Poster Session 1
APO-1 Mustafa, Khadija A (NIA) K. Mustafa, D. Liu, C. Wu, and M. Mattson
  Involvement of Mitochondrial DNA Glycosylase OGG1 in Neuronal Survival and Functional Outcome in Experimental Stroke
APO-2 Nguyen, Dao M (NCI) D.M. Nguyen, R.M. Reddy, W. Tsai, W-S. Yeow, M.F. Ziauddin, J.T. Zuo, D.S. Schrump.
  The Essential Role of the Mitochondria-Dependent Apoptosis-Inducing Signaling Cascade in Chemotherapy-Induced Potentiation of Apo2L/TRAIL Cytotoxicity in Cultured Thoracic Cancer Cells
APO-4 Yeow, Wen-Shuz (NCI) W-S. Yeow, M.F. Ziauddin, J.B. Maxhimer, J.T. Zuo, D.S. Schrump, D.M. Nguyen
  Profound Induction of Apoptosis in Thoracic Cancer Cells by Valproic Acid, an Antiepileptic Drug with Histone Deacetylase inhibitory activity, in combination the clinically relevant kinase inhibitor UCN-01.
APO-5 Yoo, Min-Hyuk (NCI) M-H Yoo, X-M Xu, V.N. Gladyshev and D.L. Hatfield
  Involvement of Thioredoxin Reductase 1 in UV Induced Apoptosis
APO-6 Zuo, Jing Tong (NCI) J.T. Zuo, A.M. Alleva, G.W. Cole Jr, W-S. Yeow, D.S. Schrump, D.M. Nguyen
  Suppression of Pro-metastasis Phenotypes Expression in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma by the PI3K Inhibitor LY294002 or the MEK Inhibitor UO126
BIOINFO-1 Bian, Xiaopeng (NCI) X. Bian, J. Lorenz, S. Muju, P. Tran, J. Moy, J. Zhou, H. Chen, S. Gustafson, A. Shinohara, Y. Wu, D. Addepalli, S. Settnek, J. Mejorada, S. Madhavan, G. Fragoso, S. Dubman, K. Buetow and M. Heiskanen
  caArray: a Standard Based Data Management System at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Bioinformatics
BIOINFO-2 Bindewald, Eckart (NCI) E. Bindewald, B.A. Shapiro
  A Machine Learning Approach to Predict RNA Secondary Structures from Sequence Alignments
BIOINFO-3 Bitter, PhD, Ingmar (CC) M. Kelsey, I. Bitter, R. M. Summers
  Performance Tuning of Candidate Determination Methods for Computer Aided Detection of Colon Polyps
BIOINFO-4 Dubman, Sue (NCI) S. Dubman, S. Liu, S. Settnek, E. Chen, S. Hastak, M. Giordano, J. Doswell, W. Ver Hoef, D. Grandquist, S. Jiang, K. Sung Um, Y. Wu
  HL7 SDK - Health Level Seven Software Development Toolkit
BIOINFO-6 Islamaj, Rezarta (NLM) R. Islamaj, L. Getoor, W.J. Wilbur
  Feature Generation for Sequences with Application to Splice-Site Prediction
BIOINFO-7 Kasprzak, Wojciech Kajetan (NCI) W.K. Kasprzak and B.A. Shapiro
  Folding Pathways of Multiple Strains of the HIV-1 Leader Region explored with the Massively Parallel Genetic Algorithm Program MPGAfold
BIOINFO-8 Lemkin, Peter F (NCI) P.F. Lemkin, J.Evans, G.C. Thornwall
  The Open2Dprot Project for n-Dimensional Protein Expression Data Analysis
BIOINFO-9 Lucas, David Aaron (NCI) D. A. Lucas, T. P. Conrads, and T. D. Veenstra
  ProToPIQ: Proteomic Toolkit for Protein Identification and Quantitation: A Post- Processing Tool for Mining Proteomic Data
BIOINFO-10 Mohan, Madan Babu (NLM) M.M. Babu, S.A. Teichmann and L. Aravind
  Systems Biology: Genomic Analysis Reveals Fundamental Principles about Adaptive Regulation in Prokaryotes
BIOINFO-11 Peterson, Katherine M (NEI) K. Peterson, D. Hoover, P. Buchoff, J. Gao, G. Wistow
  NEIBank and EyeBrowse: Genomics and Bioinformatics resources for Vision Research
BIOINFO-12 Powell, John I. (CIT) E. Asaki, X. Bian, C. Gadisetti, Y. He, K. Meyer, T. Ruppert, J. Tomlin, L. Yang, B. Young and J. Powell
  mAdb: microArray Database System – Bioinformatics for microArrays
BIOINFO-13 Schuler, Greg (NLM) G.D. Schuler, S. Iazvovskaia, K. Rotmistrovsky, and S. Tatake
  New Databases for Molecular Probe Sequences and RNA Interference Results
BIOINFO-14 Shi, Wenyao (NIMH) W. Shi, A.J. Makusky, X. Yang, M. Kim, D.M. Maynard, M.M. Xu, L.Y. Geer, J.A. Kowalak, S.P. Markey
  An Integrated Workflow Approach to Maximize Information from Shotgun Proteomics Data
BIOINFO-15 Weinstein, John N. (NCI) J. Weinstein, W. Reinhold, B. Zeeberg, M. Reimers, D. Kane, M. Sunshine, S. Narasimhan, H. Cao, K. Bussey, S. Major, S. Nishizuka, U. Shankavaram, G. Eichler, J. Ludwig, P. Lorenzi, H. Liu, A. Kahn, R. Sfeir, M. Aladjem, K. Kohn, Y. Pommier. LMP, CCR
  An “Integromic” Systems Approach to Cancer Drug Discovery: Integrating Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics
BIOINFO-16 Yan, Bin (NIDCD) B. Yan, T. Lee, X. Yang, C. Van Waes, Z. Chen
  Computational Analysis of the Transcriptional Elements Regulating the Distinct Gene Expression Clusters in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas
BIOINFO-17 Yang, Liming (CIT) L. Yang, J. Powell, V. Ngo, L. Staudt
  Web-based Software for Optimized shRNA Design of Large RNA Interference Libraries
BIOINFO-18 Zeeberg, Barry Richard (NCI) B.R Zeeberg
  MatchMiner, GoMiner, and High-Throughput GoMiner
C-1 Beck, Barbara E (NCI) B. Beck, R. Mandler, M. Zhang, K. Garmestani, M. W. Brechbiel, G. Höfle, A. Dömling, T. A. Waldmann
  The Microtubule Targeting Tubulysins and Their Potential Use as Toxins in Cancer Targeting Strategies; Synthesis and Characterization of a NO2-Tubulsyin-anti CD25 Immunoconjugate
C-2 Calcagno, Anna Maria (NCI) A.M. Calcagno and S.V. Ambudkar
  Quantitation and Comparison of Gene Expression Levels of Multidrug-Resistance-Linked ABC Transporters in Drug-Selected and Parental Cell Lines Using Real Time PCR
C-3 Chen, Qi (NIDDK) Q Chen; M Espey; M Cherukuri; J Mitchell; G Buettner; E Shacter; M Levine
  Pharmacologic Ascorbic Acid Concentrations Selectively Kill Cancer Cells: Ascorbic Acid as a Novel Prodrug for Hydrogen Peroxide Delivery to Tissues
C-4 Dempsey, Jamie Michelle (NCI) J.M. Dempsey, J.K. Simmons, J.R. Brooks, J.S. Wiest
  Increased Levels of MAP3K8 Protein in Lung Cancer Cell Lines Correlates to an Increase in Activated MEK1/2
C-5 Hassan, Moinuddin (NICHD) M. Hassan, A. Vogel, A. Franck, K. Wyvill, R. Littlr, R. Yarchoan and A. Gandjbakhche
  Imaging of Angiogenesis for Treatment Monitoring
C-6 Hirsch, Dianne Snow (CBER) D.S. Hirsch, Y. Shen, and W.J. Wu
  Cdc42 as a Potential Therapeutic Target for the Reduction of Cellular Proliferation and Migration as Measured in MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells
C-7 Irons, Robert (NCI) R. Irons, B. A. Carlson, D. L. Hatfield and C. D. Davis
  Dietary Selenium (Se) Protects Against Azoxymethane-Induced Aberrant Crypts in Mice with Impaired Selenoprotein Production
C-8 Issaq, Haleem J (NCI) H. J. Issaq, X. Xu, J. M. Roman, R. G. Ziegler, and T. D. Veenstra
  Analysis for Estrogens and Their Metabolites in Serum
C-9 Jakowlew, Sonia B (NCI) J. Pandey, A. Naumova, T. Jacks, and S.B. Jakowlew
  Detection of Differentially Expressed Genes in the Presence of TGF-b1 Heterozygosity in a K-Ras Mutated Mouse Model of Lung Cancer
C-10 Jana, Siddhartha S (NHLBI) S.S. Jana and R.S. Adelstein
  Role of an Eight Amino Acid Insert in Nonmuscle Myosin Heavy Chain II-C in Tumor Cells
C-11 Joshi, Bharat H (CBER) B.H. Joshi, R. Puri, P. Leland, R.K. Puri
  Expression and Purification of Two Biologically Active Tumor Specific Cytotoxins Consisting of Human Interleukin-13 And Pseudomonas Exotoxin in Escherichia Coli
C-12 Kaposi-Novak, Pal (NCI) P. Kaposi-Novak, J-S Lee, L. Gomez-Quiroz, C. Coulouran, V.M. Factor and S.S. Thorgeirsson
  Hepatocyte Growth Factor/c-met Signaling Specific Expression Profiles from Primary Mouse Hepatocytes Define Subgroup of Human Hepatocellular Carcinomas with Poor Prognosis and Aggressive Phenotype
C-13 Kim, Myoung Shin (NIDDK) MS Kim, H-S Kim, S Lee
  Characterization of Novel Target Gene of WT1
C-14 Li, Hongjie (NIDDK) H. Li, G. A. Smolen, W. Gerald, D. A. Haber, S. B. Lee
  Identification of ENT4 as a Transcription Target for EWS-WT1 Oncoprotein
C-15 Mavroukakis, Sharon A (NCI) H.R. Alexander, S.A. Mavroukakis, S.K. Libutti, J.F. Pingpank, T. Beresnev, S. Steinberg, D.E. White, D. Liewehr, S.F. Marden
  Impact of Tumor Resection and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy on Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Peritoneal Malignancies
C-16 Reimers, Mark (NCI) M. Reimers, J.N. Weinstein
  Role of Amplification in Gene Expression of the NCI60 Cell Lines
C-17 Rogers, Scott D (NCI) S.D. Rogers, E. Trapido, D. Seminara, J.F. Arena
  Admixture Mapping in the Hispanic/Latino Population in the United States: Applications to Cancer Epidemiology
C-18 Rudelius, Martina (NCI) M.Rudelius, S.Pittaluga, T. H.-T.Pham, T.Fountaine III, L.Quintanilla-Martinez, E.S.Jaffe and M.Raffeld
  Constitutive Activation of AKT Contributes to the Pathogenesis and Survival of Blastoid Variants of Mantle Cell Lymphoma
C-19 Sharifi, Nima (NCI) N. Sharifi, E.M. Hurt and W.L. Farrar
  Loss of TGF-beta Receptor III Expression and Consequences in Prostate Cancer
C-20 Shukla, Suneet (NCI) S. Shukla, R. Robey, S. Bates, S. Ambudkar
