

Print Version, Category IMAG
Bernardo, Marcelino (NCI)
M. Bernardo, C. Shaw, H. Kobayashi, G. Metzger, D. Thomasson, A. El-Sharkawy, and P. Choyke
  Multiple Mouse Imaging System for High-Throughput In-Vivo Molecular Imaging Research on a Clinical 3.0 T MRI Scanner
Boswell, Charles A (NCI)
C.A. Boswell, C.A.S. Regino, M. Bernardo, K.J. Wong, C.A. Shaw, D.E. Milenic, M.W. Brechbiel, P.L. Choyke
  Multimodal Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis
Brown, Amira Khalila (NIMH)
A.K.Brown,D. Hommer, J. Sangare, M. Fujita, M. Ichise, D.T. George, & R.B. Innis
  Pet Measurement of Serotonis Transporters Using [11C] DASB in Alcoholics with and without a History of Aggression
Cheng, Ruida (CIT)
R. Cheng, E.S. McCreedy, P.F. Hemler, A. Viswanathan, B.J. Wood, M.J. McAuliffe
  Radio Frequency Ablation Fusion and Segmentation Tool
Chuang, Kai-Hsiang (NINDS)
K-H Chuang, H. Merkle, S. Chesnick, P. van Gelderen, A. Koretsky, J. Duyn, S. L. Talagala
  Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion MRI at 7 T
Conroy, Richard (NINDS)
R.S. Conroy, A. Koretsky
  Exploring DNA Processing at the Single Molecule Level
Hemler, Paul F (CIT)
PF Hemler, ES McCreedy, R Cheng, BJ Wood, MJ McAuliffe
  Vasculature Segmentation for Radio Frequency Ablation of Non-Resectable Hepatic Tumors
Huang, Adam (CC)
A. Huang, D. Roy, M. Franaszek, R.M. Summers
  Teniae Coli Guided Navigation and Registration for CT Colonography
Kim, Stephanie (OD)
S. Kim, C. Galban, M. R. Robinson, K. G. Csaky, G. Tansey, M. J. Lizak, N. S. Wang, R. J. Lutz
  Analysis of Sustained Drug Delivery to the Rabbit Eye using Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: a Preliminary Study
Kobayashi, Hisataka (NCI)
H. Kobayashi, S. Kawamoto, M. Bernardo, Y. Tagaya, T.A. Waldmann, M.W. Breckbiel, P.L. Choyke
  Lymphatic Disorders in Mouse Models Examined with the Micro-MR Lymphangiography with Gd-Dendrimer-Based Nano-size Contrast Agents
Lee, Christabel E C (CC)
C.E.C.Lee, D.Thomasson, E.H.Baker
  T1 and T2 Relaxation Maps Versus T1 and T2 Weighted Brain Imaging
Lefman, Jonathan (NCI)
J. Lefman, R. Morrison, D. Simons, and S. Subramaniam
  High-Throughput Electron Microscopy: Automated 100-Specimen Loader and Image Acquisition System
Luo, Qian (NIMH)
Q. Luo, M. Nakic, T. Wheatley, R. Richell, A. Martin, J. Blair
  The Neural Basis of Implicit Moral Attitude --- an IAT Study Using Event-Related Fmri
McAuliffe, Matthew Joseph (CIT)
M.J. McAuliffe, B. Link, K. Moeller, J. Smith, X. Liu, K. Csaky
  Biomedical Research using MIPAV: Analysis of KCS (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) and AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) Diseases
Mitchell, Derek GV (NIMH)
D. Mitchell, J. Luo and J. Blair
  The Neural Correlates of Disrupting Motor Responding with Incidental Emotional Stimuli
OcaK, Iclal (NCI)
I Ocak, P Choyke, D Thomasson
  Assessing Tumor Angiogenesis with Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI
Ordaz, Sarah Jean (NIMH)
S.J. Ordaz, M.A. Rosenthal, R. Lenroot, G.L. Wallace, L.S. Clasen, J.N. Giedd
  Are there Differences in Brain Morphometry between Twins and Singletons?
