Poster Session 2
IMAG-1 Bitter, Ingmar (CC) R. M. Summers, I. Bitter, J. Yao, B. Wise, F. Tulloch, F. Garcia
  CIPS: Clinical Image Processing Service
IMAG-2 Budhani, Salima (NIMH) S. Budhani, M. Nakic, D. Kosson, R.J.R. Blair
  The Neural Substrates of Passive Avoidance Learning
IMAG-3 Cai, Lisheng (NIMH) L. Cai, D. Ye, V.W. Pike, J.-S. Liow, D. Tipre, M. Crescenzo, J. Hong, S.S. Zoghbi, D.C. Vines, K. Park, R. Cohen, M. Ichise and R.B. Innis
  Synthesis And Evaluation of [11c]MeBrMPY in the Development of Radioligands for Beta-amyloid
IMAG-4 Chen, Zhengguang (NIMH) Z. Chen, A.C. Silva, J. Yang, and J.Shen
  Elevated Endogenous GABA Level Correlates with Decreased fMRI Signals in the Rat Brain during Acute Inhibition of GABA-Transaminase
IMAG-5 Chernomordik, Victor V (NICHD) V. Chernomordik, A. Sviridov, M. Hassan, A. Russo, A.Eidsath, P. Smith, and A.H. Gandjbakhche
  Intensity Profiles of Linearly Polarized Light Backscattered From Skin and Tissue-Like Phantoms
IMAG-6 Dimitriadis, Emilios K. (OD) E. J. Choi, E. K. Dimitriadis
  Cytochrome c Adsorption to Supported, Anionic Lipid Bilayers in Low Ionic Conditions Studied via Atomic Force Microscopy
IMAG-7 Dudko, Olga K. (CIT) O.K. Dudko, G.H. Weiss, V. Chernomordik, A.H. Gandjbakhche
  Photon Migration in Turbid Media with Anisotropic Optical Properties
IMAG-8 Gannot, Israel (NICHD) I. Gannot, V. Chernomordik, A. Gandjbakhche
  Functional Fluorescence Imaging with Exogenous Markers
IMAG-9 Jin, Albert J. (OD) A.J. Jin, E.J. Choi, S.-L. Niu, P.D. Smith, B.J. Litman
  Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Rhodopsin (a G Protein-Coupled Receptor) Molecules in Vision Membranes
IMAG-10 Knutson, Kris M. (NINDS) K. Knutson, J. Wood, and J. Grafman
  Brain Activation in Processing Temporal Sequence: an fMRI Study
IMAG-11 Leatherbury, Linda (NHLBI) L Leatherbury, Q Yu, D Walker, J Rosenthal, B Siegfried, A Wessels, C Lo
  Novel Gated High Frequency Echocardiography for Cardiovascular Phenotyping of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Mutagenized Mice
IMAG-12 Lefman, Jonathan (NCI) J. Lefman, K. Chatterjee, S. Divi, R. Morrison, and S. Subramaniam
  High-Throughput Tranmission Tlectron Microscopy Using a Multi-Specimen, Cartridge Loading Device
IMAG-13 Link, Ben (CIT) B. Link, K. Csaky, W. Lim, M. Pillai, R. Nussenblatt, M. McAuliffe
  IASO and Ophthalmology: Keeping an Eye on Age-Related Macular Degeneration and the Sunset Glow Fundus Phenomenon
IMAG-14 McAuliffe, Matthew J. (CIT) M. McAuliffe, W. Gandler, D. Parsons, R. Cheng, E. McCreedy, B. Link, B. Trus
  Biomedical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization
IMAG-15 Peschardt, Karina S. (NIMH) K.S. Peschardt, B. Smith, D.G.V. Mitchell, L. Pessoa, S. Busis, D. Fridberg, D. Sturman, C. Nelson, D. Charney, D. Pine, L.G. Ungerleider, R.J.R. Blair
  Modulation of Cognition by Emotion and Cognition by Emotion: An Event-Related fMRI Study
IMAG-16 Ravasi, Laura (CC) L Ravasi, J Tokugawa, K Schmidt, T Nakayama, J Seidel, MV Green, L Sokoloff, WC Eckelman
  Distribution Ratio of [18F]FP-TZTP, A M2 Muscarinic Subtype Selective Radioligand, Measured by Bolus and Infusion Methods in Awake and Anesthetized Rats
IMAG-17 Shen, Yuan (NHLBI) Y.Shen, Q.YU, L.Leatherbury, J.Rosenthal, A.Wessels, K.Svenson, and C.W. Lo
  Scan Approach in Mouse Fetal Echocardiography : a Practice in Large-scale Screening Cardiovascular Defects in ENU Mutagenized Mice
IMAG-18 Svarovsky, Serge A (NCI) S.A. Svarovsky, J.J. Barchi, Jr.
  Glyconanotechnology: Novel Multivalent Beacons to Unravel the Glycan and Glycopeptide-mediated Cellular Events
IMAG-19 Walling, Brent E (NCI) B.E. Walling, J. Munasinghe, D. Schimel, D. Berrigan, J.C. Barrett, R.M. Simpson
  Longitudinal Analysis of Changes in Obesity using Non-Invasive Chemical-Shift Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
IMAG-20 Zhang, Zhan (NLM) Z. Zhang, K. R. Hoffmann, A. Walczak, M.J. Ackerman
  Index-Check-and-Correct Method for Surface Mapping and Its Application in Virtual Colonography