  1,4-Dihydropyridines, the Calcium Channel Blockers, are Substrates of the Multidrug Resistance-Linked ABC Drug Transporter ABCG2
C-21 Simpson, Kristine (CC) K. Simpson, M. Bevans, N. Shelburne
  The Development of an Algorithm Managing Acute Delirium in Patients Undergoing Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant (SCT)
C-22 Soule, Benjamin Petersen (NCI) B. P. Soule, J.A. Cook, W. DeGraff, J.B. Mitchell
  Effect of Hypoxia and Methylation on SPARC (Secreted Protein, Acidic, Rich in Cysteine) Expression in Human Cancer Cells
C-23 Stuelten, Christina H (NCI) C.H. Stuelten, T.S. Karpova, A.B. Roberts
  Crosstalk of Tumor Cells and Stromal Partners: Coculturing Tumor Cells and Normal Fibroblasts Induces Cell Scattering of Tumor Cells
C-24 Varma, Sudhir (NCI) B.M. Ghadimi, M. Grade, M.J. Difilippantonio, S. Varma, R. Simon, C. Montagna, L. Füzesi, C. Langer, H. Becker, T. Liersch, T. Ried
  Effectiveness of Gene Expression Profiling for Response Prediction of Rectal Adenocarcinomas to Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy
C-25 Wu, Wen Jin (CBER) D.S. Hirsch, Y. Shen, and W.J. Wu
  The Role of Cdc42 in the Development of Human Breast Cancer
C-26 Xu, De Qi (CBER) D.Q Xu, L.F Gao, L Zhang, J.D Hu, F Li, Y Shao, D Zhao, D.V. Kalvakolanu, D.J. Kopecko, X Zhao
  Downregulation of Stat3 Expression Using Vector-based siRNAs Suppresses Growth of Human Prostate Tumor in Vivo
C-27 Xu, Fei (NCI) F. Xu, U. Wagner, M. Heiskanen, D. Singer, C. Marks, B. Tarnowski, S. Dubman, K. Buetow
  Cancer Models Database
C-28 Yoshioka, Ken-ichi (NIDDK) K. Yoshioka, Y. Yoshioka, and P. Hsieh
  Recognition of Cytotoxic O6-meG Adducts by MutSalpha and MutLalpha and Activation of ATR Kinase
C-29 Yu, Yanlin (NCI) Y. Yu, G. Merlino
  The Homeoprotein Six1 Promotes Metastasis Through the Transcriptional Activation of Ezrin
C-30 Zhang, Chunyu (NCI) C. Zhang, A.G. Elkahloun, M. Robertson, J.H. Shih, J. Jen, C.C. Harris, P.A. Dennis
  Loss of Cytoplasmic CDK1 is a Poor Prognostic Factor for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
Cell Biology
CB-1 Bush, Ronald A (NIDCD) R.A. Bush, Y. Zeng, D. Raz-Prag, S. Kjellstrom, M. Santos-Muffley, and P.A. Sieving
  Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)-Mediated Delivery Of Lens Epithelium Derived Growth Factor (LEDGF) Preserves Photoreceptor Function In Retinal Degeneration In The Absence Of Small Heat Shock Protein Up-Regulation
CB-2 Citterio, Carmen (NHLBI) C. Citterio, G. Pacheco-Rodriguez, J. Moss, and M. Vaughan
  Intracellular Translocation of BIG1 and ARF in Response to Cyclic AMP
CB-3 Fan, Jianguo (NEI) J. Fan, P. Chaing, R.N. Fariss, A.B. Chepelinsky and G. Wistow
  Regulation of the Trafficking of Two Membrane Proteins of the Lens by Common Signal Transduction Pathways
CB-4 Fukuda, Tokiko (NIAMS) T.Fukuda, K.Zaal, E.Ralston, P.H. Plotz, N. Raben
  Deficiency of a Single Lysosomal Enzyme Results in Widespread Dysfunction of Endocytic and Autophagic Pathways
CB-5 Gao, Chun Y (NEI) C.Y. Gao, F.Y. Qiao, and P.S. Zelenka
  Cdk5 Dependent Regulation of E-Cadherin Junctions in HCLE Cells
CB-6 Ghosh, Soma (NICHD) S. Ghosh, T. Saha, A. Vassilev and M.L. DePamphilis
  Ubiquitination And Degradation Of The Origin Recognition Complex Large Subunit (Orc1) Can Rescue Mammalian Cells From Orc1-Induced Apoptosis.
CB-7 Hanna, Michael C. (NINDS) M.C. Hanna, J.A. Stadler, C.D. Blackstone
  Cellular Localization and Interactions of the Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (SPG21) Protein, ACP33/maspardin.
CB-8 Heredia, Raul (NEI) R. Heredia, C. Meyer, N. Balko, S.P. Becerra
  Topology, Subcellular Localization and Distribution of a Novel Receptor for Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor in the Retina
CB-9 Islam, Aminul (NHLBI) A. Islam, M. Ge, and S. J. Levine
  NEFA, an ARTS-1 Interacting and Calcium Binding Protein, that Promotes the Release of Soluble TNFR1.
CB-10 Kruhlak, Michael John (NCI) M.J. Kruhlak, A. Celeste, O. Fernandez-Capetillo, H. Muller, J. McNally, & A. Nussenzweig
  Changes in Higher-order Chromatin Structure and Mobility at Sites of Experimentally-induced DNA Double Strand Breaks
CB-11 Kuo, Catherine K (NIAMS) C.K. Kuo, R.S. Tuan
  Tenogenesis of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
CB-12 Ly, Lien H (NHGRI) L. Ly, H. Dorward, I. Nouvel, R. Kleta, Y. Anikster, W. Gahl, M. Huizing
  The OPA3 Protein, Defective in Type III 3-methylglutaconic Aciduria, Localizes to Mitochondria and Peroxisomes
CB-13 Nahirney, Patrick C (NIAMS) P.C. Nahirney, K. Wang
  Myosin Flares and Actin Leptomeres as Myofibril Assembly/Disassembly Intermediates in Sonic Muscle Fibers
CB-14 Ozawa, Yasuhiro (NCI) Y. Ozawa, Y. Zhang, M. R. Kuehn
  Functional Analysis of the Role of N4BP3
CB-15 Radoja, Nadezda (NIAMS) N. Radoja, M. Blumenberg, and M. Morasso
  Dlx3 Inhibits Proliferation of Normal and Transformed Human Keratinocytes
CB-16 Rousche, Kathleen T. (NIAMS) KT Rousche, H Quick and RS Tuan
  The Role of Non-Canonical Wnts in Human Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cell Osteogenesis
CB-17 Rozenberg, Julian M (NCI) J. M. Rozenberg, A. Orosz, J. Hildebrandt, M. Gerdes, S. Yuspa, C. Vinson
  Targeting of a CREB Dominant Negative Inhibitor to Mouse Keratinocytes Reduces Formation of Skin Papillomas
CB-18 Sharma, Prashant (NCI) P.Sharma and M.R.Kuehn
  Role of Protein Desumoylation in Mouse Development
CB-19 Tripathi, Brajendra Kumar (NEI) B.K. Tripathi, D.R. Ledee, P.S. Zelenka
  The Cyclin Dependent Kinase 5 Activator p39 Binds Myosin Essential Light Chain
CB-20 Tserentsoodol, Nomingerel (NEI) N. Tserentsoodol, N. Gordiyenko, J.W. Lee and I.R. Rodriguez
  Localization of Scavenger Receptors Class B (SRBI.1 and SRBI.2) Responsible for Lipid Transport in the Retina
CB-21 Wang, Xibin (NIAMS) X. Wang, P.A. Manner, R.S. Tuan
  Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Antagonize Effects of FGF2 and IL-1b on MMP Expression in Articular Chondrocytes
CB-22 Wang, Fei E (NEI) F.E. Wang, C. Zhi, A. Maminishkis, S.S. Miller
  Expression Profile of Primary Human Fetal Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) Cells Cultured on Flask and Transwell
CB-23 Zaal, Kristien JM (NIAMS) K. Zaal, E. Reid, G. Gundersen, T. Zhang. E. Ralston
  Centrosome and Golgi Complex Reorganization during Myogenesis can Proceed without a Coherent, Dynamic Microtubule Network
CB-24 Zhi, Connie G (NEI) C Zhi, FE Wang, S Jalickee, T Banzon, R Fariss, A Maminishkis, J Hammer, WS Sly, SS Miller
  Subcellular Localization and Physiological Studies of Carbonic Anhydrases in Human Fetal and Bovine Retinal Pigment Epithelial (RPE) Cells
CB-25 Zhou, Yifu (NHLBI) Y. Zhou, T. Hunter, S. Kozlov and K.A. Horvath
  Isolation, Culture and Characterization of Porcine Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)
Clinical Investigation
CI-1 Chew, Emily Ying (NEI) E.Y. Chew, T. Clemens, S. Bressler, M. Klein, A. Ruby, J. Seddon and AREDS Research Group
  Serum Nutrient Levels as Risk Factors for Neovascular AMD
CI-2 David, Giovanni Paolo Goseco (CC) G.P.G. David, S.M. Paul, H.L. Cintas, L.H. Gerber, J. Marini
  Age of Onset of Scoliosis in Osteogenesis Imperfecta May be Associated with Sillence Type but Not Body Mass Index
CI-3 Doshi, Anish Ilesh (CC) A. Doshi, C. Chow, D. Thomasson, A. Doshi, S. Swain, P. Choyke, S. Gupta
  Comparing Average, Skew, Kurtosis: Kinetic Parametric Histograms for Improved DCE-MRI Analysis of Angiogenic Response of Inflammatory Breast Cancer
CI-4 Drinkard, Bart E (CC) M. Connelly, B. Drinkard, L. Ranzenhofer, L. Yanoff, A. Fleish, J. Yanovski
  Oxygen Uptake Efficiency Slope as a Determinant of Fitness and Performance in Overweight Adolescents
CI-5 Fall-Dickson, Jane Murray (NINR) J. Fall-Dickson, S. Gordon, C. Picco, C. Kasten-Sportes, K. Castro, X-M. Wang, R. Dionne
  Multiple Dimensions of Stomatitis-Related Oropharygeal Pain in Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation Patients
CI-6 Fontana, Joseph R (NHLBI) M.K. Park, J.R. Fontana, H. Babaali, L.I. Gilbert-McClain, M. Stylianou, J. Moss and V.C. Manganiello
  A Randomized Clinical Trial of Pentoxifylline in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis
CI-7 Gandiga, Prateek C (NINDS) P. Gandiga, F. Hummel, N.J. Paik, M.L. Harris-Love, B. Voller, P.A. Celnik, and L.G. Cohen
  Effects of Non-Invasive Cortical Stimulation (tDCS) on Motor Function in Chronic Stroke Patients and Healthy Elderly Adults
CI-8 Guinn, LaKisha D (NICHD) L.D. Guinn, M.A. Lebiedowska, S.J. Stanhope
  Growth Patterns of U.S. Children are Changing: Is it Obesity
CI-9 Hirschfeld, Steven (NCI) S. Hirschfeld, V. Berger
  Toward an Integrated Analysis of Risk and Benefit in Clinical Research
CI-10 Kastenmayer, Robin J (NIAID) R.J. Kastenmayer, M.A. Fain, K. A.Perdue
