Poster Session 3
Cell Biology
CB-1 Bellani, Marina A. (NIDDK) M. Bellani, P.J. Romanienko, D. Cairatti and R.D. Camerini-Otero
  S/TQ Kinases [ ATM, ATR and DNA-PKcs ] and Their Role in the Phosphorylation of H2AX During Meiotic Prophase I in Mouse Spermatogenesis
CB-2 Berens, Werner F. (NCI) W. Berens, H. Ando, S. Aradhya, F. Rouzaud, Y. Yamaguchi, E.V. Sviderskaya, D.C. Bennett, G.S. Barsh, L. He, S Ito, K. Wakamatsu, and V.J. Hearing
  Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway – Is Mouse Mahoganoid Involved in Tyrosinase Degradation?
CB-3 Di Noto, Luca (NHLBI) L. Di Noto, L. Whitson, P.J. Hart, R.L. Levine
  Susceptibility of Mutant Superoxide Dismutase to Degradation by the Proteasome Correlates with the Clinical Severity of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
CB-4 Fei, Wang (NEI) F.E. Wang, G.Shi, M.R. Niesman, D.A. Rewolinski, S.S. Miller
  AG13764 and AG13711 Reverses VEGF-Induced Choroidal Neovascularization in Rat Eye
CB-5 Ferguson, Matthew L. (NICHD) M. Ferguson, H. Boukari, D. Sackett, R. Nossal
  Solution Conformations of Clathrin Triskelions
CB-6 Hung, Guo-Chiuan (NIDDK) G.-C. Hung, S. Chung, D.C. Masison
  Mutations in Hsp104 Chaperone Restore [PSI+] Prion Propagation Defect in Hsp70 Mutant Strains
CB-7 Hunt, Desmond Gerard (NIDDK) D. G. Hunt, X. Chen, M. Santos, N. Tserentsoodol, R. Neese, M. Hellerstein, and S.W. Cushman
  Increased Adipose Cell Turnover is Associate With Increased Insulin Sensitivity in The fa/fa Obese Zucker Rat
CB-8 Isenberg, Jeffrey Scott (NCI) J.S. Isenberg, M.J. Calzada, L. Zhou, N. Guo, J. Lawler, and D.D. Roberts
  Thrombospondin-1 is Not Necessary for Proliferation but Contributes to Motility of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
CB-9 Janvier, Katy J. (NICHD) K. Janvier, J. S. Bonifacino
  Role of the Endocytic Machinery in the Sorting of Lysosome-associated Membrane Proteins (Lamps)
CB-10 Jin, Wook (NCI) W. Jin, B.C. Kim, SJ Kim
  ETV6-NTRK3 Gene Fusion Suppresses TGF- Signaling: the Possible Mechanism of ETV6-NTRK3-induced Tumorigenesis
CB-11 Kino, Tomoshige (NICHD) T. Kino, T. Ichijo, A. Tiulpakov and G.P. Chrousos
  GTP-binding Protein b (GNB) Binds the Glucocorticoid Receptor and Directly Suppresses its Transcriptional Activity in the Nucleus
CB-12 Kovacs, Mihaly (NHLBI) M. Kovacs, F. Wang, J. Sellers
  Unique Mechanism of Action of Myosin-X, a Membrane Motor
CB-13 Li, Wan-Ju (NIAMS) W.J. Li, R.L. Mauck, J. Cooper, R.S. Tuan
  Engineering Anisotropy in Electrospun Biodegradable Nanofibrous Scaffolds for Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering
CB-14 Mauck, Robert Leon (NIAMS) R. L. Mauck, J. X. Yuan, R. S. Tuan
  Functional Properties of MSC-laden Hydrogels for Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering
CB-15 McLeod, Christopher John (NHLBI) C.J. McLeod, J.P. McCoy Jr, R.F. Hoyt Jr, M.N. Sack
  Inducible Mitochondrial Uncoupling: an Endogenous Regulatory Mechanism Augmenting Tolerance to Cardiac Ischemia
CB-16 Nahirney, Patrick C. (NIAMS) P.C. Nahirney and K. Wang
  Novel Myosin-rich and Actin-rich Aggregates in the Sarcoplasm as Potential Assembly/Disassembly Intermediates in the Sonic Muscle Fiber of Type 1 Male Midshipman Fish
CB-17 Padilla, Philip Ian P. (NHLBI) P.I. Padilla, G. Pacheco-Rodriguez, J. Moss, and M. Vaughan
  Nuclear Localization and Molecular Partners of BIG1, a Brefeldin A-inhinbited Guanine Nucleotide-Exchange Protein for ARFs
CB-18 Pandey, Jyotsna (NCI) J Pandey, M S Sori, J Angdisen, S Umphress, T Jacks, and S B Jakowlew
  Modulation of Tumorigenesis and Tumor Progression by C/EBP Proteins in a TGF-b1 and K-ras Mutated Mouse Model of Lung Cancer
CB-19 Song, Lin (NIAMS) L. Song and R.S. Tuan
  Identification and Characterization of Stemness Genes using DNA Microarray
CB-20 Swartz, Jonathan M. (NIAID) J.M. Swartz, J. Byström, K.D. Dyer, T. Nitto, T.A. Wynn, and H.F. Rosenberg
  Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-2 (PAI-2) is a Novel Constituent of Eosinophilic Leukocytes
CB-21 Veenstra, Timothy D (NCI) T.D. Veenstra, L.R. Yu, T. Uo, T.P. Conrads, D.A. Lucas, K.C. Chan, H.J. Issaq, M.D. Johnson, and R.S. Morrison
  Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Cortical Neuron Death
CB-22 Vijayasarathy, Camasamudram (NIDCD) C. Vijayasarathy, Y.Takada, K.Hiriyanna, Y. Zeng, R.A. Bush, P.A. Sieving
  In Search of Retinoschisin Interacting Proteins towards Understanding the Molecular Basis of Macular Degeneration in Retinoschisis
CB-23 Yu, Li-Rong (NCI) L.R. Yu, H. Tahara, T.P. Conrads, K.C. Chan, D.A. Lucas, H.J. Issaq, J.C. Barrett, and T.D. Veenstra
  Quantitative Proteome Analysis of Telomere-Differential Human Breast Epithelial Cells
CB-24 Spinetti, Gaia (NIA) G. Spinetti, M. Wang, R. Monticone, J. Zhang, E.G. Lakatta
  MCP-1 Induces TGF-B1 Activation in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells: Implication for Age-associated Arterial Remodeling