Poster Session 3
Clinical Investigation
CI-1 Ameli-Grillon, Rezvan (NIMH) R. Ameli, K. Holmes, C. Zarate, D. Charney
  Assessment of Anhedonia in Healthy, Unipolar, and Bipolar Depression Examining the Validity of Snaith-Hamilton Pleasure Scale
CI-2 Biesecker, Barbara Bowles (NHGRI) E. Sutton, J. Young, A. McInerney-Leo, C. Bondy, B. Biesecker
  Truth-Telling and Turner Syndrome: The Importance of Disclosure
CI-3 Bozorg, Bahman (NIDDK) B.Bozorg , A.U. Neumann , T.Heller , M.Ghany , D.E.Kleiner , G.Lutchman , Y.Park , C.Rymer , T.J. Liang , J.H. Hoofnagle
  Early Viral Kinetics During Treatment with Low Doses of pegIFN alfa-2a and Ribavirin in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Infected with Genotypes 2 and 3
CI-4 Chew, Emily Y. (NEI) E.Y. Chew, J.P. SanGiovanni, R.D. Speduto, N.Kurinij, F.L. Ferris, and The AREDS Research Group
  Dietary Zinc and Risk for Age-related Macular Degeneration
CI-5 Croarkin, Earllaine S. (CC) M Ruppert, E Croarkin, G Joe, J Danoff, A Fojo, L Gerber
  Sensory Testing Comparing Semmes-Weinstein Monofilaments with the Neurometer (Current Perception Threshold) Device
CI-6 Crooks, Denise M. (NHLBI) D.M. Crooks, R. DeCastro, J. Valencia, C. Glasgow, N. Patronas, J. Moss
  Genetic and Hormonal Characterization of Meningiomas in Patients with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)
CI-7 Dvir, Sharone (NIMH) S. Dvir, S. Lissek, J. Baas, C. Grillon
  Trait Anxiety and Retention of Aversive Conditioning
CI-8 Fall-Dickson, Jane Murray (NIDCR) J. M. Fall-Dickson, C. C. Picco, C. Kasten-Sportes, K. Castro, X-M. Wang, S. M. Gordon
  Stomatitis-Related Oral Pain, and Salivary and Plasma TNF-Alpha Levels in Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant Oncology Patients
CI-9 Fox, Stephen D (NCI) S.D. Fox, J.M. Roman, G. Cizza, T.D. Veenstra, and H.J. Issaq
  Quantitative Determination of Antalarmin, a Novel Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor-1 Antagonist, in Rat Plasma by Reversed Phase LC/ESI-MS
CI-10 Harris-Love, Michael (CC) M.O. Harris-Love, E. Croarkin
  Gradation of Force Control in Children with Friedreich’s Ataxia: Reliability and Content Validity
CI-11 Holmes, M. Kathleen (NIMH) M. Kathleen Holmes, Rezvan Ameli, and Carlos A. Zarate, Jr.
  Assessing Anhedonia in Patients with Unipolar and Bipolar depression
CI-12 Hutson, Sadie Pauline (NCI) S.P. Hutson & B.P. Alter
  Containment And Invisibility: The Experiences of Siblings of Patients With Fanconi's Anemia
CI-13 Javor, Edward D. (NIDDK) E.D. Javor, M.G. Ghany, E.K. Cochran, E. Oral, A.M. DePaoli, A. Premkumar, D.E. Kleiner, P. Gorden
  Leptin Reverses Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Patients with Severe Lipodystrophy
CI-14 Kaler, Stephen Gerard (NICHD) J. Tang, P. Liu, P. Steinbach, S. Kaler
  Role of Platelet Glyprotein 1b beta in Normal and Abnormal Hemostasis
CI-15 Liu, Aiyi (NICHD) A. Liu, C. Wu, K.F. Yu, E.A. Gehan, H.Y. Guo
  Estimating Rates in a Multistage Phase II Trial
CI-16 Mamyrova, Gulnara (NIEHS) G. Mamyrova, L. Haagenson, S. Wong, F. W. Miller, L. G. Rider, K. E. Brown
  Paravovirus B19 is not Associated with the Onset of Juvenile Dermatomyostis (JDM)
CI-17 Nguyen, Tammy Tran (NHLBI) T Nguyen, Y Shizukuda, C Bolan, V Sachdev, D Tripodi, E Inez, Y Yau, S Leitman, D Rosing
  Role of Oxidant Stress in Peak Early Relaxation Tissue Doppler Velocities in Patients with Hereditary Hemochromatosis
CI-18 O'Hanlon, Terrance Patrick (NIEHS) T. O’Hanlon, B. Koneru, E. Bayat, J. Pandey, L. Love, I. Targoff, J. Malley, K. Malley, and F. Miller
  Immunogenetic Differences between Women who Develop Myositis with and without Silicone Implants
CI-19 Padayatty, Sebastian J. (NIDDK) S Padayatty, J Doppman, R Chang, Y Wang, J Gill, D Papanicolaou, M Levine
  Adrenal Glands Secrete Vitamin C in Response to ACTH
CI-20 Purdie, Lori A. (CC) L.A. Purdie, L.M. Hale, J.Yates, G.R. Wallen, S.J. Swanson, A.D. Kirk
  Exploring Patient-Provider Trust Among Individuals with End-Stage Renval Disease
CI-21 Ries, Markus K. (NINDS) M. Ries, S. Gupta, D. Moore, V. Sachdev, J. Quirk, G. Murray, D. Rosing, C. Robinson, E. Schaefer, A. Gal, J. Dambrosia, S. Garman, R. Brady, R. Schiffmann
  Quantitative Assessment of Fabry Disease in Children
CI-22 SanGiovanni, John Paul (NEI) J.P. SanGiovanni, E.Y. Chew, G.F. Reed, E. Agron, R.D. Sperduto, F.L. Ferris, and the AREDS Research Group
  The Relationship of Omega-3 Long-chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Intake and Regular Aspirin Use with Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration
CI-23 Shah, Jay P. (CC) J. Shah, T. Phillips, J. Danoff, L. Gerber
  A Novel Microanalytical Technique Distinguishes the Local Biomolecular Milieu in Subjects with and without Symptoms and Physical Findings Related to Myofascial Trigger Points
CI-24 Singh, Jaskaran B. (NIMH) J Singh, JA Quiroz, JL Payne, DA Luckenbaugh, DS Charney, HK Manji, CA Zarate
  Pramipexole for Bipolar II Depression: A Placebo Controlled Study
CI-25 Taveira-DaSilva, Angelo M. (NHLBI) A.M. Taveira-DaSilva, M.P. Stylianou, C.J. Hedin, O. Hathaway, and J. Moss
  Bone Mineral Density in Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)
CI-26 Wallen, Gwenyth Reid (CC) G. Wallen, M. Rivera-Goba, J.Mendoza, M. Velarde, K. Carrington, J. Urdinola, R. Miranda-Acevedo, N. Schuett, R. Lawrence, J. Austin, D. Koziol, G.Dennis, B. Mittleman
  Qualitative Inquiry in Diverse Racial/Ethnic Rheumatic Disease Patients: Are we Asking the Right Questions?