  A Restrospective Study of Idiopathic Dermatitis
CI-11 Kling, Mitchel A (NIMH) M.A. Kling, S. Alesci, G. Csako, D.A. Luckenbaugh, R. Costello, O. Bonne, R. Duncko, H. Manji, D.S. Charney, P.W. Gold, A. Neumeister
  Serum Amyloid A (SAA) and C-Reactive Protein (CRP) in Remitted, Medication-Free Patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): Evidence for a Persistent Pro-Inflammatory State and Implications for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Risk
CI-12 Mamyrova, Gulnara (NIEHS) G. Mamyrova, T. O'Hanlon, J. Monroe, D. Carrick, J. Malley, S. Adams, F.W. Miller, R.G. Rider
  Immunogenetic Risk and Protective Factors for Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) in European American (EA) Patients
CI-13 Marden, Susan F (NINR) S. Marden, A. Powers, R. McConnell, K. Soeken, M. Lloyd, C. Ternisky, N. Kline Leidy
  Assessing The Relationship Of Symptom Distress To Health-Related Quality Of Life in Patients with HIV Infection
CI-14 Moral, Jazmin R (NIMH) J.R.Moral, M.K.Holmes, D.Luckenbaugh, C.A.Zarate
  Development of the Severity Index of Psychosocial and Environmental Stress (SIPES)
CI-15 Nguyen, Hanh T (NINDS) H.T. Nguyen, H.L. DeVroom, R.K. Smith, K.D. Daryanani, T. Shawker, E.H. Oldfield & J.D. Heiss
  Pathophysiology of Primary Spinal Syringomyelia
CI-16 O'Hanlon, Terrance Patrick (NIEHS) T. O’Hanlon, D. Mercatante-Carrick, F. Arnett, J. Reveille, M. Carrington, C. Oddis, J. Malley, K. Malley, E. Shamim, L. Rider, S. Chanock, C. Foster, P. Plotz, L. Love, I. Targoff and F. Miller
  Immunogenetic Risk and Protective Factors for Adult-onset Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies
CI-17 Rodrigo, Maria Esperanza (NHLBI) M.E. Rodrigo, M. Benjamin, A. Carlow, V. Annavajjhala, A. Dejam, J.P. McCoy, G. Zalos, M. Gladwin, D. Orlic, R.O. Cannon III
  Contribution of Nitric Oxide to Endothelial Progenitor Cell Mobilization, Survival and Differentiation Potential in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Undergoing Cardiac Rehabilitation
CI-18 Rodriguez-Rosas, Maria E (NIA) M.E.Rodriguez-Rosas, D. McFadden, J.G. Medrano, D.H.Epstein, E.T.Moolchan, K.L.Preston and I.W.Wainer
  Enantioselective Determination of Total and Free Concentrations of Methadone and its Metabolite (EDDP) in Human Plasma by Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometric Detection
CI-19 SanGiovanni, John Paul (NEI) J.P. SanGiovanni, E.Y. Chew, E. Agron, G.F. Reed, R.D. Sperduto, F.L. Ferris, and AREDS Research Group
  Dietary Carotenoids and Cataract in the Age-Related Eye Disease Study
CI-20 Siluk, Danuta (NIA) D. Siluk, M. E. Rodriguez-Rosas, I. W. Wainer
  HPLC Method Development for the Simultaneous Determination of Vitamins A and E in Human Plasma by Restricted Access Media and Column-Switching Technique
CI-21 Tanofsky-Kraff, Marian (NICHD) M. Tanofsky-Kraff, M.L. Cohen, S.Z. Yanovski, M. Keil, J.C. Reynolds, J.A. Yanovski
  Disordered Eating Attitudes in Children Longitudinally Predict Body Size Changes
CI-22 Taveira-DaSilva, Angelo M (NHLBI) A. M. Taveira-DaSilva, O. M. Hathaway, R M. May, J. Moss
  Association of Exercise-Induced Hypoxemia with Erythrocytosis in Patients with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis
CI-23 Woolery, Myra J (CC) M. Woolery, E. Carroll, G.R. Wallen, P. Jarosinski, B. Corey
  A Pilot Study Assessing Constipation in the Pediatric Oncology Population
CI-24 Feigel, Michelle Margaret (NIMH) M. Feige, M. Cadman
  Human Subject Protection at the National Institute of Mental Healh
CI-25 Yates, Janice M (CC) J. Yates, B. Solomon, P. Hoernes
  Translating the Evidence to Transform Care
CYT-1 Liu, Xuebin (NEI) X. Liu, M. Mameza, H. Takase, J. Y. Tsai, R. Fariss, C-R. Yu and C. E. Egwuagu
  Constitutive & Inducible Expression of Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS) Proteins in Retina: Roles in Insulin Resistance and Protection of Neuroretina
CYT-2 Yu, Cheng-Rong (NEI) C-R Yu, R.M. Mahdi, X. Liu, A. Amadi-Obi, C. Fujimoto, K. Song, I. Gery and C.E. Egwuagu
  IFN-g Gene Expression is Differentially Regulated by TCR and STAT1 Signals in Early Differentiating and Mature CD4+ T Cells
DEV-1 Bao, Jianjun (NHLBI) J. Bao, Q. Wei, X. Ma, G. Miller, C. Liu, and R. S. Adelstein
  Ablating Nonmuscle Myosin II-B with cDNA Encoding GFP-Nonmuscle Myosin Heavy Chain II-A Only Partially Rescues II-B Knockout Mice
DEV-2 Boorech, Jamie Lynn (NHGRI) J.L. Boorech, M.R. Kirby, A.G. Elkahloun, and B. Feldman
  Use of FACS-Assisted Microdissection to Isolate Germ-Layer Specific Genes
DEV-3 Costa, Justin A (NHGRI) J.A. Costa, and B. Feldman
  A Knockdown Screen of RhoGEFs Reveals Essential Roles for Epiboly and Head Development
DEV-4 Heo, Jeonghoon (NCI) J. Heo, V. Factor, T. Uren, I. Schroeder, Y. Takahama, S.S. Thorgeirsson
  In Vitro Generation and Transplantation of Hepatocytic Cells from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
DEV-5 Kalinin, Oleksandr (NIAMS) M. Hwang, O. Kalinin, M.I. Morasso
  Expression Pattern of the Novel Ca++-Binding Proteins, Scarf and Scarf2, During Development and Epidermal Differentiation
DEV-6 Kamiya, Nobuhiro (NIEHS) N. Kamiya, L. Ye, T. Kobayashi, H.M. Kronenberg, J. Feng, Y. Mishina
  BMP Signaling Through Type IA Receptor (Bmpr1a) Regulates Normal Bone Development and Remodeling
DEV-7 Lee, Heuijung (CBER) H. Lee, B.G. Stultz, and D.A. Hursh
  Odd-Paired, a Member of the Zic Family of Zinc-Finger Transcription Factors, Regulates the Drosophila Bone Morphogenetic Protein, Decapentaplegic, During Adult Head Development
DEV-8 Lee, Tin Lap (NICHD) T. L. Lee, A.L. Pang, D. Alba, S.M. Wu, V. Baxendale, O.M. Rennert, W.Y. Chan
  Identification and Comparative Analysis of Transcript Variants with Alternative 3’ End Usage in Spermatogenesis by Serial Analysis of Gene Expression
DEV-9 Lee, Tin Lap (NICHD) T-L Lee, D. Alba, V. Baxendale, O.M Rennert, W-Y Chan
  Discoveries with Computational Analysis of Sage Data of Mouse Germ-Cell Transcriptome at Different Stages of Spermatogenesis
DEV-10 Luo, Yongquan (NIA) Y. Luo, C. Schwartz, S. Shin, X. Zheng, and M.S. Rao.
  A Focused Microarray to Assess Dopaminergic and Glial Cell Differentiation from Fetal Tissue or Embryonic Stem Cells
DEV-11 Pei, Wuhong (NHGRI) W. Pei, M. Ouspenskaia, A. Elkahloun, and B. Feldman
  Morpholino Knockdown Uncovers a Requirement for FoxH1/Schmalspurfor Normal Morphogenesis and Survival during Gastrulation
DEV-12 Stultz, Brian G (CBER) B.G. Stultz, H. Lee, D.A. Hursh
  Decapentaplegic, the Drosophila homolog of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) 2/4, controls the morphogenesis of the adult head
DEV-13 Tian, E (NIDCR) E Tian, K.G. Ten Hagen
  Expression of the UDP-GalNAc: Polypeptide N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferase Family is Spatially and Temporally Regulated During Drosophila Development
DEV-14 Toso, Laura (NICHD) L. Toso, R. Roberson, J. Woodard, D. Abebe, C.Y. Spong
  Prenatal alcohol exposure alters GABA; 5 Expression: a Mechanism of Alcohol-Induced Learning Dysfunction
DEV-15 Voss, Joachim G (NINDS) J.G. Voss, R. Raghavan, M.C. Dalakas
  Development of a Mitochondria-Specific Microarray Chip to Evaluate Fatigue in HIV/AIDS
DEV-16 Wu, Liangtang (NICHD) L. Wu
  Structure and Functional Characterization of Single Strand DNA Binding Protein SSDP1: Carboxyl-terminal of SSDP1 has a Transcriptional Activity
DEV-17 Silver, Debra L (NIGMS) D.L. Silver, D. Watkins-Chow, C. Rivas, E. Elliot , and W.J. Pavan
  Identification and Characterization of Oreo, a Novel Locus Required for Mammalian Neural Crest Development
ENDO-1 Gautam, Dinesh C. (NIDDK) D. Gautam, S.-J. Han, Y. Cui, J.-H. Li, C. Deng, F.F. Hamdan and J. Wess
  Tissue-specific Knockout of the M3 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor in Pancreatic Beta Cells Leads to Reduced Insulin Release and Impaired Glucose Tolerance in Mice
ENDO-2 Gavrilova, Oksana (NIDDK) D. Gautam, O. Gavrilova, S.-J. Han, J. Jeon, S. Pack, Y. Cui and J. Wess
  Targeted Disruption of the M3 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Gene in Mice Prevents Experimentally and Genetically Induced Obesity and Associated Metabolic Disorders
ENDO-3 Hall, Kevin D (NIDDK) K. D. Hall
  Computational Biology of in vivo Human Energy Metabolism
ENDO-4 Ikonomou, Laertis (NIDDK) L. Ikonomou, B. Samuels, E. Geras-Raaka, B.M. Raaka and M.C. Gershengorn
  A Possible Role for Wnt Signaling in Growth of Human Islet Precursor Cells
ENDO-5 Liu, Ying (NICHD) Y Liu, G Aguilera
  Inhibition of Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone Transcription by Inducible cAMP-early Repressor (ICER)
ENDO-6 Moore, Susanna (NIDDK) S. Moore, H. Jaeschke, S. Neumann, J. Jiang, C.J. Thomas, G. Krause, R. Pashke, B.M. Raaka, and M.C. Gershengorn.
