Poster Session 3
C-1 Alexander, H. Richard (NCI) H. R. Alexander, Jr., S. K. Libutti, J. F. Pingpank, R. E. Royal, S. M. Steinberg, D. L. Bartlett, C. Helsabeck, T. Beresneva
  Hyperthermic Isolated Hepatic Perfusion IHP) Using Melphalan for Patients with Ocular Melanoma Metastatic to Liver
C-2 Amornphimoltham, Panomwat (NIDCR) P. Amornphimoltham, V. Sriuranpong, V.Patel, F.Benavides, C. J. Conti, J. Sauk, E. A. Sausville, A. A. Molinolo and J.S. Gutkind
  Persistent Activation of the Akt Pathway in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Potential Target for UCN-01
C-3 Amyot, Franck G. (NICHD) F. Amyot,K. Camphausen,A. Gandjbakbkche
  Does DLCA Describe the Endothelial Cell Network in Angiogegenesis?
C-4 Beresnev, Tatiana (NCI) T. Beresnev, S. Mavroukakis, S. Marden, D. White, H. R. Alexander, J. Pingpank, S. Libutti
  Examination of Health Related Quality of Life (HRQL) in Patients with Peritoneal Surface Malignancies
C-5 Bhattacharyya, Nisan (NIDDK) N. Bhattacharyya, L. Tseng, K. Pechhold, B. Raaka, P. Maruvad, H. Shahjee, J. Hong, M.M. Rechler
  Induction of Apoptosis in Human Prostate Cancer Cells by Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-3 (IGFBP-3) does not Require its Nuclear Localization.
C-6 Calvisi, Diego F. (NCI) D.F. Calvisi, S. Ladu, A. Gorden, S.S. Thorgeirsson
  Deregulation of Jak/Stat and Ras Pathways is a Major Oncogenic Event in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma
C-7 Caudell, David L. (NCI) D.L. Caudell, TM. Zhao, B.F. Hague, E. Fischer, C.Y. Davis, S. Samal, T.J. Kindt, and R.M. Simpson
  Morphology Of Angioinvasive T-Cell Lymphoma Reproduced In Rabbits Inoculated With Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type-1 Transformed T-Cells.
C-8 Chang, Shih-Chen (NCI) S.C. Chang, Y.T. Gao, A. Rashid, L. Sakoda, J. Deng, M.C. Shen, B.S. Wang, T.Q. Han, B.H. Zhang, M.F. Leitzmann1, M. Yeager, R. Welch, S. Chanock, J.F. Fraumeni, Jr., A.W. Hsing
  Polymorphisms of Genes Related to Insulin Sensitivity and the Risk of Biliary Tract Cancer: A Population-Based Case -Control Study in Shanghai, China
C-9 Cross, Lynn Ann (NIDCR) L. A. Cross, P. Amornphimoltham, G. Fisher, A. A. Molinolo, and J. S. Gutkind
  Conditional Expression of K-ras in an Epithelial Compartment that Includes the Stem-Cells is Sufficient to Promote Squamous Carcinogenesis
C-10 Duan, Jianming (NIDCD) J. Duan, Z. Chen and C. Van Waes
  Inhibition of NF-kappaB by p65 siRNA Sensitizes Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells to Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Induced Apoptosis
C-11 Gildersleeve, Jeff (NCI) J.C. Gildersleeve, Z. Li, T. Roach
  Reevaluating 30 Years of Research on the Tumor-Associated Tn Antigen
C-12 Grouse, Lynette H. (NCI) National Cancer Institute Center for Bioinformatics
  The Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG), the Future of Cancer Research
C-13 Hassan, Moinuddin (NICHD) M. Hassan, A. Vogel, D. Hattery, V. Chernomordik, K. Aleman, K. Wyvill, S. Demos, R. Little2, R. Yarchoan, A. Gandjbakhche
  Multi-Modality Imaging Techniques to Assess Vascularity in Tumor Associated with Kaposi's Sarcoma
C-14 Hussain, S. Perwez (NCI) S.P. Hussain, G.E. Trivers, L.J. Hofseth, P. He, I. Shaikh, L. Mechanic, S. Doja, W. Jiang, J. Subleski, L. Shorts, D. Haines, V. Laubach, R. H. Wiltrout, D. Djurickovic, C.C. Harris
  Nitric Oxide, a Mediator Of Inflammation, Suppresses Tumorigenesis
C-15 Libutti, Steven K. (NCI) S. K. Libutti, J. F. Pingpank, R. E. Royal, A. L. Feldman, S. M. Steinberg, D. L. Bartlett, S. Ohl, T. Beresneva,D. J. Liewehr, D. E. Kleiner, H. R. Alexander, Jr.
