Poster Session 2
TECH-1 Chen, Amy (NHGRI) A. Chen, J. Farley, L. Garrett-Beal
  Successful and Efficient Cryopreservation of Sperm from C57Bl6/J and Other Transgenic Mouse Strains
TECH-2 Haggerty, Cynthia Myers (NCI) C.M. Haggerty, W.J. Freebern, D. Ponciano-Jackson, I. Montano, I. Collins, A. DeSiervi, K. Gardner
  Profiling of Transcriptional Targets
TECH-3 Henry, Alyssa C. (OD) A.C. Henry, N.Y. Morgan, E.J. Choi, C.M. McCullough, S. Kacker, E.B. Brokaw, P.D. Smith
  Novel Microfluidic Developments for Biomedical Research Applications
TECH-4 Kasala, Hema S. (NIDDK) P.A. Henning, D. A. Stiles, D. Wheeler., G. Wang, H. Kasala., T.Y. Chu, P. K. Tan, M. D. Wang, M. C. Cam
  ChipQC: A Visualization Tool for Removal of Systematic Error and Artifacts in Microarrays
TECH-5 Lewis, Marc S. (OD) M. Lewis and M. Reily
  Application of Weighted Robust Regression to Equilibrium Ultacentrifugal Analysis
TECH-6 Luo, Shen (NHLBI) S. Luo and R.L. Levine
  Fast and Sensitive Quantification of Protein Using Coomassie Infrared Fluorescence
TECH-7 Michelman-Ribeiro, Ariel (NICHD) A. Michelman-Ribeiro, H. Boukari, F. Horkay, R. Nossal
  Cross-Linking Slows Probe Diffusion within Polymer Gels
TECH-8 Morgan, Nicole Y. (OD) N.Y. Morgan, A.C. Henry, T.M. Phillips, T.J. Pohida, P.D. Smith, M. Gaitan, L. Locascio
  Fabrication of a MIcrofluidic Flow-Through Immunoassay for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Proteins
TECH-9 Pan, Percy S (OD) P.S. Pan, G. Keller, S. Ferguson, D. Schmickel, H. Feindt
  Monitoring and Enforcement of License Provisions
TECH-10 Salicrup, Luis A. (OD) L. A. Salicrup and M.L. Rohrbaugh
  Partnerships in Technology Transfer--an Innovative Program to Move Biomedical Research from the Laboratory to Worldwide Practical Application
TECH-11 Schuck, Peter (OD) J. Svitel and P. Schuck
  Combined Affinity and Rate Constant Distributions of Heterogeneous Ligand Populations from Experimental Surface-Binding Kinetics and Equilibria
TECH-12 Van, Que N (NCI) Q.N. Van, J.W. Koscielniak, J.R. Klose, G.N. Chmurny, and T.D. Veenstra
  NMR Techniques: Applications for the Biomedical Research Community
TECH-13 Pushparaj, Veena F. (NICHD) V.F.Pushparaj,M.Griffith,T.Stitely, O.M.Rennert, W.Y.Chan
  Bioinformatics Platform for Disease Gene Prediction
TECH-14 Gorshkova, Inna I. (OD) I.I. Gorshkova, S.A. Gaidamakov, S. Le Grice, J.A. Beutler, J.B. McMahon, M.A. Parniak, P. Schuck, R.J. Crouch
  Small Molecules Inhibition of RNase H1/I Activity in vitro Studied by Surface Plasmon Resonance