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Research Festival Poster for 2004
2004 NIH Research Festival

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September 28 - October 1
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  Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Natcher Conference Center

Proteomics in Disease

10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Co-Chaired by:
Salvatore Sechi, NIDDK
Donita Garland, NEI

Balcony B, Natcher Conference Center

Proteomic approaches have been successfully used for studying complex biological problems and for the identification of disease markers. This mini-symposium will highlight some of the ongoing NIH intramural programs that have been using proteomics to study human diseases.


LC-MS/MS Identification of Protein Biomarkers in Exosomes Isolated from Urine
M. Knepper (NHLBI)

Toxicoproteomics in Animal Models of Human Liver Toxicity
K. B. Tomer, B. A. Merrick, M. E. Bruno, J. H. Madenspacher, B. A. Wetmore, R. W. Tennant, R. Pieper, C. L. Gatlin, M. M. Andrew, A. J. Makusky, M. Zhao, J. Zhou, J. Taylor, S. Steiner (NIEHS)

Biomarker Identification Using Proteomics
T. Veenstra, T. P. Conrads, C. Michedja, S. Keay (NCI)

Quantitative Protein Expression Profiling of the NCI-60 Cancer Cell Lines Using "Reverse Phase" Protein Lysate Microarrays
D. Morita, S. Nishizuka, S. Major, F. Washburn, D. Asin , L. Young, W. Reinhold, P. Munson, S. Hewitt, M. Raffeld, E. F. Petricoin, L. A. Liotta, J. N. Weinstein (NCI)

A Proteomic Platform to Evaluate the Myeloid Leukemias
Y. Shi, L. Chen, H. Wan, L. A. Liotta, G. P. Rodgers (NIDDK)

Proteomic Analysis of Mouse Melanoma Tumor Progression
W. D. Culp, R. Neal, R. D. Massey, P. Pisa, D. Garland (NEI)

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