Poster Session 2
GENO-1 Barb, Jennifer J. (CIT) J.J. Barb, H. Schindel, P.J. Munson
  GO-SCAN, Analysis and Visualization of Gene Ontology Annotations
GENO-2 Belfer, Inna (NIDCR) I. Belfer, B. Buzas, H. Hipp, G. Phillips, J. Taubman, I. Lorincz, C. Evans, R.H. Lipsky, M-A. Enoch, M.B. Max and D. Goldman
  Haplotype Structure of Human Adrenergic Receptor Genes
GENO-3 Bojanowski, Christine Marie (NEI) C.M. Bojanowski, J. Tuo, E.Y. Chew, K.G. Csaky, C.C. Chan
  Analysis of the Hemicentin-1 Q5345R, hOgg1 S326C, CSB-6530C/G, and E-selectin S149R Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in Age-related Macular Degeneration
GENO-4 Bondy, Carolyn Ann (NICHD) C. Bondy, P. Brown, P. Van, V. Bakalov
  Does the Second X-chromosome Confer Protection from Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)?
GENO-5 Chen, Zehua (NCI) Z. Chen and T.D. Schneider
  Comparative Analysis of T7-like Promoter Bearing Regions in Bacterial Genomes Reveals a Novel Group of Islands
GENO-6 Chung, Seyung (NIDDK) S. Chung and D. Masison
  Two Isoforms of Yeast HSP70 Chaperones are Required for Different Prions [PSI+] And [URE3] Propagation in a Distinctive Way
GENO-7 Clarence, Anitha Rachel (NCI) A.R.Clarence, M.Upender and T.Ried
  Karyotypic Evolution and Chromosome Stability in Artificially Induced Trisomies
GENO-8 Correa-Cerro, Lina S. (NICHD) L.S. Correa-Cerro, C.A. Wassif, L. Kratz, R. Kelly, F.D. Porter
  Simvastatin Therapy Improve the Biochemical Phenotype in a Hypomorphic Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome Mouse Model
GENO-9 Cui, Yongzhi (NIDDK) Y. Cui, G. Riedlinger, K. Miyoshi, W. Tang, P. Kovanen, W. Leonard, C. Li, C. Deng, G. Robinson, L. Hennighausen
  Stat5 Revisited: Inactivation of Stat5 in Specific Cells and Defined Time Points
GENO-10 Duggal, Priya (NHGRI) P. Duggal, A.P. Klein, K. E. Lee, S. K. Iyengar, R. Klein, J. E. Bailey-Wilson, B.E. Klein
  Identification of Two Novel Loci that Influence Intraocular Pressure in the Beaver Dam Eye Study
GENO-11 Dzekunova, Inna R. (NCI) I.R.Dzekunova, B.Peng, D.W.Petersen, E.Kawasaki
  Monkeying Around: Rhesus mRNA Expression Profiles from Human Microarrays
GENO-12 Enright, Brian Patrick (NCI) B.P. Enright, S. Maeng, W. Sonoyama, M. Miura, S. Shi, and L. Shen
  Dynamic Remodeling of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche in GDNF Haploinsufficient Mice
GENO-13 Finch, Thembi D. (NIAAA) T. Finch, K. Xu, E. Westley, A. Roy, W. Maier, D. Goldman
  Linkage Disequilibrium of the GABRA Cluster Genes on Chromosome 4 with Opiate Addiction in an African American and a German Population
GENO-14 Goker-Alpan, Ozlem (NIMH) O. Goker-Alpan, K.S. Hruska, B.K. Stubblefield, E. Sidransky
  Does Mutant Glucocerebrosidase Trigger Protein Aggregation?
GENO-15 Goonesekere, Nalin C. (NCI) N. C. W. Goonesekere, BK Lee
  Frequency of Gaps Observed in a Structurally Aligned Protein Pair Database Suggests a Simple Gap Penalty Function
GENO-16 Habermann, Jens K. (NCI) J. Habermann, U. Paulsen, U. Roblick, M. Upender, L. McShane, E. Korn, S. Krüger, H.-P. Bruch, G. Auer, and T. Ried
  The Pattern of Aneuploidy and Genomic Imbalances Correlates with Specific Gene Expression Changes Along the Adenoma-Carcinoma-Sequence of Colorectal Carcinogenesis
GENO-17 Hahn, Yoonsoo (NCI) Y. Hahn, T.K. Bera, K. Gehlhaus, I.R. Kirsch, I.H. Pastan, and B. Lee
  Expressed Sequence Tags Database as Information Source for Discovery of Gene Fusion Resulting from Structural Rearrangement of Chromosomes
GENO-18 Haque, Kashif A. (NCI) K.A. Haque, Y. Qi, M.B. Beerman, C.L. Glaser, I. Barrow, J.L. Hartwell, R.A. Welch, M. Garcia-Closas, P. Castle, N. Rothman, S.J. Chanock, A.W. Bergen
  Genotyping Performance of Whole Genome Amplified DNA Derived from Genomic DNA Templates of Variable Quantity and Quality
GENO-19 Hildenbrand, Hanna Lynne (CC) H. Hildenbrand, G. Furst, and A.C.M. Smith
  Patterns of Sensory Processing in Children with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, Del (17) (p11.2p11.2)
GENO-20 Hodgkinson, Colin A. (NIAAA) C. Hodgkinson, A. Malhotra, S. Persaud, R. Lipsky, and D. Goldman
  Disrupted in Schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) Associates with Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.