Peschardt, Karina S (NIMH)
K.S. Peschardt, A. Mars, J. Morton, M. Vythilingam, W.C. Drevets, R.J.R. Blair
  The Better of Two Goods, the Lesser of Two Evils: Parametric Modulation of Cortico-Limbic Structures According to Inter-Object Desirability Distance
Pursley, Randall H (CIT)
R.H. Pursley, G. Salem, N. Devasahayam, S. Subramanian, J. Koscielniak, M.C. Krishna, T.J. Pohida
  Integration of Digital Signal Processing Technologies with Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging
Silva, Afonso C (NINDS)
B. Stefanovic and A.C. Silva
  Disruption of the Cerebrovascular Coupling by Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2 Pathway
Stefanovic, Bojana (NINDS)
B. Stefanovic and A.C. Silva
  The Uncoupling of Cerebral Blood Flow from Neuronal Activity by Inhibition of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase
Tan, Sovira (CC)
S. Tan, J. Yao, M.M. Ward, L. Yao, R.M. Summers
  Level Set Based Vertebra Segmentation for the Evaluation of Ankylosing Spondylitis
Taylor, Kristin Nicole (NIMH)
K.N. Taylor, A.B. Rose, L.S. Clasen, J.A. Blumenthal, R. Lenroot, G.L. Wallace, A.J. Myers, J. Hardy, and J.N. Giedd
  Apolipoprotein E, Brain Development, and Cognition in Healthy Children
Thomasson, David (CC)
D. Thomasson, J. O. Nneji, C.A. Mitchell
  Optimization of Linearized T1 Mapping in 3 Tesla MRI
Wakefield, Lalage M (NCI)
S.Lawrence, R.Frederickson, L.Wakefield, K.Rogers
  Improving Anatomical Image Analysis Techniques
Zhang, Tieqiao (CC)
T. Zhang, N. Danthi, J. Xie, P. H. Lu, K. C. P. Li
  Live Cell Imaging of the Endocytosis and the Intracellular Trafficking of Multifunctional Lipid Nanoparticles
Subramaniam, Sriram (NCI)
J.A.W. Heymann, M. Hayles, B. Lich and S. Subramaniam
  Site-specific 3D Imaging of Cells and Tissues With a Dual Beam Microscope

Molecular Biology
Print Version, Category MOL
Basu, Nikhil K (NICHD)
N.K Basu, A. Garza and I.S. Owens
  PKC Mediated Phosphorylation of UDP Glucuronosyltransferase 1A7 Regulates Substrate Specificity
Carlson, Bradley A (NCI)
B.A. Carlson, V.N. Gladyshev, and D.L. Hatfield
  Partial Replacement of the Selenoprotein Population in Mouse Liver as a Model for Elucidating the Role of Selenoproteins in Health
Han, Sejin (NICHD)
S. Han, W. Losert and S. Leikin
  The Self-Assembly of Type 1 Collagen Network
Jiao, Wan (NCI)
W. Jiao, J. Datta, H-M Lin, M. Dundr & S.G. Rane
  Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling of RB Dependent on CDK Phosphorylation
Ladu, Sara (NCI)
S. Ladu, D.F. Calvisi, E.A. Conner, V.M. Factor, S.S. Thorgeirsson
  Activation of Akt/mTOR/p70S6K and COX-2 Pathways Accelerates Hepatocarcinogenesis in c-Myc/E2F1 Transgenic Mice: Relevance of Mouse Model for Human Liver Cancer
Lee, Jung Wha (NEI)
J.W. Lee, N.V. Gordiyenko, M. Marchetti, N. Tserentsoodol, D. Sager, S. Alam, H. Weissbach, M., Kantorow, and I.R. Rodriguez
  Gene Structure, Localization and Role in Oxidative Stress of Methionine sulfoxide reductase A (msrA) in the Monkey Retina
Radichev, Ilian Anibal (NICHD)
I. Radichev, A. Vassilev, M. DePamphilis
