Poster Session 3
Molecular Biology
MOL-1 Carlson, Bradley A (NCI) B.A. Carlson, X.-M. Xu, G.V. Kryukov, M. Rao, M.J. Berry, V.N. Gladyshev and D.L. Hatfield
  Identification and Characterization of Phosphoseryl-tRNA[Ser]Sec Kinase
MOL-2 Ciccone, Carla (NHGRI) C. Ciccone, S.E. Sparks, M. Lalor, E. Orvisky, D. Krasnewich, M-S Sun, M. Dalakas, W.A. Gahl, M. Huizing
  GNE Enzyme Activity in Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy
MOL-3 Datta, Kamal (CC) K. Datta, M. Weinfeld, R. Neumann, T. Winters
  Identification of Unexpected End Group Structures at Radiation-Induced DNA Double-Strand Breaks Resulting from Targeted 125I Decay
MOL-4 Dyer, Kimberly Dawn (NIAID) K.D. Dyer, H.F. Rosenberg
  The Polycistronic Mouse RNase 4 and Angiogenin Genes Utilizes Dual Promoters for Tissue Specific Transcript Expression
MOL-5 Gottlieb, Emily (NHGRI) E. Gottlieb, C. Ciccone, D. Darvish, S. Naiem, P. Savelkoul, D. Krasnewich, W. Gahl, M. Huizing
  Correlation Between the Age of Onset/Severity of Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy and Polymorphisms Within the Dystroglycan Gene
MOL-6 Hoover, Shelley Burns (NCI) S.B. Hoover, B.J. Davis, J.S. Wiest, M.J. DeLong, L.M. Bennett, C. Crowder, B.E. Walling, J.C. Barrett, R.M. Simpson
  A National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research (NCI CCR) Comparative Molecular Pathology Research Training Initiative Is Successfully Launched.
MOL-7 Hwang, Meeyul (NIAMS) M. Hwang, O. Kalinin, M.I. Morasso
  Role of the Ca-Binding Protein Scarf, During Epidermal Differentiation
MOL-8 Lisinski, Ivonne M. (NIDDK) I. Lisinski, H. Matsumoto, S.W. Cushman, H. Al-Hasani
  Identification and Characterisation of a Novel GLUT4-binding Protein (p49)
MOL-9 Liu, Su-Ting (NIA) S. Liu, S. Richards, A.Majumdar, M.R.Alam, K.A. Shahid, L. Brunner, J. Liu, M.M. Seidman
  Pathway Options for Mutagenesis of a Targeted Genomic Crosslink in Mammalian Cells
MOL-10 Lyakhov, Ilya G. (NCI) I.G. Lyakhov, Z. Chen, T.D. Schneider
  A Novel Bacteriophage Lambda Cro Responsive Element in the oop RNA Promoter
MOL-11 Maxhimer, Justin B (NCI) J.B. Maxhimer, M.F. Ziauddin, R.M.Reddy, Z. Zuo, G.W. Cole Jr, D.S. Schrump, D.M. Nguyen
  Profound Induction of Apoptosis of Lung and Esophageral Cancer Cells by the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Trichostatin A/Protein Kinase C Inhibitor Calphostin C Combination.
MOL-12 Panyutin, Irina V. (CC) I.V. Panyutin, O.A. Sedelnikova, W.M. Bonner, I.G. Panyutin, and R.D. Neumann
  DNA Damage Produced by 125I-Triplex Forming Oligonucleotides in Cells
MOL-13 Petukhova, Galina V. (NIDDK) G.V. Petukhova, R. Pezza, F. Vanevski, M. I. Pigozzi, M-C Gauthier, J-Y Masson and R. Daniel Camerini-Otero
  The Role of the Mouse Hop2 Protein in Meiotic Recombination
MOL-14 Ross, Eric D. (NIDDK) E. Ross, U. Baxa, R. Wickner
  Scrambled Prion Domains Form Prions and Amyloid
MOL-15 Rubinstein, Yaffa Reuveni (NCI) Y. R. Rubinstein, Y. Postnikov, J. Lim Y, S. Lee, Y. Birger, K. West, P. Nguyen, T. Furusawa, F. Catez, J. Trepel and M. Bustin
  HMGN1 Down Regulates N-Cadherin and Beta-Catenin Expression During Early Mouse Development
MOL-16 Skibinsky, Anna (CBER) A. Skibinsky, R. Venable, R. W. Pastor
  Search for Trehalose's Function in Lipid Bilayers
MOL-17 Smirnova, Natalya A (NIDDK) N.A. Smirnova, P.J. Romanienko, P.P. Khil and R.D. Camerini-Otero
  The Gene Expression Profiling in Spo11-/- Mice Testes
MOL-18 Song, Youtao (NIDDK) Y. Song, Y. Wu, E. Eisenburg, L. Greene, G. Jung, and D.C. Masison
  Hyperaggregation of Yeast [PSI+] Prion Protein Determinant in Hsp70 Mutant c=Cells
MOL-19 Voloshin, Oleg N. (NIDDK) O. Voloshin, F. Vanevski, P. Khil and R.D. Camerini-Otero
  Characterization of the DNA Damage-Inducible Helicase DinG from Escherichia coli
MOL-20 Xie, Ling (NIAMS) L. Xie, G. Gutierrez-Cruz and K. Wang
  Genes, Splice Variants and Cellular Distribution of Xin, a Family of Functional Proteins Implicated in Myofibrillogenesis and Heart Looping
MOL-21 Yang, Xuezhong (NCI) X. Yang, L. Stapleton, V. Bliskovsky, G. Rajpal, K.J. Cullion, B. Mock, T. Ried, C.J. Thiele
  Loss of hCas Function, a Novel Neuroblastoma Differentiation Related Gene, via LOH at Chromosome 1p36.22 and Functional Silencing by N-myc
MOL-22 Zeng, Yong (NIDCD) Y.Zeng, Y.Takada, S.Kjellstrom, K.Hiriyanna, A.Tanikawa, E.Wawrousek, N.Smaoui, R.Caruso, R.A.Bush, P.A.Sieving
  Delivery of AAV-RS Vector into the Retinal Space of RS Deficit Mouse Improves the Retinal Synaptic Function