Poster Session 2
Research Support Services
RSS-1 Balakrishnan, Krishna (OD) K. Balakrishnan, E. Ray, Y. Zhang, S. Ferguson, M. Rohrbaugh
  Science, Ideas and Breakthroughs: The Fruits of NIH Technology Transfer
RSS-2 Bungay, Peter M. (OD) P.M. Bungay, W. Isele, E. Fox and F.M. Balis, R.A. Gonzales, P. Newton-Vinson, J.B. Justice, Jr., P.A. Garris
  Towards More Inclusive Mathematical Models for Microdialysis
RSS-3 Chedester, Alan Lee (NIAAA) A.L. Chedester*, S. Shin**, T. Thomas***, J. Shen*
  Complications Following Equithesin (Choral hydrate) Anesthesia in Rats
RSS-4 Cheung, Huey (CIT) H. Cheung, A. Wang, B. Upender, A Frazin, S. Chintala, F. Pecjak, M. Kellogg, R.L. Martino, C. Johnson, Y. Fann, R. Lingam, G. Wang
  A Web-based Protocol Tracking Management System for Clinical Research
RSS-5 Golaszewski, Donald H. (OD) D. Golaszewski
  Common Signage Used By the NIH Division of Occupational Health and Safety
RSS-6 Harbinger, Bonny (OD) P. Lake and B. Harbinger
  CRADAs: Research Collaborations Between NIH and Industry
RSS-7 Heiskanen, Mervi A. (NCI) M. Heiskanen, S. Dubman, S. Gustafson, J. Lorenz, S. Muju, C. Dickerson, B. Neuberger, H. Sahni, P. Tran, S. Madhavan, H. Johnson, S. Settnek, K. Buetow
  Cancer Microarray Informatics (caArray) Data Management and Analysis Tools at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Bioinformatics
RSS-8 Kalyan, Dev Nathan (OD) D. Kalyan, L. Abbott, R. Wesley, A. Wichman, A. Sandler
  Protecting Human Subjects in the NIH Intramural Research Program: An Instrument to Evaluate IRB Performance in Convened Meetings
RSS-9 Leland, Theresa A. (OD) T. Leland
  Implementing an Environmental Management Systems at the NIH
RSS-10 Miller, Georgina Farnsworth (OD) G.F. Miller, M.A. Eckhaus, L.R. Brinster, M.F. Starost, M.A. Bryant
  DVRís Service for Pathologic Phenotype Analysis of Genetically Engineered Mice
RSS-11 Morton, Larry (OD) L. Morton
  CRISP-Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects
RSS-12 Rall, William F (OD) W.F. Rall, P.M. Schmidt, C.T. Hansen, S.S. Brown, R.H. Hines
  Cryopreservation and Banking of Embryos and Spermatozoa from Laboratory Mice, Rats, and Rabbit Models
RSS-13 Ring, Michael S. (NIDDK) M.Ring, B. Niles, T. Wakefield, A.Kirk, D.Harlan
  List-based Retrieval - A Simple, Intuitive Computer Interface for the Retrieval of Hierarchical Laboratory Data
RSS-14 Roberts, Jada (OD) M. Lenardo, R. Edwards
  NIH Shared Resources Database Web Site
RSS-15 Sadowski, David Robert (OD) D.R. Sadowski
  Avoiding the Avalanche: Using Records Management Techniques To Improve Workflow In Technology Transfer Offices
RSS-16 Schaupp, Christopher J. (NIAID) C. Schaupp, G. Jiang, T. Myers, M. Wilson
  Active Mixing During DNA Microarray Hybridization Improves Sensitivity, Specificity and Accuracy
RSS-17 Smith, Paul D. (OD) P.D. Smith, H.S. Eden, M.S. Lewis, R.J. Lutz, T.M. Phillips, P.W. Schuck, R.D. Leapman
  ORS Division of Bioengineering and Physical Science: Collaborative Research Resources for the NIH Intramural Research Program
RSS-18 Tate, Gregory A. (OD) G.A. Tate, D.J. Wilson, K.R. Johnstone
  Proper Storage and Segregation of Chemicals in the Laboratory
RSS-19 Wang, Alex (CIT) A. Wang, Y. Fann, H. Cheung, F. Pecjak, B. Upender, A. Frazin, R. Lingam, S. Chintala, G. Wang, M. Kellogg, R.L. Martino, and C.A. Johnson
  Performance of Using Oracle XMLDB in The Evaluation of CDISC ODM for a Clinical Study Informatics System
RSS-20 Weed, James L. (OD) R.C. O'Malley, E.K. Hutchinson & J.L. Weed
  Successful Social Housing for Non-Human Primates in DVR Facilities: A Quantitative Analysis
RSS-21 Wood, Fred B (NLM) F. Wood
  Evaluating Our Web Presence: A Practical Framework for NIH Web Site Evaluation
RSS-22 Zuckerman, Judith A (NIAID) J.A. Zuckerman, L.A. McNay, J.A. Tavel
  A Model for Clinical Research Support: The NIAID Regulatory Compliance and Human Subjects Protections Branch (RCHSPB)