  Identification of a Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS) and ORC Interactions Domains in Human Orc2 Molecule
Seiler, Jennifer A. (NCI)
J.A. Seiler, A. Syed, M.I. Aladjem and Y. Pommier
  Effects of the Topoisomerase I Inhibitor Camptothecin on DNA Replication
Sengupta, Aniruddha (NCI)
A. Sengupta, B.A. Carlson, V.N. Gladyshev and D.L. Hatfield
  Interrelationship Between Selenoprotein and Lipoprotein Metabolism
Shrimali, Rajeev Kumar (NCI)
R.K. Shrimali, J.M. Park, R.D. Irons, B.A. Carlson, M.A. Eckhaus and D.L. Hatfield
  Selenoproteins: A Crucial Factor in Th1 vs Th2 Immune Response
Singh, Aman Kaur (NHLBI)
A. Singh, Q. Wei, K. Takeda, C. Liu, Z. Yu, and R. Adelstein
  Ubiquitous Ablation of NMHC II-B in Mice
Xu, Xue-Ming (NCI)
X.-M. Xu, H. Mix, B.A. Carlson, P.J. Grabowski, V.N. Glaydshev, M.J. Berry and D.L. Hatfield
  Evidence for Direct Roles of Two Additional Factors, SECp43 and SLA, in the Selenoprotein Synthesis Machinery

Print Version, Category PHYSIO
Banzon, Tina M (NEI)
T. Banzon, S. Jalickee, S. Miller
  Measuring Electro-osmosis In Vitro: Understanding the Mechanism of Fluid Transport Across the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE)
Cochard, Audrey E (NIDDK)
A. Cochard, L.L. Hsu, A. Dejam, M.M. Pelletier, M.T. Gladwin, A.N. Schechter
  Whole Blood Nitrite in Mice shows Sexual Dimorphism and falls with Hypoxia.
Kalbaugh, Trisha L (NIGMS)
T.L. Kalbaugh, J.S. Diamond
  Distinct NMDA Receptor Subtypes at ON and OFF Inputs to Retinal Ganglion Cells
Levenson, Jessica C (NIMH)
J. Levenson, S. Lissek, D. McDowell, L. Johnson, J. Levine, D. Pine, J. Shaywitz, C. Grillon
  Using Socially Relevant Conditioned and Unconditioned Stimuli to Examine the Associative Learning Components of Social Anxiety
Lin, Yuhong (NIAAA)
Y.H. Lin, S. Samit and N. Salem, Jr.
  End Product Inhibition of Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism In Vivo: A Stable Isotope Study
McDowell, Dana J (NIMH)
D. McDowell, S. Lissek, S. Dvir, J. Shaywitz, J. Baas, D. Pine, C. Grillon
  Clinical Anxiety and Retention of Aversive Conditioning
Webster, Bradley R (NHLBI)
B. Webster, B. Adhikari, A. Singh, K. Wang, and R. Adelstein
  Mechanics of Papillary Muscles Mutated in Cytoplasmic Myosin

Print Version, Category SIG
Balla, Andras (NICHD)
A. Balla, P. Varnai and T. Balla
  Studies on the Role of Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase Isoforms in the Maintenance of Hormone-Sensitive PI(4,5)P2 Pools
Hu, Lan (CBER)
L. Hu and D. J. Kopecko
  Heterotrimeric G Proteins and Mitogen-activated Protein (MAP) Kinases ERK and p38 Are Involved in C. jejuni 81-176 Invasion of INT407 Cells
Ichijo, Takamasa (NICHD)
T. Ichijo, G.P. Chrousos and T. Kino
  Set/TAF-I<=, a Component of the INHAT (Inhibitor of Histone Acetyltransferases) Complex Interacts with the Glucocorticoid Receptor and Represses its Transcriptional Activity
Jeong, Soo-Jin (NCI)
S. Jeong, C.A. Pise-Masison, M.F. Radonovich, H. Ung Park and J.N. Brady
  Activated AKT Regulates NF-kB Activation, p53 Inhibition and Cell Survival in HTLV-1-Rransformed Cells
Khan, Faiyaz Ahmad (NHLBI)
