Poster Session 2
Structural Biology
SB-1 Baxa, Ulrich (NIAMS) U. Baxa, P. D. Ross, A. V. Kajava, N. Cheng, D. C. Winkler, A. Bax, R. B. Wickner, A. C. Steven
  Structure of Ure2p Prion Filamens
SB-2 Buchete, Nicolae-Viorel (NIDDK) N.-V. Buchete, R. Tycko, G. Hummer
  Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Alzheimer's Beta-Amyloid Fibril Models
SB-3 Dhume, Ashwini (NIAMS) A. Dhume, R. Horowits
  N-RAP Knockdown Disrupts Myofibrils in Striated Muscle
SB-4 Forbes, Jeffrey G. (NIAMS) J. G. Forbes, V. Yadavalli, K. Wang
  Elasticity of Muscle Proteins
SB-5 Hierro, Aitor (NIDDK) A. Hierro, A. Rusnak, J. Sun, J. Kim, G. Prag, S.D. Emr and J.H. Hurley.
  Structure of the ESCRT-II Endosomal Trafficking Complex
SB-6 Hirai, Teruhisa (NCI) T. Hirai, J.A.W. Heymann, D. Shi, S. Subramaniam
  Comparative Structural Analysis of the "Symmetric", Substrate-Bound State of the Oxalate Transporter OxlT with the "Cytoplasmically-Open" State of the MFS Transporters GlpT and LacY
SB-7 Jeong, Jinsook (NHLBI) J.Jeong, T.A.Rouault, and R.L.Levine
  Iron Regulatory Protein 2 (IRP2) is a Heme Sensor
SB-8 Jia, Yiping (CBER) Yiping Jia, Robert A. Boykins, and Abdu I. Alayash
  Functional and Structural Characterization of O-R-polyHbA0 -an Oxygen Carrying Blood Substitute
SB-9 Kim, Joonyeong (NIAMS) J. Kim, J. D. Batteas, J. G. Forbes, and K. Wang
  Fabrication and Characterization of Nanopatterned Protein arrays by Scanning Probe Techniques
SB-10 Leapman, Richard David (OD) R.D. Leapman, E. Kocsis, G. Zhang, T.L. Talbot
  Three-Dimensional Distributions of Subcellular Phosphorus by Electron Spectroscopic Tomography
SB-12 Ma, Kan (NIAMS) K. Ma and K. Wang
  Titin as a Giant Signaling Molecule in the SH3 Domain-Mediated Signaling Pathways
SB-13 Negin, Russell Scott (CBER) R. S. Negin; D. I. Freedberg
  Accurate Sugar Geometry for Use in Structural Glycobiology
SB-14 Olumee-Shabon, Zohra (NIAAA) Z. Olumee-Shabon and H-Y Kim
  Probing Ras Protein Conformation by Mass Spectrometry
SB-15 Oyler, Nathan Andrew (NIDDK) N. Oyler, R. Tycko
  NMR of Surface Adsorbed beta-Amyloid Fibrils
SB-16 Paravastu, Anant Krishna (NIDDK) A.K. Paravastu, A.T. Petkova, R. Tycko
  Solid State NMR Investigation of Structural Order and Polymorphism in Fibrils of the Alzheimer’s beta-Amyloid Peptide without the N-terminal Residues
SB-17 Peter-Tittelbach, Christine (NIDDK) C. Peter and G. Hummer
  Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Model Membranes - Electrostatic Properties and Ion Transport
SB-18 Petkova, Aneta T. (NIDDK) A. Petkova, R. Leapman, Z. Guo, W.-M. Yau, M. Mattson, and R. Tycko
  Structural Investigations of Molecular-Level Polymorphism in Alzheimer’s Beta-Amyloid Fibrils by Solid State NMR
SB-19 Sam, Vichetra Keth (CIT) V. SAM, C.E. Tai, J. Garnier, J. Gibrat, B. Lee, P.J. Munson
  Comparison of Protein Structural Alignment Methods, VAST and SHEBA, with the SCOP Classification, Using Statistical Methods
SB-20 Schwieters, Charles D. (CIT) Charles D. Schwieters, G. Marius Clore and John J. Kuszewski
  Software Tools for Biomolecular NMR Structure Determination
SB-21 Sharpe, Simon (NIDDK) S. Sharpe, W-M. Yau and R. Tycko
  MAS NMR Studies of the Transmembrane Domain of HIV-1 Vpu in Lipid Bilayers: Sample Optimization and Local Structure
SB-22 Steinbach, Peter J. (CIT) P. Steinbach
  Peptide Structure Prediction: Global Optimization of Implicit-Water Energy Functions
SB-23 Tsai, Chung-Jung (NCI) C.J. Tsai, H.H. Tsai, and R. Nussinov
  Locating Global Minima of Water Clusters (H2O)n (n <= 36) with Parallel Tempering Molecular Dynamics and H-bond Orientations Enumeration
SB-24 Xu, Sengen (NIAMS) S. Xu, J. Gu and L. Yu
  Structural Basis of Action on Myosin of Three Myosin ATPase Inhibitors
SB-25 Yeh, In-Chul (NIDDK) I.-C. Yeh, G. Hummer
  Nucleic Acid Transport Through Carbon Nanotube Membranes
SB-26 Yeliseev, Alexei A. (NIAAA) A.A. Yeliseev, K. Wong and K. Gawrisch
  Expression, Purification and Reconstitution of the Peripheral Cannabinoid Receptor for Structural Studies
SB-27 Zou, Zhongcheng (NIAID) Z. Zou and P.D. Sun
  A Novel Method for Easy Preparation of Large Quantities of Recombinant Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1