GENO-21 Ibay, Grace P. (NHGRI) G.P. Ibay, D. Stambolian, L. Reider, D. Dana, M. Schlifka, T. Holmes, R. Owens, E. Ciner, J.E. Bailey –Wilson
  Evidence for a Myopia Susceptibility Locus on Chromosome 22 in an Ashkenazi Jewish Population
GENO-22 Khan, Sikandar Gauhar (NCI) S. Khan, K. Oh, S. Emmert, T. Shahlavi, C. Baker, D. Schmidt, J. DiGiovanna1, and K. Kraemer
  An Identical Mutation in the Human XPC DNA Repair Gene in Two Patients With and Without Neurological Abnormalities
GENO-23 Khil, Pavel P. (NIDDK) P. Khil, N. Smirnova, P. Romanienko, R. D. Camerini-Otero
  The Mouse X Chromosome is Enriched for Sex-Biased Genes not Subject to Selection by Meiotic Sex Chromosome Inactivation
GENO-24 Kimchi-Sarfaty, Chava (NCI) C. Kimchi-Sarfaty, J.M. Oh, J. Gribar, I.W. Kim, A. Sherman, S.V. Ambudkar, and M.M. Gottesman
  Characterization of the Multidrug Drug Resistance 1 (MDR1) Gene Polymorphisms
GENO-25 Knutsen, Turid (NCI) T. Knutsen, V. Gobu, R. Knaus, H. Padilla-Nash, T. Groesbeck, T. Ried, K. Sirotkin
  "Cancerchromosomes," A New Entrez Database for Searching NCI and NCBI Cytogenetic Databases
GENO-26 LaMarca, Mary E. (NIMH) ME LaMarca, DS Lieber, ME Portnoy, KS Hruska, ED Green, E Sidransky
  Multispecies Comparative Sequence Analysis of the Glucocerebrosidase Gene Locus
GENO-27 Lee, Yun-Sil (NIDCR) Y. Lee, H. Kim, and R.A. Dionne
  Expression Patterns and Genetic Polymorphisms of Cyclooxygenase (COX) Genes in a Clinical Model of Tissue Injury
GENO-28 Lustig, Ana (NIA) A. Lustig, K. Becker, W. Wood, D. Teichberg, A. Weeraratna, D. Bertak, S. Poosala, J. Firman, A. Zonderman, D. Longo, and D. Taub
  Age and Diet- Associated Changes in Gene Expression Patterns in the Murine Thymus
GENO-29 Mattapallil, Mary J. (NEI) M.J. Mattapallil, A.M. Viley, C.C. Chan, P.B. Silver, L.A. Donoso, J.A. Hanson, C.S. David and R.R. Caspi
  HLA DR and DQ Interact to Control Susceptibility to Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis (EAU)
GENO-30 Packer, Bernice R. (NCI) B. Packer, M. Yeager, B. Staats, R. Welch, A. Crenshaw, M. Kiley, A. Eckert, M. Beerman, A. Bergen, and S. Chanock
  SNP500 Cancer Database: Sequence Validation and Assay Optimization of Candidate Gene SNPs for Molecular Epidemiology Studies in Cancer
GENO-31 Pang, Lap-Yin (NICHD) A.L.Y. Pang, M.M. Martin, D.H. Bellan, A.L.A. Martin, O.M. Rennert and W.Y. Chan
  Alterations of Gene Expression Pattern in Testicular Biopsy from A Patient with DAX-1 Mutation
GENO-32 Pangilinan, Faith (NIGMS) F. Pangilinan, D. Swanson, A. Weiler, V. O'Leary, A. Parle-McDermott, M. Conley, C. Cox, T. Frey, A. Molloy, P. Kirke, J. Mills, J. Scott, L. Brody
  Transcobalamin II Polymorphisms Influence Plasma Levels of Vitamin B12 But are Not Major Risk Factors for Neural Tube Defects
GENO-33 Penzak, Scott R. (CC) S.R. Penzak, R.M. Alfaro, E. Formentini, J. Falloon
  Influence of MDR1 Genotypes on Saquinavir Pharmacokinetics in Healthy Human Subjects
GENO-34 Pezza, Roberto Jose (NIDDK) R.J. Pezza, G. Pethukova, E. Boja, H.M. Fales and R.D. Camerini-Otero
  Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization of The Mouse Meiotic Proteins Hop2 and Mnd1
GENO-35 Pierce, Michael M. (NIDDK) M.M. Pierce, U. Baxa, A. Bax & R.B. Wickner