F.A. Khan, R. Nilsson, E. Degerman, V.C. Manganiello
  Insulin-Induced Formation of Macromolecular Complexes Involved in Activation of Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase 3 B (PDE3B) and its Interaction with PKB
Li, Bo (NIDDK)
B.Li, M. Scarselli, C.D. Knudsen, S. M. McMillin, and J. Wess
  A Novel Experimental Strategy that Allows the Identification of all Functionally Critical Amino Acids in the M3 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor
Ma, Hui (NICHD)
H. Ma, A. Balla, T. Blake, P. Liu and T. Balla
  Expression Patterns of Four Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinases During Zebrafish (danio rerio) Development
Mihaylov, Vassil Avgoustov (NCI)
V. Mihaylov, F. Comer, L. Yu, T. Veenstra, C. Parent
  A PH Domain-Containing Protein Complex is Formed at the Plasma Membrane in Response to Chemoattractant Stimulation
Notari, Luigi (NEI)
L.Notari, C.Meyer, S.P.Becerra
  PEDF-R: A Receptor for Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor with Phospholipase A Activity
Toth, Balazs (NICHD)
B. Toth, A. Balla, P. Varnai and T. Balla
  Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase Involvement in the ER to Golgi Transport of Ceramide
Wess, Jürgen (NIDDK)
S.-J. Han, F. F. Hamdan, S.-K. Kim, K. A. Jacobson, L. M. Bloodworth, B. Li, and J. Wess
  Identification of an Agonist-induced Conformational Change Occurring Adjacent to the Ligand Binding Pocket of a Class A G Protein-Coupled Receptor
Yeh, Li-Hong Paul (CBER)
P. Yeh, P. Buehler, N. Tayebi and A. Alayash
  Expression of Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF-1alpha) and Some of its Target Genes in Guinea Pig after Exchange Transfusion with a Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitute -- a Preliminary Investigation
Zhang, Peijun (NCI)
P. Zhang and S. Subramaniam
  Structural Analysis of the Bacterial Chemotaxis Signal Transduction Pathway Using Electron Tomography

Sensory Systems
Print Version, Category SS
Brewer, Carmen C. (NIDCD)
C.C. Brewer, C. Zalewski, D. Drayna, T.B. Friedman, R.J. Morell
  Normal Variation in Auditory Processing Skills
Redmond, T. Michael (NEI)
T. M. Redmond, E. Poliakov, S. Yu, J-Y. Tsai, Z. Lu, S. Gentleman
  Mutation of Key Residues of RPE65 Abolishes its Enzymatic Role as Isomerohydrolase in the Chromophore Visual Cycle of the Retina

Print Version, Category TRANS
Collins, Irene (NCI)
I. Collins, W. J. Freebern, A. Desiervi, I. Montano, C. M. Haggerty, and K. Gardner.
  The Kinetics of RNA Polymerase II Binding and Transcription Induction at Target Genes During T cell Activation
Johnson, Thomas A (NCI)
T.A. Johnson, S. John, C. Koch-Paiz, S. Davis, C. Elbi, P. Meltzer and G.L. Hager
  Role of Swi/Snf Chromatin Remodeling Complex in the Regulation of Glucocorticoid Receptor Function
Sun, Yunguang (NIDDK)
Y Sun, S Simons
  Modulation of the Properties of Glucocorticoid Receptor-Mediated Repression by Cofactors
Zhou, Meisheng (NCI)
M. Zhou, H. Lu, H. Park and J.N. Brady
  Tax Interacts with P-TEFb to Stimulate HTLV-1 Transcription
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