Poster Session 3
ENDO-1 Deak, Andrea Marques (NIMH) A.H.M. Deak, S. Meftah, P. Martinez, F. Eskandari, S. Torvik, S. Mistry, D. Ronsaville, J. Reynolds, E. Sternberg and F. Cizza
  Circadian Endocrine Profiles in Premenopausal Women with Major Depression Disorder and a Comorbid Diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
ENDO-2 Gershengorn, Marvin C. (NIDDK) M.C. Gershengorn, A.A. Hardikar, C. Wei, E. Geras-Raaka, B. Marcus-Samuels, B.M. Raaka
  Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition Generates Proliferative Human Islet Precursor Cells
ENDO-3 Kubosaki, Atsutaka (NIDCR) A. Kubosaki, S. Gross, J. Miura, K. Saeki, M. Zhu, S. Nakamura, W. Hendriks, A.L. Notkins
  Targeted Disruption of the IA-2beta Gene Causes Glucose Intolerance and Impairs Insulin Secretion but Does Not Prevent the Development of Diabetes in NOD Mice
ENDO-4 Le, Hanh D. (NCCAM) H. Le, J.T. Arnold, K. McFann, M.R. Blackman
  Dihydrotestosterone and Testosterone, but Not DHEA or Estradiol, Modulate IGF-I, IGF Binding Protein 2 (IGFBP-2) and IGFBP-3 mRNA Expression in Primary Cultures of Human Prostatic Stromal Cells
ENDO-5 Liu, Ying (NICHD) Y. Liu, J. D. Shepard, and G. Aguilera
  Involvement of Inducible Isoforms of CREM in the Terminating Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Transcription Responses to Stress
ENDO-6 Sulima, Agnieszka (NIDDK) A. Sulima, T.E. Prisinzano, T. Spande, N. Whitaker, J.R. Deschamps, Z. Hochberg, A.E. Jacobson, K.C. Rice
  Design and Synthesis of a Deuterated 11b-Oxoreductase Substrate to Study Obesity
ENDO-7 Tang, Yan (NHLBI) Y. Tang, O. Gavrilova, S.C. Hockman, Y.H. Choi, E.M. Billings, V.C. Manganiello
  Increased Fatty acid Oxidation and Energy Dissipation in Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase(PDE) 3B Deficient Mice
ENDO-8 Webster, Jeanette Irene (NIMH) J.I. Webster, L.H. Tonelli, M Moayeri, S.S. Simons, S.H. Leppla and E.M. Sternberg
  Anthrax Lethal Factor Represses Glucocorticoid and Progesterone Receptor Activity.
ENDO-9 Yanoff, Lisa B (NICHD) LB Yanoff, SJ Parikh, M Edelman, B Denkinger, NG Sebring, P Slaughter, T McHugh, KA Calis, and JA Yanovski
  Lower Serum Iron Levels in Obese Subjects are Not Explained by Lower Iron Intake