  The Ure2p Prion Domain is Unstructured in the Soluble Form
GENO-36 Rajkumar, Jonathan N. (NCI) J. Rajkumar, A. Kahn, B. Zeeberg, W. Feng, G. Wang, M. Wang, A. Fojo, M. Sunshine, S. Narasimhan, D. Kane, W. Reinhold, S. Lababidi, K. Bussey, and J. Weinstein
  Enhancing the Perception of Information in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data
GENO-37 Reimers, Mark (NCI) M Reimers
  Quality Control of Spatial Artifacts in Raw Microarray Data
GENO-38 Scalco, Fernanda (NICHD) F.B. Scalco, L.S. Correa-Cerro, C.A. Wassif, D. Moretti-Ferreira, F.D. Porter
  IVS8-1G>C and T93M are the Most Frequent 7-Dehydrocholesterol Reductase Mutations Identified in a Cohort of Smoith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome Patients from Brazil
GENO-39 Shankavaram, Uma (NCI) U.Shankavaram, W.C. Reinhold, M. Reimers, U. Scherf, D. Doginow, and J.W.Weinstein
  Molecular, Biological, and Therapeutic Profiling of the NCI-60 Cells
GENO-40 Sidransky, Ellen (NIMH) E. Sidransky, J. Nguyen, J. Walker, O. Goker-Alpan, H.I. Hurtig, J.Q. Trojanowski, B. Giasson
  Glucocerebrosidase Mutations in Autopsy Samples from Subjects with Parkinsonian Syndromes
GENO-41 Sokolov, Mykyta (CC) M.V. Sokolov, I.G. Panyutin, N.A. Smirnova, R.D. Camerini-Otero, R.D. Neumann
  Probing Signaling Pathways Induced by I-125-Mediated DNA Double Strand Breaks: Lessons from the Genome-Wide Transcriptome Analysis in Human Cells
GENO-42 Staats, Brian J. (NCI) B. Staats, L. Qi, M. Beerman, H. Sicotte, B. R. Packer, S. J. Chanock, M. Yeager
  Visualization of Valid Polymorphisms within the Human Genome
GENO-43 Stiles, David A. (NIDDK) D.A. Stiles, P.K. Tan, P.A. Henning, M.C. Cam
  Alternative Splicing and its Possible Affects on Microarray Gene Expression Results
GENO-44 Tibriwal, Aruna Rani (NCI) A. Tibriwal, E. Mathe, M. Reimers, J. Weinstein
  Quality Control of Affymetrix Chips By Use Of False-Color Images
GENO-45 Tuo, Jingsheng (NEI) J.Tuo, B. Smith, C.M. Bojanowski, A.D. Meleth, I. Gery, K. Csaky, E. Chew and C. Chan
  The Involvement of Sequence Variation and Expression of CX3CR1 in the Pathogenesis of Age-related Macular Degeneration
GENO-46 Wanke, Kay L. (NCI) K.L. Wanke, E.M. Augustson, N.E. Caporaso, A.W. Bergen, D.N. Paltoo, T.A. Lehman, R. Modali, N. Chatterjee, J.M. Hayes, S.I. Malik, P.R. Taylor, D. Albanes
  The Genetic Determinants of Smoking Cessation: An Analysis from the Alpha-Tocopherol Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention (ATBC) Study
GENO-47 Wasson, Katherine (NCI) K. Wasson, K.J. Helzlsouer, E.D. Cook
  Ethical Issues in Direct-to-Consumer Online Genetic Testing
GENO-48 Weiss, George H. (CIT) J. Nolan, P. J. Munson, G.H. Weiss
  Statistical Detection of Abnormal Gene Clustering
GENO-49 Wheeler, David L. (NLM) A. Gabrielian, V. Pham, M. Romiti, E. Sayers, D. Wheeler
  Implementation of Pipelines for Genomic Analysis using the Entrez Programming Utilities
GENO-50 Yu, Qing (NHLBI) Q. Yu, Y. Shen, B. Chatterjee, B.H.Siegfried, L.Leatherbury, J.Rosenthal, J.F.Lucas, A. Wessels, C.F.Spurney, Y.J.Wu, M.L.Kirby, K. Svenson, and C.W. Lo
  ENU Induced Mutations Causing Congenital Cardiovascular Anomalies