  Identification of the First Low Molecular Weight Antagonists for the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptor with Therapeutic Potential for Hyperthyroidism
ENDO-7 Slaughter, Pamela Caroline (NICHD) P. Slaughter, T. McHugh, L. Yanoff, A. Spitalnik, K. Calis, J. Yanovski
  Relationship Between Body Mass Index and Adherence to Study Medication in Overweight and Obese Adults
ENDO-8 Tait, A. Sasha (NIMH) A.S. Tait, E.M. Sternberg
  Clostridium Sordellii Lethal Toxin Represses Nuclear Hormone Receptor Transactivation
ENDO-9 Tang, Yan (NHLBI) Y. Tang, O. Gavrilova, YH Choi, S. Hockman, E. Billings, K. Berger, E. Degerman, V.C. Manganiello
  Increased Energy Dissipation in Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase 3B (PDE3B) Knockout Mice
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  Obesity: Gender, Behavior and Genetic Polymorphisms in the PPT Trial
EPI-2 Cox, Terry A (NEI) T.A. Cox, K.S. Naidoo, L.B. Ellwein
  The Relationship Between Visual Acuity and Myopia in Children
EPI-3 Gray, Darryl T (OD) D Gray
  Population-Based Volumes, Rates, Resource Use and Mortality for Therapeutic Cardiac Procedures Performed in 0-17 Year Olds in the US
EPI-4 Leitzmann, Michael F (NCI) M.F. Leitzmann, J.V. Lacey, Jr., A. Schatzkin, C. Schairer, L.A. Brinton, D. Albanes
  Prospective Study of Physical Activity and Risk of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer
EPI-5 Liu, Aiyi (NICHD) A. Liu, E. F. Schisterman, C. Wu
  Multistage Evaluation of Measurement Error in a Reliability Study
EPI-6 Low, Nancy C (NIMH) N.C. Low, L.Cui, K.R. Merikangas
  The Familial Aggregation Anxiety Disorders Ascertained from the Community versus Clinics
EPI-7 Mitrou, Panagiota (NCI) P.N. Mitrou, D. Albanes, P. Pietinen, J. Virtamo, P.R. Taylor, M.F. Lietzmann
  Intakes of Calcium, Dairy Products, and Prostate Cancer Risk in the ATBC Study
EPI-8 Osborne, J. Scott (CSR) J. S. Osborne III
  Data Collection and Dissemination in Epidemiologic Research Using the Internet: Current Trends and Changes Since the 1990s
EPI-9 Parascandola, Mark (NCI) M Parascandola, S Marcus, E Augustson
  Interest in Trying a Less Harmfum Cigarette Among a National Population Sample
EPI-10 Rajaraman, Preetha (NCI) P. Rajaraman, A.J Sigurdson, M.M Doody, D M. Freedman, M. Hauptmann, M.S. Linet
  Lung Cancer Incidence among US Radiologic Technologists, 1983-1998
EPI-11 Xu, Xia (NCI) X. Xu, T. D. Veenstra, H. J. Issaq, S. D. Fox, J. M. Roman, R. Falk, L. K. Keefer, R. G. Ziegler
  Measuring Fifteen Endogenous Estrogens Simultaneously in Human Urine by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
GENO-1 Becker, Kevin Graham (NIA) K.G. Becker, D.G. Leung, A.J. Myers
  Development of a late–onset Alzheimer’s gene expression database.
GENO-2 Bhattacharya, Bhaskar (CBER) B. Bhattacharya, Y. Luo, T. Miura, J. Cai, J. Mejido, T.C. Schultz, X. Zheng, S.N. Brimble, M.S. Rao & R.K. Puri
  Characterization of Differentiated Stem Cells on the Basis of Their Gene Expression Profile
GENO-3 Birinyi, Paul Vincent (NIDA) P.V. Birinyi, T. Drgon, M.J. Chiocco, G.R. Uhl
  Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phophatase D (PTPRD): Haplotype Structures and Assessments of Associations with Polysubstance Abuse
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  Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group D Patients Heterozygous for the R683W Mutation with and without Neurological Symptoms
GENO-6 Finch, Thembi D. (NIAAA) T. Finch, K. Xu, D. Goldman
  Resequencing of GABRA4 in Nine Populations for SNPs that may Influence Alcohol and Substance Dependence
GENO-7 Hahn, Yoonsoo (NCI) Y. Hahn, B. Lee
  Human Lineage-Specific Frameshift and Nonsense Mutations
GENO-8 Hung, Graham (NIDDK) G. Hung, D.C. Masison
  Interactions of Hsp104 and Hsp70 in [PSI+] Prion Propagation
GENO-9 Imoto, Kyoko (NCI) K. Imoto, H. Slor, S. Orgal, S. G. Khan, K-S Oh, D. Busch, C. Nadem, T. Ueda, N. Gadoth, N.G.J. Jaspers and K.H. Kraemer
  Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group F Patients with Severe Late Onset Neurological Disease
GENO-10 Jaluria, Pratik (NIDDK) P. Jaluria,K. Konstantopoulos, M. Betenbaugh, J. Shiloach
  Reverse and Rational Engineering of Mammalian Cells: A Microarray Approach
GENO-11 Jemison, Jamileh A (NIDDK) J.A. Jemison, D. Caro, B. Oliver
  Recombinant Mapping of a Menin Effector in Drosophila
GENO-12 Khan, Sikandar Gauhar (NCI) S.Khan, A.Lehmann, K.Imoto, K.Oh, C.Baker, S.Clarkson, F.Thorel, A.Nemeth, S.Downes, K.Talbot, C.Nadem and K.Kraemer
  Leaky Splice Donor Site Mutation in the XPG DNA Repair Gene is Associated with Neurological Abnormalities in Two Adult Brothers
GENO-13 Khil, Pavel P (NIDDK) P.P. Khil and R.D. Camerini-Otero
  High-Resolution Map of Recombination Hotspots of the Human Genome
GENO-14 Liu, Hongfang (NCI) H. Liu, A.Kahn, M. Reimers, B. Zeeberg, J.Weinstein
  Computational Resources for Microarray Data Analysis
GENO-15 Narisu, Narisu (NHGRI) N. Narisu and F. Collins
  Identification of Zebrafish Olfactory Receptor Genes
GENO-16 Nitto, Takeaki (NIAID) T. Nitto, K.D. Dyer, R.A. Mejia, J. Byström, T.A. Wynn, and H.F. Rosenberg
  Characterization of the Divergent Eosinophil Ribonuclease, mEar 6, and its Expression in Response to Schistosoma Mansoni Infection in vivo
GENO-17 Oh, Kyu Seon (NCI) K.S.Oh, D.Schmidt, K.Imoto, J.Boyle, S.G.Khan, J. DiGiovanna, K.H.Kraemer
  A New Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group E kindred with a R273H Mutation in the DDB2 Gene
GENO-18 Pang, Alan (NICHD) A.L.Y. Pang, W. Johnson, D.H. Bear, O.M. Rennert, and W.Y. Chan
  Gene Expression Profiling of Murine Spermatogenesis Leads to the Identification of Ard2, a Novel Mouse Ard1 Homolog that is Preferentially Expressed Starting from Meiosis
GENO-19 Pangilinan, Faith (NIGMS) F. Pangilinan, M. Miller, A. Weiler, J.L. Mills, P.N. Kirke, A. Parle-McDermott, V.B. O’Leary, A.M. Molloy, J.M. Scott, L.C. Brody
  Evaluation of Thymidylate Synthase Polymorphisms as Genetic Risk Factors for Neural Tube Defects
GENO-20 Peters, Linda M. (NIDCD) L. M. Peters, I. A.Belyantseva, J.F. Battey, T. B. Friedman, R. J. Morell
  Analysis of Mouse Inner Ear MPSS Libraries to Select for Rare and Novel Expressed Genes
GENO-21 Ross, Robert J (NEI) R.J. Ross, C.M. Bojanowski, C.C. Chan, J. Tuo
  Analysis of a Pigment Epithelium Derived Factor (PEDF) Polymorphism and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
GENO-22 Stiles, David A (NIDDK) D. Stiles, J. Lee, P. Tan and M. Cam
  Alternative Splicing and its Possible Effects on Microarray Gene Expression Results
GENO-23 Tayebi, Nahid (CBER) N. Tayebi, L. Wood, and J. Lozier
  Genomic Sequences of the Canine Factor VIII gene and Duplicated Sequences Related to a Common Inversion Mutation
GENO-24 Tuo, Jingsheng (NEI) J. Tuo, B. Ning, C.M. Bojanowski, Z-N. Lin, D. Shen, E. Chew, F.F. Kadlubar, and C-C Chan
  A Sequence Variation in the 5’-flanking Region of ERCC6 and Predisposition Towards Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Caucasian Patients
GENO-25 Wistow, Graeme (NEI) N. Nag, S. Ray, K. Wyatt, D. Bogani, M. Lyon and G. Wistow.
  The Murine No3 Cataract is the Result of Retroviral Insertion in Cryge Resulting in a Non-Cytotoxic Truncation of GammaE-Crystallin
GENO-26 Yao, Wenliang (NEI) W. Yao, F. Zulfiqar, S. A. Riazuddin, Q. Zhang, L.A. Kordestani, M. Amer, T. Hussnain, P. Sieving, S. Riazuddin and J. F. Hejtmancik
  A Novel Mutation (Arg413Ter) in the BBS2 Gene in a Consanguineous Pakistani Family
GENO-28 Yuen, Peter ST (NIDDK) PST Yuen, SK Jo, MK Holly, X Hu, RA Star
  Comparison of Ischemic and Nephrotoxic Acute Renal Failure by Microarray Analysis, Network Analysis, and Validation
History of Medicine
HX-1 Kim, Jiwon (NLM) M. Parry, P. Tuohy, J. Kim
  Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicians
HX-2 Moffatt, Susan Christine (NLM) Digital Manuscripts Program, History of Medicine Division, Digital Library Research and Development Team
  Profiles in Science
HX-3 Teigen, Philip M. (NLM) P. Teigen
  Islamic Medicine and the Western Tradition
HX-4 Theerman, Paul (NLM) P. Theerman, E. Fee, and D. Serlin
  Global Health Histories: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the History of Public Health
IMAG-1 Bernardo, Marcelino (NCI) M. Bernardo, C. Shaw, H. Kobayashi, G. Metzger, D. Thomasson, A. El-Sharkawy, and P. Choyke
  Multiple Mouse Imaging System for High-Throughput In-Vivo Molecular Imaging Research on a Clinical 3.0 T MRI Scanner
IMAG-2 Boswell, Charles A (NCI) C.A. Boswell, C.A.S. Regino, M. Bernardo, K.J. Wong, C.A. Shaw, D.E. Milenic, M.W. Brechbiel, P.L. Choyke
  Multimodal Imaging of Tumor Angiogenesis
IMAG-3 Brown, Amira Khalila (NIMH) A.K.Brown,D. Hommer, J. Sangare, M. Fujita, M. Ichise, D.T. George, & R.B. Innis
  Pet Measurement of Serotonis Transporters Using [11C] DASB in Alcoholics with and without a History of Aggression
IMAG-4 Cheng, Ruida (CIT) R. Cheng, E.S. McCreedy, P.F. Hemler, A. Viswanathan, B.J. Wood, M.J. McAuliffe
  Radio Frequency Ablation Fusion and Segmentation Tool
IMAG-5 Chuang, Kai-Hsiang (NINDS) K-H Chuang, H. Merkle, S. Chesnick, P. van Gelderen, A. Koretsky, J. Duyn, S. L. Talagala
  Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion MRI at 7 T
IMAG-6 Conroy, Richard (NINDS) R.S. Conroy, A. Koretsky
  Exploring DNA Processing at the Single Molecule Level
IMAG-8 Hemler, Paul F (CIT) PF Hemler, ES McCreedy, R Cheng, BJ Wood, MJ McAuliffe
  Vasculature Segmentation for Radio Frequency Ablation of Non-Resectable Hepatic Tumors
IMAG-9 Huang, Adam (CC) A. Huang, D. Roy, M. Franaszek, R.M. Summers
  Teniae Coli Guided Navigation and Registration for CT Colonography
IMAG-10 Kim, Stephanie (OD) S. Kim, C. Galban, M. R. Robinson, K. G. Csaky, G. Tansey, M. J. Lizak, N. S. Wang, R. J. Lutz
  Analysis of Sustained Drug Delivery to the Rabbit Eye using Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: a Preliminary Study
IMAG-11 Kobayashi, Hisataka (NCI) H. Kobayashi, S. Kawamoto, M. Bernardo, Y. Tagaya, T.A. Waldmann, M.W. Breckbiel, P.L. Choyke
  Lymphatic Disorders in Mouse Models Examined with the Micro-MR Lymphangiography with Gd-Dendrimer-Based Nano-size Contrast Agents
IMAG-12 Lee, Christabel E C (CC) C.E.C.Lee, D.Thomasson, E.H.Baker
  T1 and T2 Relaxation Maps Versus T1 and T2 Weighted Brain Imaging
IMAG-13 Lefman, Jonathan (NCI) J. Lefman, R. Morrison, D. Simons, and S. Subramaniam
  High-Throughput Electron Microscopy: Automated 100-Specimen Loader and Image Acquisition System
IMAG-14 Luo, Qian (NIMH) Q. Luo, M. Nakic, T. Wheatley, R. Richell, A. Martin, J. Blair
  The Neural Basis of Implicit Moral Attitude --- an IAT Study Using Event-Related Fmri
IMAG-15 McAuliffe, Matthew Joseph (CIT) M.J. McAuliffe, B. Link, K. Moeller, J. Smith, X. Liu, K. Csaky
  Biomedical Research using MIPAV: Analysis of KCS (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) and AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) Diseases
IMAG-16 Mitchell, Derek GV (NIMH) D. Mitchell, J. Luo and J. Blair
  The Neural Correlates of Disrupting Motor Responding with Incidental Emotional Stimuli
IMAG-17 OcaK, Iclal (NCI) I Ocak, P Choyke, D Thomasson
  Assessing Tumor Angiogenesis with Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI
IMAG-18 Ordaz, Sarah Jean (NIMH) S.J. Ordaz, M.A. Rosenthal, R. Lenroot, G.L. Wallace, L.S. Clasen, J.N. Giedd
  Are there Differences in Brain Morphometry between Twins and Singletons?