  Analysis of Factors Associated with Outcome in Patients with Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma Undergoing Surgical Resection/Debulking and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
C-16 Madhavan, Subha (NCI) S.Madhavan, H.Sahni, P.Shah, R.Landy, K.Rosso, J.Luo, D.Zhang, R.Bhattaru, S.Settnek, Y.Kotliarov, M.Heiskanen, S.Dubman, J.C.Zenklusen, H.Fine and K.Buetow
  REMBRANDT: Empowering Translational Research for Brain Tumor Studies
C-17 Marden, Susan F. (CC) S. Marden, S. Mavroukakis, M.Bevans, K. Soeken, D. White, T. Beresneva, P. Muehlbauer, N. Kline Leidy
  Psychometric Characteristics of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General Version 4 (FACT-G) in Patients with Metastatic Cancer (MC) OR Hematologic Malignancies (HM)
C-18 Martinez, Alfredo (NCI) A. Martínez, E. Zudaire, S. Portal-Núñez, L. Guédez, W.G. Stetler-Stevenson, F. Cuttitta
  Proadrenomedullin N-terminal 20 Peptide is a Potent Angiogenic Factor and its Inhibition Results in Reduction of Tumor Growth
C-19 Mayburd, Anatoly L. (NCI) A. Mayburd, J. Mulshine
  Genome-wide Microarray Study Suggests Novel Downstream Targets for 5-lipoxygenase Pathway: Implications for Rational Therapy Design
C-20 McCarthy, Donna O (NINR) A. Hitt, E. Graves, D.J. Glass, D.O. McCarthy
  Indomethacin Reduces Skeletal Muscle Wasting and Levels of Ubiquitin Ligases and TNF Receptor Type 1 in Tumor-Bearing Mice
C-21 Myung, Kyungjae (NHGRI) S. Smith, J-Y Hwang, S. Banerjee, A. Majeed, A. Gupta and K. Myung
  Mutator Genes for Suppression of Gross Chromosomal Rearrangements Identified by a Genome-Wide Screening in Yeast
C-23 Pingpank, James F. (NCI) J. F. Pingpank, S. K. Libutti, R. Chang, B. J. Wood, Z. Neeman, A. W. Kam, W. D. Figg, S. Zhai, T. Beresneva, G. D. Seidel, H. R. Alexander
  A Phase I Study Of Hepatic Arterial Melphalan Infusion And Hepatic Venous Hemofiltration Using Percutaneously Placed Catheters In Patients With Unresectable Hepatic Malignancies
C-24 Raimondi, Ana Rosa (NIDCR) A. Raimondi, L. Cross, W. Amornphimoltan, S. Gutkind, A. Molinolo
  Inducible Animal Model to Study Salivary Gland Tumors
C-25 Sasiela, Christy A (NCI) C. Sasiela, D. Stewart, P. Oberoi, J. Kenten, H. Biebuyck, A. Weissman, J. Beutler, J. McMahon, B. O'Keefe
  MDM2 Inhibitors from Natural Products, Results of a HTS Screen Using Electrochemilluminescent Detection
C-26 Sauna, Zuben E (NCI) Z.E. Sauna, K. Nandigama and S.V. Ambudkar
  Characterization of ATP Hydrolysis by the Human Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein 4 (ABCC4): ADP Release is the Rate Limiting Step During the Catalytic Cycle
C-27 Smith, Stephanie (NHGRI) S. Smith, A. Gupta, R.D. Kolodner and K. Myung
  Suppression of Gross Chromosomal Rearrangements by the Multiple Functions of the Mre11-Rad50-Xrs2 Complex in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
C-28 Tauler, Jordi (NCI) J.Tauler, J.L.Mulshine
  siRNA-Mediated Down-Regulation of Early Lung Cancer Marker hnRNP A2/B1 in Lung Cancer Cell Lines (NSCLC)
C-29 Vargas, Yvonne D. (NCI) Y.Vargas, R.Moser, S.Heurtin-Roberts, W.McCaskill-Stevens
  Latino Participation in a Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program
C-30 Varticovski, Lyuba (NCI) L. Varticovski, P. He, E.D. Bowman, J. Fukuoka, K. Miura, E. Gabrielson, E. Brambilla, J. Jen, W.D. Travis, and C.C. Harris
  Identification of Biomarkers by Molecular Profililing of Pulmonary Neuroendocrine Tumors
C-31 Xu, Xiaoling (NIDDK) X. Xu, W. Qiao, C.Li1, R.H. Wang, S. Redaeva, H. Wu, B Gao and C. Deng
  Induction of Cholangiocellular Carcinoma by Cre Mediated Deletion of Both Smad4 and Pten in Mouse Liver
C-32 Yu, Ming (NIDCD) M. Yu, X. Yang, M. Zhou, D.A. Lucas, T.P. Conrads, T.D. Veenstra, C. Van Waes
  Parallel cDNA And Protein Expression Profile Analysis Following Expression Of A Dominant Negative Mutant I?B? in The Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Line Cal27
C-33 Zudaire, Enrique (NCI) E. Zudaire, N. Cuesta, V. Murty, A. Martinez, G. Narayan, M. Birrer, L. Kirsch, F. Cuttitta
  The aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Repressor, a Candidate Tumor Suppressor Gene