IMAG-19 Peschardt, Karina S (NIMH) K.S. Peschardt, A. Mars, J. Morton, M. Vythilingam, W.C. Drevets, R.J.R. Blair
  The Better of Two Goods, the Lesser of Two Evils: Parametric Modulation of Cortico-Limbic Structures According to Inter-Object Desirability Distance
IMAG-20 Pursley, Randall H (CIT) R.H. Pursley, G. Salem, N. Devasahayam, S. Subramanian, J. Koscielniak, M.C. Krishna, T.J. Pohida
  Integration of Digital Signal Processing Technologies with Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging
IMAG-21 Silva, Afonso C (NINDS) B. Stefanovic and A.C. Silva
  Disruption of the Cerebrovascular Coupling by Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2 Pathway
IMAG-22 Stefanovic, Bojana (NINDS) B. Stefanovic and A.C. Silva
  The Uncoupling of Cerebral Blood Flow from Neuronal Activity by Inhibition of Neuronal Nitric Oxide Synthase
IMAG-23 Tan, Sovira (CC) S. Tan, J. Yao, M.M. Ward, L. Yao, R.M. Summers
  Level Set Based Vertebra Segmentation for the Evaluation of Ankylosing Spondylitis
IMAG-24 Taylor, Kristin Nicole (NIMH) K.N. Taylor, A.B. Rose, L.S. Clasen, J.A. Blumenthal, R. Lenroot, G.L. Wallace, A.J. Myers, J. Hardy, and J.N. Giedd
  Apolipoprotein E, Brain Development, and Cognition in Healthy Children
IMAG-25 Thomasson, David (CC) D. Thomasson, J. O. Nneji, C.A. Mitchell
  Optimization of Linearized T1 Mapping in 3 Tesla MRI
IMAG-26 Wakefield, Lalage M (NCI) S.Lawrence, R.Frederickson, L.Wakefield, K.Rogers
  Improving Anatomical Image Analysis Techniques
IMAG-27 Zhang, Tieqiao (CC) T. Zhang, N. Danthi, J. Xie, P. H. Lu, K. C. P. Li
  Live Cell Imaging of the Endocytosis and the Intracellular Trafficking of Multifunctional Lipid Nanoparticles
IMAG-28 Subramaniam, Sriram (NCI) J.A.W. Heymann, M. Hayles, B. Lich and S. Subramaniam
  Site-specific 3D Imaging of Cells and Tissues With a Dual Beam Microscope
IMM-1 Baatar, Dolgor (NIA) D. Baatar, R. Schiavo, K. Sumitomo, P.j Olkhanud, A. Biragyn
  Chemoattractant-Fused Toxins as Specific Killers of T Regulatory Cells and Tumor Cells
IMM-2 Butts, Cherie L (NIMH) CL Butts, SA Shukair, KM Duncan, CW Harris, E Belyavskaya, EM Sternberg
  Progesterone Inhibits TH1-Promoting Responses by Dendritic Cells
IMM-3 Chung, Christine Jee-Young (NHLBI) CJ Chung, MJ Masson, ML Graf, and LR Pohl
  Inhibition of the Adaptive Immune Response following Drug-Induced Liver Injury
IMM-4 Cortes, Lizette M (NEI) L.M. Cortes, P. Silver, M. Matapallil, W. Zhu, R. Agarwal, J. Hammer, A. Maminishkis, G. Stephens, J. Isenberg, C.C. Chan, R.R. Caspi
  Resident Glial Cells in the Eye Inhibit Proliferation of Uveitis-Inducing T Cell; Elucidation of the Mechanism
IMM-5 Epstein, Suzanne L. (CBER) S.L. Epstein, W.-p. Kong, J.A. Misplon, C.-Y. Lo, T.M. Tumpey, L. Xu, and G.J. Nabel
  Protective Immunity Against Divergent Influenza A Subtypes by Vaccination to Conserved Nucleoprotein
IMM-6 Fiorini, Claudia (NIAMS) C.Fiorini ,V.Lougaris, P.Lugar. R.Slota ,B. van der Zouwen, M.Melchers, D.R.Withers, R.T.Fischer, T. Phillips, A.Plebani, P.E. Lipsky, A.C. Grammer
  CD154 Engagement on Tonsillar B Cells Induces Proximal Signaling Events and Differentiation to Plasma Cells
IMM-7 Lisboa, Felipe Assis (NHLBI) F.A. Lisboa, M.V. Andrade, Z. Peng, T. Hiragun, M.A. Beaven
  Glucocorticoids Suppress Mast Cell Activation by Distinct Complementary Mechanisms
IMM-8 Lisinski, Ivonne M (NIDDK) I. Lisinski, N. Takenouchi, F. Kazunori, K. Yao, F. W. Ruscetti, K. Jones, S. W. Cushman, and S. Jacobson.
  The Role of GLUT1 in HTLV Infection
IMM-9 Lyakh, Lyudmila A. (NCI) L. A. Lyakh, M. Sanford, H. A. Young, C. H. Stuelten, M. P. Harris and A. B. Roberts
  Direct Inhibition of the Differentiation of Human Monocytes into CD83+ Dendritic Cells by Tumorigenic Breast Cancer Cells
IMM-10 Norris, Hillary Hayes (NIAID) H.H. Norris, M. E. Peterson, C. Stebbins, B.J. Wetzel, V. Bundoc, J. F. Urban, Jr., E.O. Long, and A. Keane-Myers
  Eosinophil-Mediated Allergic Inflammation is Controlled by the Inhibitory Receptor gp49B
IMM-11 Qiao, Huihong (NHLBI) H. Qiao, M. V. Marcus, F. A. Lisboa, K. Morgan, M. A. Beaven
  Fc,R1 and Toll-Like Receptors Mediate Synergistic Signals to Markedly Augment Production of Inflammatory Cytokines in Mast Cells.
IMM-12 Reines, Brandon Philip (NIAID) B. Reines, P. Matzinger
  Paradoxically Increased Speed of Ear Cartilage Regeneration with Aging and T lymphocytes
IMM-13 Schiavo, Roberta (NIA) R. Schiavo, B. Dolgor, P. Olkhanud, N. Restifo, D. Taub, and A. Biragyn
  Chemokine Receptor Targeting Effeciently Directs Antigens to MHC Class I Pathways and Elicits Antigen-Specific CD8+ T Cell Responses
IMM-14 Shin, Eui-Cheol (NIDDK) E.-C. Shin, U. Seifert, C.M. Rice, S.M. Feinstone, P.-M. Kloetzel and B. Rehermann
  Proteasomal Antigen-Processing is Regulated by Cytokines of the Innate Immune Response in Acute HCV Infection
IMM-15 Vistica, Barbara P (NEI) B.P.Vistica, J.Chen, H.Takase, D.-I.Ham, E.F.Wawrousek, C.E.Egwuagu, C.-C.Chan, I.Gery
  Different Models of Ocular Inflammation: Variability in the Populations of Infiltrating Cells.
IMM-16 Weiler-Normann, Christina (NIDDK) C. Weiler-Normann, T. Heller, Y. Sobao, G. Lutchman, B. B. Borg, M. Ghany, T. J.Liang, J. Hoofnagle, B. Rehermann
  Does Treatment-Induced Recovery from Hepatitis C Result in the Same Immunological Memory as Spontaneous Recovery?
IMM-17 Withers, David R (NIAMS) D. R. Withers, R. Fischer, C. Fiorini, B. Klaunberg, C. Snapper, P. E. Lipsky, A. C. Grammer
  Induction Of T-Dependent And T-Independent S. Pneumoniae Humoral Immune Responses In Rag1-/-Perforin-/-Nod Mice Implanted With Human Tonsillar Fragments
IMM-18 Yin, Hongen (NEI) H. Yin, J. Chen, C. Fujimoto, B.P. Vistica, I. Gery
  Adoptively Transferred Activated T Cells Induce Short Term Splenomegaly
IMM-20 Zhang, Christine Xin (NIDDK) X.Zhang, H.Xu
  The Impact of Monocyte Endothelial Cell Interaction on Renal Tubular Epithelial Cell Activation
IMM-21 Zhou, Min (NEI) M. Zhou, D.F. Shen, J. Tuo, C.R. Yu, S. Majchrzak, N. Salem, Jr., C.C. Chan
  Endotoxin-Induced Uveitis in Fat-1 Transgenic Mice
IMM-22 Zhu, Wei (NEI) W. Zhu, J. Tang, P. B. Sliver, C.C.Chan, M.R. Uskokovic, L. Adorini, R. R. Caspi
  Vitamin D Receptor Agonists Can Prevent and Treat Experimental Autoimmune Uveoretinitis
IMM-23 Sougrat, Rachid (NCI) R. Sougrat, A. Bartesaghi, U. Lucken, G. Ravilious, J. Lifson, S. Wahl, C. Mac Trubey, J. Bess, D. Germain, I. Kimchi, M. Shah, and S. Subramaniam
  Distribution of Surface Glycoproteins in Simian and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Studied Using Three-dimensional Electron Microscopy
MB-1 Chalmers, Natalia I (NIDCR) N.I. Chalmers, P.I. Diaz, R.J. Palmer, Jr., P.E. Kolenbrander
  Architecture of Oral Biofilms Revealed with Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)
MB-2 Chattopadhyay, Manar Kumar (NIDDK) M. K. Chattopadhyay, C. W. Tabor, H. Tabor
  Studies on the Regulation of Ornithine Decarboxylase in Yeast: Effect of Deletion in the MEUI Gene
MB-3 Keane, F. Kathleen (CBER) F.K.Keane, T.Smith, F.Lynn, J.Zenilman, M.C.Bash
  Antibiotic Resistance and the Role of Mixed Infections of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
MB-4 Rickard, Alexander H. (NIDCR) A.H. Rickard, R.J. Palmer, Jr., N.S. Jakubovics and P.E. Kolenbrander
  Autoinducer-2 Concentration is Critical for Commensalism in Oral Biofilms
Molecular Biology
MOL-1 Basu, Nikhil K (NICHD) N.K Basu, A. Garza and I.S. Owens
  PKC Mediated Phosphorylation of UDP Glucuronosyltransferase 1A7 Regulates Substrate Specificity
MOL-2 Carlson, Bradley A (NCI) B.A. Carlson, V.N. Gladyshev, and D.L. Hatfield
  Partial Replacement of the Selenoprotein Population in Mouse Liver as a Model for Elucidating the Role of Selenoproteins in Health
MOL-3 Han, Sejin (NICHD) S. Han, W. Losert and S. Leikin
  The Self-Assembly of Type 1 Collagen Network
MOL-4 Jiao, Wan (NCI) W. Jiao, J. Datta, H-M Lin, M. Dundr & S.G. Rane
  Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling of RB Dependent on CDK Phosphorylation
MOL-5 Ladu, Sara (NCI) S. Ladu, D.F. Calvisi, E.A. Conner, V.M. Factor, S.S. Thorgeirsson
  Activation of Akt/mTOR/p70S6K and COX-2 Pathways Accelerates Hepatocarcinogenesis in c-Myc/E2F1 Transgenic Mice: Relevance of Mouse Model for Human Liver Cancer
MOL-6 Lee, Jung Wha (NEI) J.W. Lee, N.V. Gordiyenko, M. Marchetti, N. Tserentsoodol, D. Sager, S. Alam, H. Weissbach, M., Kantorow, and I.R. Rodriguez
  Gene Structure, Localization and Role in Oxidative Stress of Methionine sulfoxide reductase A (msrA) in the Monkey Retina
MOL-7 Radichev, Ilian Anibal (NICHD) I. Radichev, A. Vassilev, M. DePamphilis
  Identification of a Nuclear Localization Signal (NLS) and ORC Interactions Domains in Human Orc2 Molecule
MOL-8 Seiler, Jennifer A. (NCI) J.A. Seiler, A. Syed, M.I. Aladjem and Y. Pommier
  Effects of the Topoisomerase I Inhibitor Camptothecin on DNA Replication
MOL-9 Sengupta, Aniruddha (NCI) A. Sengupta, B.A. Carlson, V.N. Gladyshev and D.L. Hatfield
  Interrelationship Between Selenoprotein and Lipoprotein Metabolism
MOL-10 Shrimali, Rajeev Kumar (NCI) R.K. Shrimali, J.M. Park, R.D. Irons, B.A. Carlson, M.A. Eckhaus and D.L. Hatfield
  Selenoproteins: A Crucial Factor in Th1 vs Th2 Immune Response
MOL-11 Singh, Aman Kaur (NHLBI) A. Singh, Q. Wei, K. Takeda, C. Liu, Z. Yu, and R. Adelstein
  Ubiquitous Ablation of NMHC II-B in Mice
MOL-12 Xu, Xue-Ming (NCI) X.-M. Xu, H. Mix, B.A. Carlson, P.J. Grabowski, V.N. Glaydshev, M.J. Berry and D.L. Hatfield
  Evidence for Direct Roles of Two Additional Factors, SECp43 and SLA, in the Selenoprotein Synthesis Machinery
Neurobiology and Behavior
NBB-1 Bossert, Jennifer Marie (NIDA) J.M. Bossert; G. Poles, S.M. Gray, L. Lu, Y. Shaham
  Infusions of the mGluR2/3 Agonist LY379268 into the Accumbens Shell Attenuate Context-Induced Reinstatement of Heroin Seeking
NBB-2 Cai, Qian (NINDS) Q. Cai, C. Gerwin and Z.H. Sheng
  Syntabulin-Mediated Anterograde Transport of Mitochondria Along Neuronal Processes
NBB-3 Chen, Xiaobing (NINDS) X. Chen, L. Vinade, R.D. Leapmap, J.D. Petersen, T. Nakagawa, T.M. Phillips, M. Sheng, T.S. Reese
  Mass of the Postsynaptic Density and Enumeration of Three Key Molecules
NBB-4 Ertley, Renee Nicole (NIA) R.N. Ertley, R.P. Bazinet, HJ. Lee, S.I. Rapoport and J.S. Rao
  Increased Membranal GRK3 Protein in Rat Frontal Cortex by Chronic Mood-Stabilizing Drug Treatment
NBB-5 Finger, Elizabeth Carrie (NIMH) E. Finger, A. Marsh, N. Kamel, M. Vythilingam, D. Pine, J. Blair
  Passive Avoidance Learning and Response Reversal during Tryptophan Depletion
NBB-6 Ghitza, Udi E (NIDA) U.E. Ghitza, S.M. Gray, D.H. Epstein, K.C. Rice, Y. Shaham
  Stress Reinstates Palatable Food Seeking in a Rat Relapse Model: a Role of CRF1 Receptors
NBB-7 Gould, Neda Farzad (NIMH) N.F. Gould, M.K. Holmes, D.S. Pine, N. Burgess, D.A. Luckenbaugh, B.D. Fantie, H.K. Manji, C.A. Zarate Jr.
  Spatial Memory Deficits in Depressed Patients in a Virtual Reality Environment
NBB-8 Hansson, Anita C (NIAAA) A.C. Hansson, A. Cippitelli, W.H. Sommer, A. Fideli, M. Massi, M. Heilig, R. Ciccocioppo
  Dysregulation of the Brain Stress System and Propensity to Relapse in Genetically Selected Alcohol Preferring msP Rats
NBB-9 Johnson, Linda Louise (NIMH) L. Johnson, J. Levine, C. Grillon
  Fear-Conditioning in a Virtual Environment: The Effects of Predictability on Contextual Conditioning
NBB-10 Jones, Jennifer Louise (NIDCD) J.L. Jones, C. Brewer, C. Zalewski, D. Drayna
  Auditory and Phonological Processing Abilities in Tune Deaf Subjects
NBB-11 Lee, Hee-Sheung (NEI) H.-S. Lee and S. I. Tomarev
  Possible Involvement of N-cadherin in Optimedin-Induced Aggregation of Differentiating PC12 Cells
NBB-12 Mameza, Marie G (NIMH) M.G. Mameza, J. Lockard, A. Gioio, M. Hillefors, Z. Scotto Lavino, B.B. Kaplan
  Identification and Characterization of pA134, a Novel Squid Axonal mRNA and its Cognate Protein in the Mammalian Brain
NBB-13 Marsh, Abigail A (NIMH) A. A. Marsh, K. S. Peschardt, M. Vythilingam, & R. J. R. Blair
  Selection Amongst Multiple Decision Options: Interactions Between Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Caudate
NBB-14 Nakic, Marina (NIMH) M. Nakic, M. Vythilingam, D. Mitchell, D. Charney, J. Blair
  Emotional Processing in Resilient Special Forces Soldiers
NBB-15 Raville, Renee Lynn (NIMH) R. Raville, S. Marenco, T. Tumonis, M. Egan
  Relationship of Paternal Age & Psychiatric Diagnosis to the Develoopment of Schizophrenia
NBB-16 Roach, Emma Beryl (NIDA) E Roach, M Morales
  CRF Receptor 1 is Expressed in Dopaminergic and GABAergic Neurons of the Ventral Tegmental Area
NBB-17 Tagliaferro, Adriana Patricia (NIDA) A.P. Tagliaferro; M.F. Morales
  CRF Synapses in the Rat Ventral Tegmental Area
NBB-18 Tian, Jinhua (NINDS) J-H.Tian, Z-X. Wu, M. Unzicker, C. Li, L. Lu, Q. Cai, C. Schirra, U. Matti, D. Stevens, C. Deng, J. Rettig, and Z-H. Sheng
  A Role of Snapin in Neurosecretion: Snapin Knockout Mice Exhibit Impaired Calcium-dependent Exocytosis of Large-dense Core Vesicles in Chromaffin Cells
NBB-19 Toso, Laura (NICHD) R. Roberson, L. Toso, J. Woodard, D. Abebe, S. Poggi, C.Y. Spong
  Neonatal Endotoxin Exposure Enhances Rat Motor Skills and Brain White Matter Apposition
NBB-20 Yonekura, Shinichi (NICHD) S. Yonekura, C-Y. Ting, G. Neves, K. Hung, S-N. Hsu, A. Chiba, A. Chess, and C-H. Lee
  The Transmembrane and Extracellular Domains of Drosophila N-cadherin Regulate Adhesion and Target Selection of R7 Photoreceptor Afferents
PHARM-1 Comer, Frank Irvin (NCI) F. I. Comer and C. A. Parent
  PI 3-Kinase Activity Controls the Chemoattractant Mediated Activation and Adaptation of Adenylyl Cyclase A in Dictyostelium
PHARM-2 Deng, Guo-Min (NIGMS) G-M Deng, L. Zheng, F.K. Chan, M. Lenardo
  A Potential Therapeutic Molecule of Inflammatory Arthritis by Targeting PLAD of TNF Receptors
PHARM-3 Eichler, Gabriel S (NCI) G.S. Eichler, M. Reimers, J.N. Weinstein
  A Computational Approach to Drug Function Annotation Using a Gene Group Correlation Metric
PHARM-4 Guirouilh-Barbat, Josee (NCI) J Guirouilh-Barbat, Y Pommier
  Induction of Double Strand Breaks by ET-743, a DNA Alkylator that Specifically Targets the Transcription Coupled Nucleotide Excision Repair
PHARM-5 Joshi, Bhalchandra V (NIDDK) B.V. Joshi, K.A. Jacobson, S. Maddileti, L. Mamedova, M.J. Gonzalez-Moa, V.E. Marquez, T.K. Harden, S. Costanzi
  P2Y6 receptor: Rational Structure-Based Drug Design Leads to the Discovery of a Novel, Conformationally Locked Selective Agonist
PHARM-6 Kim, Hee Seung (NIA) H S Kim and I.W. Wainer
  Capillary Electrophoresis Based On-line Monitoring of Drug Metabolism Using Uridine Diphosphate Glucuronosyltransferase Containing Rat Liver Microsome as a Pseudo-Stationary Phase
PHARM-7 Lam, Son Ngoc (NIDDK) S. Lam, C. Huang, P. Kwong, R. Wyatt, C. Bewley
  A Molecular Look at CCR5 N-terminus: Interactions with HIV-1 gp120-CD4
PHARM-8 Lorenzi, Philip L (NCI) P.L. Lorenzi, C.L. Thomas, M. Gunsior, P.K. Goldsmith, U. Scherf, W.C. Reinhold, S.E. Martin, N.J. Caplen, J.N. Weinstein
  Asparagine Synthetase as a Biomarker for L-Asparaginase Activity in Ovarian Cancer
PHARM-9 Maciuk, Alexandre Rémy (NIA) A. Maciuk, R. Moaddel, I Wainer
  Screening of Natural Extracts Using Immobilized Receptors
PHARM-10 Moaddel, Ruin (NIA) R. Moaddel, F. Bighi, R. Yamaguchi, S. Patel, I.W. Wainer
  Development of an Immobilized Mutant Organic Cation Transporter Column for On-Line Screening Using Chromatographic Techniques
PHARM-11 Moolchan, Eric T (NIDA) E. T. Moolchan, F. H. Franken, M. Jaszyna-Gasior
  Ethnic Differences in Adolescent Nicotine Metabolism: Implications for Tobacco-Related Health Disparities
PHARM-12 Moon, Kwan-Hoon (NIAAA) K.H. Moon, B.J. Kim, and B.J. Song
  Inhibition of Mitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase by Nitric Oxide-Mediated S-Nitrosylation
PHARM-13 Nishioku, Tsuyoshi (NIMH) T. Nishioku and J.M. Saavedra
  Effect of Angiotensin II AT1Rreceptor Antagonists on White Matter Lesions in the Rat Brain Induced by Cerebral Hypoperfusion
PHARM-14 North, Michael J. (NLM) M.J. North
  Dioscorides and his Influence: from Research to Dogma to Research Again in Western Pharmacology
PHARM-15 Oliveira, Regina Vincenzi (NIA) R. V. Oliveira, R. Moaddel, M. Juhaszova and I. W. Wainer
  Development and Characterization of the alpha 7 Nicotinic Receptor Column for On Line Studies of Drug-Receptor Affinities
PHARM-16 Rao, V. Ashutosh (NCI) V. A. Rao, A. Fan, L. Meng, C. Doe, P. North, I. Hickson, and Y. Pommier
  Phosphorylation of BLM, Dissociation from Topoisomerase III and Colocalization with ?-H2AX after Topoisomerase I-induced Replication Damage
PHARM-19 Xiong, Changyun (NCI) C. Xiong, K. Tworkoski, B. O’Keefe, C. Saucedo, and J. McMahon
  A Novel Anti-HIV Protein from a Philippine Marine Sponge
PHARM-20 Young, Sharla F (NIGMS) S.F. Young and G. Aguilera
  Vasopressin Type 1b and Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Receptor Dimerization
PHARM-21 Zhou, Jin (NIMH) J. Zhou, M. Macova, J.M. Saaverdra
  Genetic Variations Between Normotensive and Hypertensive Rats in Brain Microvessels and Potential Targets of AT1 Receptor Antagonists
PHYSIO-1 Banzon, Tina M (NEI) T. Banzon, S. Jalickee, S. Miller
  Measuring Electro-osmosis In Vitro: Understanding the Mechanism of Fluid Transport Across the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE)
PHYSIO-2 Cochard, Audrey E (NIDDK) A. Cochard, L.L. Hsu, A. Dejam, M.M. Pelletier, M.T. Gladwin, A.N. Schechter
  Whole Blood Nitrite in Mice shows Sexual Dimorphism and falls with Hypoxia.
PHYSIO-3 Kalbaugh, Trisha L (NIGMS) T.L. Kalbaugh, J.S. Diamond
  Distinct NMDA Receptor Subtypes at ON and OFF Inputs to Retinal Ganglion Cells
PHYSIO-4 Levenson, Jessica C (NIMH) J. Levenson, S. Lissek, D. McDowell, L. Johnson, J. Levine, D. Pine, J. Shaywitz, C. Grillon
  Using Socially Relevant Conditioned and Unconditioned Stimuli to Examine the Associative Learning Components of Social Anxiety
PHYSIO-5 Lin, Yuhong (NIAAA) Y.H. Lin, S. Samit and N. Salem, Jr.
  End Product Inhibition of Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism In Vivo: A Stable Isotope Study
PHYSIO-6 McDowell, Dana J (NIMH) D. McDowell, S. Lissek, S. Dvir, J. Shaywitz, J. Baas, D. Pine, C. Grillon
  Clinical Anxiety and Retention of Aversive Conditioning
PHYSIO-7 Webster, Bradley R (NHLBI) B. Webster, B. Adhikari, A. Singh, K. Wang, and R. Adelstein
  Mechanics of Papillary Muscles Mutated in Cytoplasmic Myosin
PROT-1 Abraham, Bindu (NIDDK) B. Abraham, C. Sztalryd, S. Hess
  Proteomics of Lipid Droplet of Fed and Fasted Rat Liver Cells
PROT-2 Albers, Christian (NIDDK) C. Albers, S. Hess
  Free-Flow Electrophoresis Fractionation of Human Plasma Proteome and Characterization by LC-MS/MS
PROT-3 Blonder, Josip (NCI) J. Blonder, A. Terunuma, V. Kapoor, D.A. Lucas, T.P. Conrads, K.C. Chan, H.J. Issaq, W.G. Telford, J.C. Vogel, T.D. Veenstra
  Quantitative Profiling of the Human Keratinocyte Stem Cell Microsomal Proteome
PROT-4 Feldman, Andrew Lewis (NCI) A.L. Feldman, C. Gulmann, V. Espina, Y. Zhang, D.L. Longo, M. Santi, T. Knutsen, M. Raffeld, E. Petricoin III, L.A. Liotta, E.S. Jaffe
  Candidate Molecular Targets in Follicular Lymphoma: A Proteomic Approach
PROT-5 Ho, Jenny T.C (NIDDK) J.T.C Ho, J.A. Hui & S Hess
  Mass Spectrometeric Characterization of Integral Membrane Proteins
PROT-6 Hood, Brian L (NCI) B. L. Hood, D. A. Lucas, G. Kim, K. C. Chan, I. Pollet, J. Blonder, H. J. Issaq, A. Karsan, T. D. Veenstra, and T. P. Conrads
  Quantitative Analysis of the Low Molecular Weight Serum Proteome Using 18O Labeling in a Lung Tumor Xenograft Mouse Model
PROT-7 Kim, Bong-Jo (NIAAA) B-J Kim, B.L. Hood, R.A. Aragon, T.P. Conrads, T.D. Veenstra and B.J. Song
  Increased Oxidation and Degradation of Cytosolic Proteins in Alcohol-Exposed Mouse Liver and Human Hepatoma Cells
PROT-8 McFarland, Melinda A (NIMH) M.A. McFarland, X. Yang, L.Y. Geer, A.J. Makusky, W. Shi, J.A. Kowalak, S.P. Markey
  DBParser 3.0: Comparison of Multiple Search Engine Results and Ion Current-based Relative Quantification of Peptides
PROT-9 Meng, Zhaojing (NCI) Z. Meng, C.E. Camalier, D.A. Lucas, T.D. Veenstra, G.R. Beck Jr. and T.P. Conrads
  Probing Early Growth Response 1 Interacting Proteins at the Active Promoter in Osteoblast Cells Using Oligoprecipitation and Mass Spectrometry
PROT-10 Shi, Wenyao (NIMH) W. Shi, A.J. Makusky, X. Yang, M. Kim, D.M. Maynard, M.M. Xu, L.Y. Geer, J.A. Kowalak, S.P. Markey
  An Integrated Workflow Approach to Maximize Information from Shotgun Proteomics Data
PROT-11 Xiao, Zhen (NCI) Z. Xiao, C. E. Camalier, D. A. Lucas, T. D. Veenstra, G. Beck, Jr., T. P. Conrads
  Global Analysis of the Extracellular Matrix Vesicle Proteome from Differentiating Murine Osteoblasts
PROT-12 Yu, Li-Rong (NCI) L.-R. Yu, Z. Xiao, Z. Zhu, T.P. Conrads, D.S. Dimitrov, and T.D. Veenstra
  Cell Surface Labeling Membrane Proteome Analysis of Human Breast Cancer Cells
PROT-13 Zhou, Ming (NCI) M. Zhou, T.P. Conrads, M. Dougherty, J. Muller, D. Ritt, T.D. Veenstra and D. Morrison
  Recycling Mechanism Raf-1 Kinase
Research Support Services
RSS-1 Balakrishnan, Krishna (OD) V. Ramakrishnan, R. Gupta, and K. Balakrishnan
  Role of NIH Inventors in Technology Transfer
RSS-2 Davis-Smith, Nerhosshia (OD) N. Davis-Smith
  Ergonomics in the Research Laboratory
RSS-4 Feindt, Hans H (OD) H.Feindt, G.Keller, P.Pan, J.Walenta, and S.Ferguson
  Technology License Monitoring Programs at NIH
RSS-5 Leapman, Richard D (OD) R.D. Leapman, H.S. Eden, M.S. Lewis, R.J. Lutz, T.M. Phillips, P.W. Schuck, P.D. Smith
  Division of Bioengineering and Physical Science: Collaborative Research Resources for the NIH Intramural Research Program
RSS-6 Malyguine, Anatoli (NCI) A. Malyguine, S. Strobl, K. Shafer-Weaver, L. Zaritzkaya, T. Luck and M. Baseler
  The Laboratory of Cell Mediated Immunity: Immunological Monitoring and Assay Development
RSS-7 Onorato, Joelle M (NIA) J. Onorato, P. Bullock, I. Wainer
  Development and Validation of an LC/MS Method for the Determination of Ketamine and Norketamine in Rat Liver Microsomes
RSS-8 Sadowski, David Robert (OD) D.R. Sadowski and S. Ano
  Technology Transfer Needs You – Endless Possibilities for Your Research
RSS-9 Sieving, Pamela C (OD) P.C. Sieving, C. Clark
  NIH Public Access: Calculating the Public's Access to Scholarly Communications
RSS-10 Sinclair Dunn, Kate (OD) L. Portilla, S. Bonhomme, K. Sinclair Dunn
  CRADAs: Research Collaborations Between NIH and Industry
RSS-11 Tidwell, Lille (OD) J.L. Tidwell, R.Nijhara, S. Ferguson and K. Balakrishnan
  Bypassing By-Pass Surgery, and Other NIH Licensing Successes
RSS-12 Wilson, Delores J (OD) G. Tate, K. Johnstone, D. Wilson
  Test Your Knowledge of Proper Storage and Segregation of Chemicals in the Laboratory
RSS-14 Glass, Jacqulin A (OD) J. Glass, D. Golaszewski, M. Frieman
  Lab Safety: Do You or Don't You
Structural Biology
SB-1 Amaral, Juan (NEI) J. Amaral and S.P. Becerra
  Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor (PEDF), an Antiangiogenic Serpin for the Eye: Structure-Function Relationships
SB-2 Andrews, Brian (NINDS) S.B. Andrews, S. Trachtenberg, C.A. Brantner, R.D. Leapman
  Mass Analysis of Individual Spiroplasma Cells and their Cytoskeletons
SB-3 Aronova, Maria A (OD) M.A. Aronova, L. M. Dorward, G. Zhang, V.V. Speransky, R.D. Leapman
  3-D Imaging of Nucleic Acid and Protein in Cells by Energy-Filtered Electron Tomography
SB-4 Baxa, Ulrich (NIAMS) U. Baxa, A. Brachmann, N. Cheng, D.C. Winkler, A.V. Kajava, R.B. Wickner, A.C. Steven
  Amyloid Filaments of Ure2p are Infectious in Yeast
SB-5 Buchete, Nicolae-Viorel (NIDDK) N.V. Buchete, R. Tycko, G. Hummer
  Structure and Stability of Alzheimer's beta-Amyloid Protofilaments
SB-6 Cardone, Giovanni (NIAMS) G. Cardone, K. Grünewald, A.C. Steven
  A Generally Applicable Resolution Criterion for Electron Tomography
SB-7 Costanzi, Stefano (NIDDK) S. Costanzi, S. VIncenzetti, G. Cristalli, A. Vita
  Human Cytidine Deaminase: a Homology Model of a Tetrameric Metallo-Protein Inferred from the Crystal Structure of a Distantly Related Dimeric Homologue
SB-8 Forbes, Jeffrey G. (NIAMS) J.G. Forbes, D.D. Root, V.K. Yadavalli and K. Wang
  Nanomechanics and Molecular Mechanics Simulation of the Unraveling and Unfolding of the Coiled-Coil Domains in Myosin
SB-9 Galanis, Jennifer (NICHD) J. Galanis, D. Harries, D. Sackett, W. Losert, R. Nossal
  The Emergence of Order and Patterning of Rods in a Confined System
SB-10 Gaynutdinov, Timur I. (CC) T.I. Gaynutdinov, I.G. Panyutin and R.D. Neumann
  Iodine-125 Radioprobing of Intramolecular Quadruplex Conformation of Human Telomeric DNA in the Presence of Quadruplex-Specific Drugs.
SB-11 Gruschus, James M (NHLBI) J.M. Gruschus, J.-S. Maeng, J.H. Ju, H.-S. Lee, K.-J. Hwang, E.P. Gelmann, J.A. Ferretti
  Detecting Induced Folding in Flexible Linker Regions Due to Homeodomain Protein-Protein Interactions in Large (>200kDa) DNA-bound Systems by Solution NMR
SB-12 Harris, Audray K (NIAMS) A. Harris, D.M. Belnap, N.R. Watts, J.F. Conway, N. Cheng, S.J. Stahl, P.T. Wingfield, and A.C. Steven
  Epitope Diversity of Hepatitis B Virus Capsids: Quasiequivalent Variations in Spike Epitopes and Binding of Different Antibodies to the Same Epitope
SB-13 Hassan, Sergio A. (CIT) S.A. Hassan
  Computational Study of Amino Acid Dissociation in Pure Water and 0.1-2.0 M Aqueous Solutions: Implications on the Binding of Small Molecules to Solvent Accesible Sites in Protein
SB-14 Hastings, Whitney A (NCI) W.A. Hastings, B.A. Shapiro, G.S. Chirikjian
  Classification of RNA Single-Base Bulges for Nanostructure Design
SB-15 Jin, Albert J (OD) A.J. Jin, K. Prasad, P.D. Smith, E.M. Lafer, R.J. Nossal
  Structural Energetics of Clathrin Coated Vesicles Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy
SB-16 Kim, In-Wha (NCI) I.W. Kim, Z.E. Sauna and S.V. Ambudkar
  Catalytic Cycle of ATP Hydrolysis by Human P-glycoprotein: Role of Conserved Residues Within the D- and H-loop in the ATP Sites for the Binding and Hydrolysis of ATP
SB-17 Kuszewski, John J (CIT) J. Kuszewski, G.M. Clore, C.D. Schwieters
  Improved Automatic Protein Structure Determination using Xplor-NIH
SB-18 Lee, Yong-Sok (CIT) YS. Lee, M. Marcu and L. Neckers
  Trans-Cis Isomerization of Geldanamycin Catalyzed by Heat Shock Protein 90
SB-19 Luo, Shen (NHLBI) S. Luo, G. Kim, and R.L. Levine
  Mutation of the Adenylylated Tyrosine of Glutamine Synthetase Alters Its Catalytic Properties
SB-20 Manvilla, Brittney Ann (NIAMS) B. Manvilla, A. Harris, P.T. Wingfield, A.C. Steven
  Studying the Interactions Between the Capsid and Surface Glycoproteins of Hepatitis B Virus
SB-21 Miller, Gregory James (NIDDK) G.J. Miller, M.P. Wilson, P.W. Majerus and J.H. Hurley
  Specificity Determinants in Inositol Polyphosphate Synthesis: Crystal Structure of Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase
SB-22 Parsons, Lisa M (NIDDK) L.M. Parsons, F. Lin, J. Orban
  Solution Structure of Peptidoglycan Associated Lipoprotein from Haemophilus Influenzae Bound to UDP-N-acetylmuramyl-pentapeptide
SB-23 Schuck, Peter (OD) A. Balbo, K.H. Minor, C.A. Velikovsky, R.A. Mariuzza, C.B. Peterson, P.Schuck
  Studying Multi-Protein Complexes by Multi-Signal Sedimentation Velocity Analytical Ultracentrifugation
SB-24 Schwieters, Charles D. (CIT) C.D. Schwieters, G.M. Clore and J.J. Kuszewski
  Software Tools for Biomolecular NMR Structure Determination
SB-25 Yadavalli, Vamsi K (NIAMS) V.K Yadavalli, J.G Forbes, K. Wang
  Studying the Elasticity and Structure of Single Muscle Proteins on Self-Assembled Monolayers
SB-26 Yingling, Yaroslava G (NCI) Y.G. Yingling and B.A. Shapiro
  Exploration of Wild-Type Telomerase RNA Structure via Molecular Dynamics Simulations
SB-27 Soubias, Olivier (NIAAA) O. Soubias, I.V. Polozov, W.E. Teague, K. Gawrisch
  NMR Studies of Lipid-GPCR Interaction in Nanoporous Media
SIG-1 Balla, Andras (NICHD) A. Balla, P. Varnai and T. Balla
  Studies on the Role of Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase Isoforms in the Maintenance of Hormone-Sensitive PI(4,5)P2 Pools
SIG-2 Hu, Lan (CBER) L. Hu and D. J. Kopecko
  Heterotrimeric G Proteins and Mitogen-activated Protein (MAP) Kinases ERK and p38 Are Involved in C. jejuni 81-176 Invasion of INT407 Cells
SIG-3 Ichijo, Takamasa (NICHD) T. Ichijo, G.P. Chrousos and T. Kino
  Set/TAF-I<=, a Component of the INHAT (Inhibitor of Histone Acetyltransferases) Complex Interacts with the Glucocorticoid Receptor and Represses its Transcriptional Activity
SIG-4 Jeong, Soo-Jin (NCI) S. Jeong, C.A. Pise-Masison, M.F. Radonovich, H. Ung Park and J.N. Brady
  Activated AKT Regulates NF-kB Activation, p53 Inhibition and Cell Survival in HTLV-1-Rransformed Cells
SIG-5 Khan, Faiyaz Ahmad (NHLBI) F.A. Khan, R. Nilsson, E. Degerman, V.C. Manganiello
  Insulin-Induced Formation of Macromolecular Complexes Involved in Activation of Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase 3 B (PDE3B) and its Interaction with PKB
SIG-6 Li, Bo (NIDDK) B.Li, M. Scarselli, C.D. Knudsen, S. M. McMillin, and J. Wess
  A Novel Experimental Strategy that Allows the Identification of all Functionally Critical Amino Acids in the M3 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor
SIG-7 Ma, Hui (NICHD) H. Ma, A. Balla, T. Blake, P. Liu and T. Balla
  Expression Patterns of Four Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinases During Zebrafish (danio rerio) Development
SIG-8 Mihaylov, Vassil Avgoustov (NCI) V. Mihaylov, F. Comer, L. Yu, T. Veenstra, C. Parent
  A PH Domain-Containing Protein Complex is Formed at the Plasma Membrane in Response to Chemoattractant Stimulation
SIG-9 Notari, Luigi (NEI) L.Notari, C.Meyer, S.P.Becerra
  PEDF-R: A Receptor for Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor with Phospholipase A Activity
SIG-10 Toth, Balazs (NICHD) B. Toth, A. Balla, P. Varnai and T. Balla
  Phosphatidylinositol 4-Kinase Involvement in the ER to Golgi Transport of Ceramide
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  Identification of an Agonist-induced Conformational Change Occurring Adjacent to the Ligand Binding Pocket of a Class A G Protein-Coupled Receptor
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  Expression of Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF-1alpha) and Some of its Target Genes in Guinea Pig after Exchange Transfusion with a Hemoglobin-Based Blood Substitute -- a Preliminary Investigation
SIG-13 Zhang, Peijun (NCI) P. Zhang and S. Subramaniam
  Structural Analysis of the Bacterial Chemotaxis Signal Transduction Pathway Using Electron Tomography
Sensory Systems
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  Normal Variation in Auditory Processing Skills
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  Mutation of Key Residues of RPE65 Abolishes its Enzymatic Role as Isomerohydrolase in the Chromophore Visual Cycle of the Retina
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  caMATCH: A Pilot Research Project in Pateint Entered PHRs for Clinical Trial Matching Services
TECH-2 Duggan, Brenda R (NCI) S. Dubman, C. Andonyadis, B. Duggan
  C3PR: A Web-based Application Used to Manage Participants Across Multiple Cancer Clinical Trials
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  An Improved Microsequencing Method for the Identification of Phosphorylation Sites in Proteins
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  Development of a Microfluidic Flow-Through Immunoassay for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Proteins
TECH-5 Morton, Larry (OD) L. Morton
  CRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects)
TECH-6 Smirnov, Aleksandr V (NHLBI) A. V. Smirnov, J. Ferretti
  Prospects of Pulsed X-ray Sources Applications in Biophysics, Radiotherapy and Medical Imaging
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  The Pancreatic Cancer Research Map
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  Development of a Chip-Based Immunoassay System for Measuring Neuropeptides in Biological Fluids
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  The Kinetics of RNA Polymerase II Binding and Transcription Induction at Target Genes During T cell Activation
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  Modulation of the Properties of Glucocorticoid Receptor-Mediated Repression by Cofactors
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  Tax Interacts with P-TEFb to Stimulate HTLV-1 Transcription
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  Take-over Pressure Explains Excess Information at T7-like Promoters
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  Tandem Affinity Purification of a Retrotransposon Integrase and its Associated Factors
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  HIV Escape from Peptide Fusion Inhibitors
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  Avian Sarcoma Leukosis Virus (ASLV) Derived Retroviral Vectors Efficiently Transduce CD34+ Cells and have a Distinct Integration Profile in the Rhesus Macaque Transplantation Model
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  TF1, An LTR-Retrotransposon of Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Recognizes Specific Sequences in POL II Promoters as Targets for Integration
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  Production of Hepatitis C Virus Particles by Expressing the Full-Length Viral Genome in Insect Cells
V-8 Smith, Jeffrey S. (CBER) J.S. Smith, E. Manickan, J. Tian, and A.P Byrnes
  In Vivo Studies on the Toxicity of Adenovirus Vectors for Kupffer Cells
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  Individual Contributions of the Human Metapneumovirus F, G and SH Glycoproteins to Inducing Neutralizing Antibodies and Protective Immunity
V-10 Wong, Susan (NHLBI) S. Wong and K.E. Brown
  Methods of Detecting Active B19 Viral Infection